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Digital Marketing: Separating Amateurs and Professionals

You’ve seen ads everywhere online. If you’re ever looking for ways to improve your online business, you’re being fed the same advertisements as the rest of us: Josh Harris, Billy Jean—just to name a few—who all claim that they possess the knowledge to properly train you on becoming a leading digital marketing consultant.


Here’s the catch.


Consultant Vs. Advertiser

Those names I dropped earlier aren’t for the sake of relevance; they’re two different services. Before you even decide to enter the world of digital marketing, you need to ask yourself if it’s to promote your business, so that you don’t have to hire a professional, or if you actually want to enter this line of work. Then, you need to know what you’re doing.

An advertiser does exactly what it sounds like: they advertise. They’re the ones building ad campaigns, promoting your business, reeling in customers, all while you’re paying them a fraction of your net sales. The beauty of it for them, is that their “modest fees” are coming from dozens of sources. They’re pulling in the Benjamins; sounds awesome, right?

Then you have digital marketing agency consultants. These are the go-getters who understand terminology that I’m not even going to cover here, because you’ll swear I’m speaking Klingon. Consultants are the men and women you can talk to about your business, and they’ll figure out a solid strategy to bring foot traffic to your website and build your business. You’ll set goals together, and expand as a whole.

Consultants build a brand. Advertisers promote a product or service. End of discussion.


Enhancing Your Business

 It’s not some simplistic world to just enter if you feel like it. It takes a lot of hard work, and more often than not, it’s time consuming as can be. If you’re trying to promote your business instead of switch career paths, you’d be better off hiring a consultant or digital marketer. This is where we come to the close—separating the amateurs and professionals.


An Amateur Digital Marketer

Advertisements or consulting—they’re both going to be useless to you unless you know every single in and out there is. It’s a rapidly-expanding market, and information is changing daily. If you’re just looking to cut corners on promoting your brand or selling your products, then I’m terribly sorry to tell you this: you’re an amateur.


Professional Digital Marketer

Term conversion—don’t know what that is? Let me convert it for you. It’s simply throwing all the mumbo-jumbo that’s necessary—if not, a bit aggravating—to an industry, throwing it through the proverbial compartmentalizer, and spitting out easily-digestible information that anyone can understand. It’s a key trait of a professional. When you think “They make it look so easy,” well, that’s a silent part of the job description.