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The Best Apps for Android and iOS That Are Here To Stay

Apps come and go, but the best ones are forever (or about as permanent as you can affirm yourself in the media landscape). If you’re going to bench on a certain app to help you with your business, you don’t want the rug being pulled out from under your feet. That’s why you should go with the ones that are going to be around in a few years, and we’ve dug up the best ones for you. Some will be obvious, others won’t, but they’re all indispensable; we’d be shocked if any bad their plug pulled. Here are the best apps that strengthen your business.


  1. Microsoft Office Mobile

 This directly relates to every single app that Microsoft gives us. From Word to Excel, PowerPoint to OneNote, there’s an app for everyone. You may be wondering, “How are these organizational?” My friend, take a moment and look at fifteen seconds of a YouTube video regarding organizing your Excel or OneNote account; it’s mental, really. One of our writers (yes, I’m referring to myself in an obscure third-person perspective), uses Microsoft for everything, and so far, no broken bones.


  1. Google Suite

Sheets, Docs, the whole bit—Google’s a great competitor when it comes to Microsoft’s mobile office apps. One of the best things about using Google is the automatic cloud storage. Want to download a sheet to your phone or laptop? Fine, no worries—but, they are more shareable and collaborative than using Microsoft Online apps, so they win there. Google’s apps are perfect to get yourself organized and easily collaborate with others; a well-done sheet or doc is the key difference between your day going smoothly, or you mopping up a mess.


  1. Wunderlist

 You may have read our review on Wunderlist, and you may be wondering how it’s that effective. Well, once you hop into the interface, you’re going to be amazed. Unlike a lot of apps that have gone ahead and complicated things, forgetting why people loved them in the first place, Wunderlist has stayed true to their original design: a simplistic tool to help you manage your crazy, hectic, everyday life. It achieves it with flying colors.


  1. Evernote

So Evernote can be one of those tricky apps. It’s available for iOS and Android, but the apps are slightly different. You get a lot of the same functions as Wunderlist, but it’s more about collaboration than it is simple lists. You can stay organized and engaged with your fellow coworkers or employees, and you can even send updates, comment, and make annotations or edits on the run. It’s the perfect app to check in with progress and keep your tasks organized, and your business running efficiently.


  1. Asana

 Looking to manage content? If you’re running a digital business, like a digital marketing company, or you’re a content writer, you may have heard the name Asana tossed around quite a lot. It’s not just about the function of managing writing tasks, attachments, and so on, but everything is saved and recorded properly. You get to manage everything from a calendar, and just about every function is time stamped. Even if you have trouble with organizing yourself, Asana is going to help you stay on track.