Crystal Clear Ice Cube

Crystal Clear Ice Cube Molds

By now, you’ve probably been to a fancy bar that served you a cocktail. Maybe an old fashion or a simple scotch on the rocks was ordered and you got a crystal clear ice cube or sphere. You went home and researched how to make this type of ice. Some claim boiled ice, others claim filtered water, we tried them both, and miserably failed to accomplish the clear ice. More research was made and thankfully science got in the way to save us all with a clear (pun intended) solution.

Essentially, ice is formed from the outside in which creates the cloudy center which is mainly oxygen and impurities trapped. To be able to push those impurities and oxygen out or downwards, the freezing process needs to be controlled. This is where the molds and the foam come into play. By covering the molds, the freezing process is slower. The hole at the top of each mold helps push the impurities downwards to the tray included in this kit.

After reading on the science behind it and looking at this tray, it actually makes perfect sense. Hopefully you’re like me and would like a crystal clear ice cube on your next drink. The large 2″ square ice makes it perfect for whisky since it won’t dilute as fast but will chill the drink to your liking.

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