Coaster Black Marble Top Bar in Brown Finish

Coaster Black Marble Top Bar

As you plot to expand your home bar, you need a trust, reliable bar top that’s cognizant of John Wayne movies. This is elegance meets the old West and had a baby, and damn does it look good. You can end up spending a fortune on home bar items, or the home bar itself, but when it comes down to it, you want quality. You want to gather around here for generations to come, to serve your son his first shot of whiskey when he hits twenty-one. You want the Coaster Black Marble Top Bar in Brown Finish


At three-and-a-half feet tall and five feet wide, you’re looking at the epitome of a family gathering point. Whether you slide this into the living room for drinks after dinner, or in the basement next to the pool table. (Just make sure the ceiling is soundproofed. We know how rowdy you’re going to get.)


You can always feel good about “Made In The USA” products, and this one’s got you covered. All two-hundred and seventy-six pounds of it. This isn’t some wholesale club’s attempt at recreating your favorite bar side memories from college. This is study; everlasting, if you take care of it properly.


There’s extreme attention to detail, here, and it shows no matter where you look at it. You have a wine rack for room temperature storage, and a whole sea of memories to carve through when you’re plopped on a barstool like this set of 2 Tavio Swivel Bar Chairs


If you’re looking to keep this beauty for a while, and why wouldn’t you be, right? We recommend getting some good marble polish like Granite Gold Stone and Tile Floor Cleaner to keep it looking brand new. When you’re looking to build or expand your home bar, you want something that’s going to shout, “Sit down and drink the damn whiskey.”


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