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Choosing and Buying Crystal Glass Tumblers

The China and Glass Industry has many different terms used for describing a Tumbler which essentially is a glass without a Stem. I will run through a number that I have encountered and give my interpretation of what they mean.

  • Old Fashioned Tumbler – Usually a straight side tumbler where the sides are straight or slightly taper into the base. The capacity is normally 5oz for whiskey also known as a Rocks glass, 10oz for mixers or water, 12oz known as Double Old Fashioned also for larger mixers and water.
  • Rummer Tumbler – Same in size terms as the Old Fashioned but traditionally the straight sides have a slight curve to the base.
  • Barrel Tumbler – Once again the sizes are the same as the Old Fashioned but the sides curve forming a barrel shape.
  • Highball Tumblers, Slim Jim Tumbler, Tom Collins Tumblers – Are all taller tumblers and used for long drinks and water. The Highball or Hiball holds about 12 to 14oz and measures around Height 15cm Diameter 7.5cm. The Slim Jim and Tom Collins tend to be taller and narrower hold 10 to 12oz and measure around Height 16cm Diameter 6.5cm.

Most wine suites have a range of tumblers but it is not essential that they match the Wine Glasses. Ultimately the choice is governed by personal taste and budget and is more to do with your own tipple.


Characteristics to consider when deciding what kind of glass to drink whiskey from. 1. The style of the whiskey glass set. Glasses range from a vintage single malt scotch glass to the more modern Glencairn whiskey glass 2. Consider the size of the glass in relation to your hand size. 3. Finally, decide which special features you want.


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