The blind tiger ale house

In the city of New York sits The Blind Tiger Ale House, a bar that has lived up to its reputation by withstanding the test of time, since its establishment thirteen years ago. Previously located at Hudson Street before star bucks displaced it, The Blind Tiger was a New York beer scene OG long before craft beer entered the lexicon. The house has a meticulously curated program, and the best bar food has earned it legendary status in the industry. Greenwich Village has been its current residence since 2006.

Word on the street is that the term ‘blind tiger’ originated in the 1800’s when blue laws restricted the sale of alcohol. You know, while providing complimentary alcohol, the owners charged a cover so that they could be able to see a Blue Tiger, or any other imaginary attraction of sorts. Most blind tigers were cheap disreputable nightclubs or dance halls while Speakeasy more often served food and entertainment.

What you’ll like about Blind Tiger is the ever-changing array of craft beers, and a refreshing wine selection complemented by food from an acclaimed kitchen. Their brewers can be likened to artists while they get represented by the gallery. As a mainstream observer, you’ll realize how committed and passionate the Blind Tiger team is, not to forget brilliance.

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