Brew Free or Die IPA

It’s the West Coast in a can. After it punches you in the jaw, you’ll stagger back over for another hit. Brew Free or Die IPA is exceptional, without retaining much of that aluminum taste. Yes, it only comes in a can right now, but it shouldn’t be out of the running for your top pick.


There’s something to be said about a clean taste at the end. No harsh aftertaste; no ridiculous amount of carbonation. This beer gets straight to the point, and delivers on all flavors without compromising quality. It’s straight out of San Francisco—a tri-hop blend that’s come close to nailing the perfect recipe for an IPA.


Beer doesn’t have to be complicated—it just has to be good. Does it taste good? Check. Do I care abut nuttiness, citrus-hints and pine traces? No. Not for a minute. Crack open this cold one and lean back; you’re about to have one wicked time. (To continue your wicked time, try Something Wicked.)