Bartender handing out a mojito cubano drink.

Your Brief Guide to Rum

Beloved by Jack Sparrow and drink mixers alike, rum has been the go-to for centuries. It gives you the kick you need and is easily masked by the flavors you want. That being said, it’s also this writer’s favorite to drink straight-up on the rocks. As with the rest of our guides, take a look at our top three picks for rum before continuing onto the flavors and consistencies you should be looking for. If you decide on purchasing from our affiliates linked (1-877-Spirits), get a discount when entering 14-R in the promotion field at checkout.


  1. Montanya Oro Dark Rum

If you’re not a fan of darks, whether it’s in craft beer or rum, then you’re going to be in for a treat—Montanya built the hybrid between lighter and darker rum. This is light enough to be enjoyed over an ice ball and dark enough to go from your hand to your head in sixty seconds flat.


  1. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

A hare’s breath away from being a thickly-spiced rum, Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum brings us the flavor palette of an esteemed gentleman, while getting right to the point and relaxing our muscles in a snap. When you want charred, smoky, and oaky, go for the black barrel.


  1. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum

Flavored rums rub some guys the wrong way, but you can’t jam out to Buffet (could you ever jam out to Buffet?) without coconut rum. Mix it into just about anything, and you’ll have endless summertime in a glass.


What Makes Rum So Good For Mixing?

Rum makes mixing drinks a blast. Its low-key flavor is easy to hide behind high-acidity fruit juices, especially pineapple juice. Rum mixes into summertime drinks without a problem. While the alcohol content can seriously pack a punch, especially when blended with other alcohols, you get the rum flavor to underline the drink, not embolden it.


What Should I Look For in a Rum?

Would I be lazy to say that you should just like it straight-up? If you can throw a shot back and genuinely enjoy the taste, you’ve found your rum. Beware, however—not every rum blends well. Captain Morgan tends to be better on its own or mixed straight into other alcohols, while Parrot Bay (also by Captain Morgan) blends better into other flavor profiles.


If you enjoy it straight, you’ll enjoy it behind a wall of flavorful additives.


What’s a Robot Mojito?

We’re so glad we positioned you to ask. After trying over two-dozen recipes, it’s our own little twist on a good mojito.

Robot Mojito sitting at a bar.
Robot Mojito sitting at a bar.
  • 2oz white rum
  • 2oz sparkling water/club soda
  • 3 mint leaves
  • ½oz simple syrup
  • ¼oz lime juice
  • ¼oz lemon juice


Do you want to experience rum like a champion? Mojitos are the way to go. Everything’s better with a robotic flair, don’t you think?