Traffic in High Speed

Why content is king, and SEO is second fiddle

Search Engine Optimization—everyone’s suddenly an expert on it, and you’re sitting alone in the dark wondering why nobody’s walking through your virtual doors. You need foot traffic, so you turn to an “SEO Expert” to help bring people to where they should be: your website. The issue with this is directly under your nose. Your content is crap, and that’s why nobody’s stopping by.


But SEO Is Everything

 Stop that. Stop that right now. You’re being foolish. Google’s results aren’t simply based on keywords anymore. Your content needs to adhere to a certain quality, while having keywords that actually make sense. You probably remember long ago, when the internet was young, and people would leave clouds of 5,000 random keywords just to bring you to their website. When that was done away with, people began implementing specific keywords, and spreading them organically throughout their posts.


Then posts became shorter. Then SEO began to dominate.


Good Quality Content Is Easier To Spot

 Think back to articles you read last week, or lasts month. Did they actually grab your attention? Did you find useful information that you could possibly implement into your daily life? If the answer is yes, then bingo—you’ve found the prime example of good, quality content. If you’d recommend a friend read it, then it’s probably solid, and how you found the content is no mistake.

Even if you searched Google for the article, you didn’t have that much of a part in it. Ever pay attention to your search results, when it says that it found 13,000,000 results in 1.71 seconds? Do you think it was sheer odds that you found that specific, life-changing article? It’s proper usage of a very short list of keywords, each holding a critical use for the top-quality content that magnetizes traffic from the four corners of the web.


But You Said SEO Isn’t The Best

 It isn’t. Content is. If SEO is playing second fiddle in a hundred-man band, it’s doing pretty well for itself, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong; Search Engine Optimization is useful, but it’s not enough. Not anymore. You need to use it with your content in a simple formula: one part SEO, two parts quality content.