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What Your Bar Cabinet Is Missing

If you don’t have a designated liquor cabinet, you should get on that. It’s not just a great place to reach into for a great night, it’s a centerpiece in your home that’s going to supply many good times—and bad times—throughout the ages to come. What do you do when you celebrate a life-changing event? You down a shot. When you mourn a loss? You down a shot. You can see how these play into each other. Alcohol is almost ceremonious; it’s the first drink your kid has on their 21st birthday (hopefully it’s their first). It’s the cabinet that turns Thanksgiving into a long night of lengthy anecdotes. Here’s what’s missing from it:


  1. Engraved Shot Glasses

 It’s all about celebration, so why not make the most out of your minute? Without spending all too much, you can either get it as a gift for dad or grandpa or get a few for your own. There’s nothing like the trophy shot glass that you only use for really special occasions.


  1. Travel Flask

 If it’s missing, then we know that someone went out to the ballgame. This is a flask with a collapsible shot glass that folds right into it. Pour one for the home team when they make your day; I’d drink to that, wouldn’t you?


  1. Italian Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set

Most of our bar cabinets are going to have a hodgepodge of different glasses settled all amongst it, but that’s what gives it character. Depending on what the occasion calls for, pouring a round into the same glasses, from the same decanter, just feels right. It also looks excellent on the shelf when not in use.


  1. Ice Sphere Crafter

This is how scotch was intended to be savored, with a great big ball of solid ice in the center. When you’re not using this silicone ice tray, it’s something that you can angle appropriately in your bar cabinet to showcase that you’re ready for any night of drinking, no matter what it calls for.


  1. A Glass Ashtray

 Sounds simple, right? Nothing goes together better than smoking and drinking. If you’re reaching for your friend Jack and his buddy Morgan, you’re probably not having the best day. Don’t flick ashes on the carpet or scorch up the dining room table; if you shop right, you can find one that’s elegant enough to look like a real talking piece, even for non-smokers.