Less is more - Business Card

Business Cards Are More Important Than Your Logo

We all know a logo when we see one, and immediately associate it with its proper brand name without thinking about it. It’s like seeing the golden arches; you just know, right? However, your logo isn’t going to mean jack in a world where we’re slapped in the face with media and advertisements every day, especially when we’re subjecting ourselves to more phone and screen time. It gets overwhelming and lost in the static. There is one way you can get your name, business, and your services or products across with a stern message—business cards.


What’s Next, Sherlock?

 Now then, don’t lose faith. We all know the importance of business cards, but you’d be surprised to find out how much of an impact they actually make. You can pay for a billboard, and expect to reach every driver on I-93. However, that’s unlikely. You’re putting yourself on a stage of 20,000 people, let’s say, hoping that every single one of them is going to use your service, call, or click on your website. The point is, they’re not.


Now, if you can somehow personally put 20,000 business cards into the hands of possible clients or customers, then I applaud you. If you don’t have the time, you know what I say? You’re a businessman: you know that you couldn’t possibly achieve that. Your time is valuable. But I can guarantee you this: you didn’t get to where you are without making some sales, and making some connections. 1 out of every 100 times (and even that’s a stretch), your billboard conversions are going to be leads. When you feel someone out, and you hand them your business card, what do you think the odds are going to be? I’m going to bet that it’s at least half, and that’s low-balling.


The Power of Paper

A business card that you designed on Vistaprint vs. your professionally-designed billboard: I’ll bet the billboard will win that round. It’s not just about having it on paper, it’s about the thickness of the paper, it’s about the gloss or matte finish, and most importantly, it’s about the design. If they can’t clearly read who you are, what your business is, or even so much as a damn phone number, then I bid you a fond farewell from the business world.


Getting your name and company on paper is invaluable, but doing it right is even more of a hassle. That is, unless you know a professional, and toss an extra chip down on your ante. Paying for a cheap design and using an automated service has become the norm, but even then, you cross your fingers and say a Hail Mary when you’re waiting on your cards in the mail. That is unless you go with a graphic designer who also handles print. Our publisher? Yeah. He does that, too.


One piece of advice I would share with anyone creating a business card with a professional designer is this: Trust your designer to design the best possible business card for your venture. Paper and business go together. Choosing your material for your business representation is just as important as your services or products you provide.

Prime design and power that packs a punch. I’d take 100 connections through natural means over an expensive, 20,000 viewer-guaranteed billboard any day.