Your Business Needs An Explainer Video, And Here’s Why

There’s been an influx of marketing material over the years. Through Facebook, YouTube and Google+, we’re seeing an increase in explainer videos for multiple business models and types. Do you want to know why? They work like a charm.


Whiteboard explainer videos broke the barrier on this revolutionary marketing platform. When you go through microtask website like Fiverr and Task Rabbit, you’re going to see a lot of graphic design artists, and you’ll even get some examples of their work. Here’s what you need to know to stand apart from the crowd:


Small Businesses Remain on The Bottom

 Most small business owners aren’t going to take a look at top-quality explainer videos. Inexpensive whiteboard videos that last sixty seconds, and don’t have a voice over artist to entice your viewers, is essentially a waste of your time and money.


Your content needs to be engaging. When these video types first came out, they consumed our attention like a snake devours its meal. With everything entertainment related, we grow out of habits and trends, and seek out evergreen quality. In this case, it’s a fully-narrated and animated explainer video.


Three Rules For Engaging Content

 You need to follow three steps, in this order, to get the absolute best out of your explainer video. Even on microtask websites, you’ll see some services charging upwards of $250.00 per explainer video, especially with Fiverr’s new Pro option for hand0-vetted sellers. Follow these steps to ensure you’re going to get a top-quality explainer video.


  1. Seek Out A Script Writer

 Seems excessive, doesn’t it? Explainer videos have to hit on every single mark. They use a lot of buzz words right out of the gate to engage your readers and keep them enticed. An average explainer video is between 2:30 and 3:30; no longer than a punk rock song. These are short enough that people will stick around, and long enough to get your point across. A scriptwriter will know exactly what to do.


  1. Hire A Voice Over Artist

 It’s time to vocalize that script. Scriptwriters will keep the verbal aspect in mind, and your artist will have an easy time reading it. For a good artist, you’ll expect to pay $0.03 per word or higher. When you really think about it, you’ll be paying between $30.00 and $50.00 for high-quality audio content.


  1. The Graphic Artist

Graphic artists, who specialize in explainer videos, actually make a living doing this due to the ever expanding need for these crucial business models. You need an artist who can produce that lengthy video for you, work based off of the audio content you provide, and use infographics alongside the voice to create engaging, fun content. They should also be able to provide a light musical overlay to play as a backdrop to the voice.


If you’re serious about your business, set yourself a $500.00 budget; you’ll have a bit of coin left over at the end, and walk out with an exceptional piece of evergreen marketing material.