Cozmo by Anki

Cozmo – Robot by Anki

If you’ve seen Wall-E and truly enjoyed the character, this is the closest you’ll get to it in real life. It’s not a pet like tamagotchi, nor it’s considered a toy (apparently). The makers of Cozmo consider this a robot that evolves the more you interact with it. It has pre-defined games as well as a camera while you control it with your iOS or Android device. Cozmo’s an explorer, and his treads are what enable him to get around so well.

Cozmo has some dance moves when he wins as well as an attitude when he looses against you on a game.  I can see my daughter playing with it. But to be honest, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get this as a fathers day gift for my office. It’ll certainly keep my desk uncluttered to play with Cozmo as I work on great content for you guys.

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Cozmo Robot by Anki


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