Family Party Ideas

Plan a night filled with family fun games with this uniuqe family dinner idea.  This is perfect for a family party that can be repeated on a regular basis and enjoyed by the entire family.   Seasons bring about many changes, not just the weather.  During the winter, it is cold outside. It is dark […]

How to Instagram

1. Don’t sell. Don’t portray yourself as a salesperson. Social media is meant to be for sharing exciting posts.   2. Share other posts and give credit where it’s due. If there’s music in the post with video, mention the artists and title of song if possible. Even who edited the video if someone other […]

5 Tips for Being an Effective Communicator

Effective communication is fundamental to both one’s personal and professional life. I would know – I first started exploring effective communication when I was turned down after my first job interview. At first, I was angry, but after some thought, I came to the conclusion that my approach was flat-out wrong. I was too argumentative […]

How to escape

Disclaimer: I didn’t run away. I have no experience in escaping. I’m not planning on disappearing, but if I did, this is how I’d do it. Imagine this. You’re laying on the hammock, smoking a cigar, having a drink right next to your mobile home. You have a new job in which you control your […]

The best father day gift

Fathers day in 2018 lands on Sunday, June 17 and despite many other websites telling you to buy the perfect gifts for dad, I have one solution that won’t cost you anything.   Give him a day off   The reasoning behind this is simple. Dads do not need gifts, they want time. We don’t […]

How to change your kids behavior

So for the last week, my nearly 5-year-old daughter had been driving me bonkers. She was disrespectful, rude, unwilling to do simple tasks and a downright brat. This is pretty unusual behavior for her, but I chalked it up to nerves about starting school in a week. I also have a ten-month-old who has decided […]

What it’s like to be a Parent?

The experiences of parenting are different due to variances in personalities, cultures, and behaviors of children and parents. However, there are those standard factors that are shared, and most parents can relate.   At times, it is worrisome Although some people may call this negativity in an otherwise beautiful parent-child relationship, being worried is perfectly […]

How to best spend your Memorial Weekend

My family and I know that “Old Glory” does not wave by accident. We have lost loved ones to war. Memorial Day is special. Memorial Day is for remembering the sacrifices made by others – for us – for our continued freedom. But I believe the day should also be used to create new memories. […]

What Newly Married Couples Do

Getting married introduces you to the complex phenomena of marriage. There are but a bunch of activities going on around this hopefully once in a lifetime event. For newly married couples this is a special time. If you are planning to get married soon or have just said “I Do,” then this article might interest […]

Great Ideas on How to Pop the Question

Love is a school of life where everybody learns at their own pace. It is unique in definition and manifestation to different people, and there is no standardized objectified meaning of love. There is so much debate around the essence of love such that the only underlying factor of Love is a strong feeling of […]