Captain Morgan with a Cannon Blast Bottle

Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

Do you drink Morgan’s straight up like a champion? For those of us who aren’t that hardcore, and would rather shout for shots, Captain Morgan Cannon Blast fits the bill. Because cannons fire shots… get it?


The whole bottle is shaped in an authentic size and coloration to an actual cannonball. Captain didn’t hold back on this one. If the aesthetics don’t draw you in immediately, then the bold and kick-ass flavor will. We all love spiced rum. If your friends don’t like spiced rum, you simply can’t trust them.


Even though it’s designed for shots, you can head on over to Captain Morgan’s website to get recipe ideas that are going to step up the versatility of Cannon Blast. But what we’re really here to talk about, is the flavor of straight up Cannon Blast.


While it’s been described as citrusy and sweet, it does leave that excellent, masochist-approved burn in the back of your throat. It’s what you should expect from a ballsy rum. (See what I did there?) Overall, this is something I’m going to want on my shelf for two purposes: it’s kick-ass, and I want to pour a drink for my buddies out of a cannonball. Who doesn’t?