Defiance Coffee

Defiance Coffee may not have a café or a shop for now, but they do focus on developing a broader and more elaborate range of coffee. Currently, they smoke all of their beans to some extent using natural cedar and oak which ads a fantastic and multidimensional flavor that takes you on a journey. Defiance Coffee doesn’t play around with the cheap gimmicks like making the most caffeinated coffee, they just focus on making the simple, sometimes mundane, task of drinking your coffee into an event that you look forward to every morning. Their coffee is something that you wake up excited to drink. It is something special.

The Rwandan Dark roast starts and ends with a slight oaky smoke then quickly builds into a light sweetness with hints of dark cherry mixed with a beautiful earthy flavor.

Notice how the coffee changes much like when you are drinking fine wine or top-shelf whiskey. This is not something that other coffee brands do.

Following this same principle of making multidimensional coffee experiences in the form of a beautiful black drink, they’re currently developing a coffee that is infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. This coffee is not yet complete but starts out with a mild sweetness while simultaneously bringing the creaminess of the Bourbon Vanilla bean, then builds with slight notes of smoky cedar mixed with light tones of vanilla and finishes with a smooth aftertaste of rich semi-dark chocolate.


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