Brew we recommend for this Memorial Day

Opened in 1991, employee-owned New Belgium Brewing has produced four versatile IPA’s that showcases their excellent brewing skills. One, being New the Voodoo Ranger, which if you plan on trying it, will taste like a glass of grapefruit juice was poured into the beer.


I usually drink their imperial IPA, but this one is bursting with even more hop aroma, and it’s a juicy, tropical one. This thin-bodied brew is pretty solid but very pleasing with an element of a strong, newer hop variety featuring a bold, earthy character that’s often referred to as being “dank.” With its clarity, you can see the small bubbles ascending the glass, pouring a very bright copper color with lively, medium carbonation. The aroma is simple and straightforward and smells of citrus, with lots of fruit in the hops, and a bit of boozy sweetness.


The alcoholic heat doesn’t distract, as you can taste the advertised fruit of the drink which over time will become more obvious as it warms. There’s a big grapefruit presence, so if you gravitate to that in your IPA’s, give this a try. There is not much of a malt profile, but there are noticeable hints of caramel that provides a strong dose of bitterness when finishing, but that’s to be expected with this style. As far as mouthfeel, unlike some IPAs that murder your taste buds, this one gets it right with a decent balance of smoothness upfront to make it worthwhile. I paid about $8.50 for a sixer of bottles at the local market, and I consider that value. I did find it a bit difficult to locate the age when drinking from a bottle, although it’s within its “enjoy by” date. Overall, has a pretty classic taste and highly recommended for this very patriotic weekend.