Hard working Man’s Hygiene Kit

If you believe that only women need all of their lotions, moisturizers, and face scrubs congesting the bathroom, then you my friend are terribly mistaken. Men need some love and care, especially those of them who work intensively for long hours. Quite simply, men deserve to be pampered too. Tackling the obvious like clipping your toenails or washing your hair is just the start of things fellas. Any guy with a girlfriend, sister, or mother knows that women pay attention to every little detail—way more than you’ll ever notice.


That’s why we want to share the details about this stellar personal hygiene kit working men can be proud to use. Whether it’s for dad, your son, or brother, this deluxe kit is specifically designed with men’s needs in mind and perfect for working the man. When racing against the clock, shaving and beard care can quickly become cumbersome, but with all of the essentials made from natural ingredients and oils in one box, you can’t go wrong with it. The packaging and presentation is unique and will make pampering fun for any man.


The manly salves, scrubs, and balms included are specially made to meet the needs of the working man. From soothing aching feet, to softening cracked lip and buffing out of dry, rough, tired hands, this kit goes above and beyond to get the job dirty done. Inside this nicely-tuned kit, you will find a 7.5 ounce walnut, scrub, 3.6 ounce soap for men, 1.5 ounce and Salve 1.5, 3 ounce all natural deodorant stick, 8 ounce hand lotion, 0.6 ounce foot salve, and 0.2 ounce peppermint lip balm. Boy, is that a lot of bang for your buck! Especially now that you can make grooming the easier part of the equation and join in on the fun.


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Dead Irish Poet

The Dead Irish Poet is a high-quality Irish Dry Stout! Co-founded by Jacquie Berglund, Finnegan’s is the fifth largest beer brand in the state of Minnesota and is teaching others how to successfully scale social venture businesses.


Their mission statement is, “Turning beer into food” and inevitably, this brew is true to a stout; It has a masked booziness with a nice body and is enjoyably smooth going down. The appearance is just what you’d expect from the typical stout, pouring a generous deep brown color, with a thick tan colored head that dissipates quickly. There are massive aromas, bringing notes of dark roasted coffee, slight oatmeal, a bit of booze, and even hints of chocolate. When it comes to tasting, there is a drying presence, giving a slightly thin mouthfeel, with coffee taking center stage.


Bitter and nicely balanced with the sweetness of malts, this brew provides a reasonably sweet finish that’s sharp and crisp, with an average carbonation level. It is undoubtedly the perfect beverage for any winter event, due to its barely noticeable relatively high alcohol content and its simple character. Overall, Finnegan’s Brewing Co. does a stellar job at producing everything I look for in a solid dry stout that is true to the style, with a nice boozy roasty end. What makes this brewing company so badass is the fact that all proceeds are donated by Summit (contract brewer for Finnegan’s) to the Finnegans Community Fund, where one of the main focuses is to give healthy food to soup kitchens. That’s right, as an extra goodie, buying this decently priced brew means that you will be contributing to charity man! However, we should tell you that this is a limited release, so you better purchase before it returns to the grave!



West Coast IPA Style Brew Kit

When you think of West Coast IPA, two things typically come to mind, big flavor and bitterness. If you’re a big fan of big hoppy beers that are massive flavor, then brewing one may have crossed your mind once, or twice. Well, why not enter your hop heaven with this West Coast IPA Style Brew Kit? Excellent brew for IPA lovers who want a great example of their favorite style, this IPA brewing kit contains everything you’ll need to turn your kitchen into an authentic-feeling craft brewery. You will get pure malt extract and specialty grains from Wisconsin, high-quality yeast, and, of course, strong aromatic Summit and Cascade hops sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley – where people can tour and pick up a few brewing tips from their highly experienced brewers.


Transformed through the simple techniques and included equipment, the finished ale from this brewing kit brandishes a delightfully complex hop profile with citrus, floral, and spicy notes you’ll greatly enjoy. You really can’t argue that this sounds way more rewarding than just using a bottle opener. It’s recommended that you don’t leave the beer in extreme weather conditions. Once stored, the beer will ferment at around 60-75 degrees, and it should be no cooler. For the best results, you should keep the beer refrigerated and drink within one month of purchasing. Again, if you’re a fan, this shouldn’t be a problem. Fermentation takes time, so this process requires some patience. Whatever you do, don’t let the anticipation kill you; in due time you’ll see more hops and the horizon of a hoppy day fast-approaching. Just remember, the goal isn’t to become some brewmaster monk; it’s simply to have fun and if you can read well, test your ability to follow instructions.



Watch Roll Traveler

If you are searching for an affordable watch roll online, you just might be led to Convoy Goods. This is a cool small company that specializes in hand-making leather goods using traditional methods. Although it looks like similar small workshops you might find in Brooklyn or Portland, you’ll be surprised to find that they’re actually based in Malaysia.


This leather watch roll comes in your choice of tan, dark brown, or black to match your style and is one of the more affordable leather watch rolls available, yet it looks of decent quality. It is made of high grade Italian leather with perfectly acceptable stitching. It will allow you to travel in confidence with your timepieces, as the industrial strength German polyester incorporated in the construction is used to ensure the stitching never frays for long-lasting use.


The Watch roll measures 12×10”, with each interior pocket at 9.5 x 7.5 centimeter. It can accommodate four watches, seeming to favor thicker ones such as those from MVMT’s Chrono Collection as a reference. It measures 12″ x 13.5″ when totally open, but the roll can achieve a compact size by being folded in half, rather than rolled up. There is also an additional pocket in the back which could be handy if you need to store another object, like a bezel or strap. There is one single lace threaded through a punched out hole in the corner which is for tying up the roll. Overall, the quality is quite nice and the workmanship is good enough for me. I haven’t really seen too many other watch rolls to compare and it’s absolutely perfect for safely storing your watches while traveling. Just be sure to condition the leather to keep it from drying out, which is still fine for the price they are charging.

Xikar Titanium Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters are to cigars as a mezzaluna is to pizza. For many pizza lovers, if it’s poorly cut, anger will ensue. You might as well use a knife or savagely tear it by hand if you could care less about eating disproportional pieces. With that said, this is indeed not what you want to do when it comes to your premium smokes. You can avoid this mistake by using a cigar cutter that will give an accurate, quick, and clean cut, like the Xikar Xi1 Titanium cigar cutter. This innovative cutter has fast built a reputation as the best around, and just what cigar lovers ordered. They’re so damn good because the makers have used the latest technology to engineer razor sharp edges and self-sharpening steel blades using top quality materials.

The Xikar Xi1 cigar cutter is a spring-loaded tool and features an ultra-durable and lightweight aluminum body making it rugged, yet easy for one hand use. With little effort, they can expertly remove the caps and provide precise and neat trims time after time, which is entirely essential to the enjoyment of a good smoke. Every Xikar Xi1 cutter is made with a sharp 440 stainless steel blade and can cut a 54- gauge and, depending on the bulk of the cap you choose to snip, it can cut up to a 58-gauge. You can marvel at the fact that it even comes with a manufacturer-provided lifetime warranty, so you won’t need to go searching for another if it gets damaged, lost, or a piece needs replacement. All in all, this cutter consistently makes the cleanest and straightest cuts and reigns supreme above the rest and, no matter whether you’re searching for, you’ll find that it will significantly complement your style.



Brew we recommend for this Memorial Day

Opened in 1991, employee-owned New Belgium Brewing has produced four versatile IPA’s that showcases their excellent brewing skills. One, being New the Voodoo Ranger, which if you plan on trying it, will taste like a glass of grapefruit juice was poured into the beer.


I usually drink their imperial IPA, but this one is bursting with even more hop aroma, and it’s a juicy, tropical one. This thin-bodied brew is pretty solid but very pleasing with an element of a strong, newer hop variety featuring a bold, earthy character that’s often referred to as being “dank.” With its clarity, you can see the small bubbles ascending the glass, pouring a very bright copper color with lively, medium carbonation. The aroma is simple and straightforward and smells of citrus, with lots of fruit in the hops, and a bit of boozy sweetness.


The alcoholic heat doesn’t distract, as you can taste the advertised fruit of the drink which over time will become more obvious as it warms. There’s a big grapefruit presence, so if you gravitate to that in your IPA’s, give this a try. There is not much of a malt profile, but there are noticeable hints of caramel that provides a strong dose of bitterness when finishing, but that’s to be expected with this style. As far as mouthfeel, unlike some IPAs that murder your taste buds, this one gets it right with a decent balance of smoothness upfront to make it worthwhile. I paid about $8.50 for a sixer of bottles at the local market, and I consider that value. I did find it a bit difficult to locate the age when drinking from a bottle, although it’s within its “enjoy by” date. Overall, has a pretty classic taste and highly recommended for this very patriotic weekend.



Bauhaus Wonderstuff

With a body fuller than most, this crisp, dry beer smells like your standard Pilsner, but the taste is much more robust. Coming in at 5.4% ABV, not only does Bauhaus Wonderstuff serve up a brew that is full in flavor and light in body, but it has a significant malt presence. It’s a great picnic or boat beer for those days you end up eating meats off of the grill under the hot summer sun. I love this beer and its characteristics of crisp hops which lend a floral, earthy hop aroma with some grass. Bauhaus Wonderstuff is a pretty solid take on a Pilsner and a favorite from this brewery as a great new addition to the local lineup.



Whiskey Wedge

There’s yet another innovative way to enjoy drinks without watering them down. It’s called the Whiskey Wedge, and it’s the latest in liquid-chilling technology, making drinking your favorite spirits leisurely, whether it’s bourbon, whiskey, vodka, tequila, or scotch. Quite frankly, it’s not all that different from whiskey stones or massive ice balls most of us drinkers have probably tried. The old-fashioned square whiskey glass has a heavy bottom and a black thick silicone ice mold, packaged with easy to follow directions. You are to place the silicone form over the top of the glass and fill it with water.


After, insert the rubber wedge and store flat in the freezer for however long you wish, but be sure it’s more than four hours. During freezing, the water will form into ice, which once completely frozen, should turn into the shape of a perfectly-formed wedge on one side of the glass. When taking it out of the freezer, it’s vital that you do not run it under hot water or refreeze if the glass has been damaged. Next, you simply remove the silicone from the glass and fill it with your drink of choice and enjoy. Closely observing, the wedge is very interesting looking and seems to be a reasonably functional way to keep your whiskey cool. You’ll find that the wedge is frozen to the bottom of the glass, which is a significant advantage over all other large cubed products. Reason being is because it does a good job melting the ice slowly, which helps retain the drink’s full flavor. I think the Whiskey Wedge is undoubtedly a new spin on the term, “on the rocks,” allowing drinkers to enjoy all the taste advantages of their favorite spirits.


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Stanley Classic Flask

When on the move, a flask becomes standard gear in the packs of advanced travelers and on-the-goers. However, the problem with many flasks is that they just aren’t rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and the beating outdoor gear endures. Made by Stanley, this 8oz flask called the Classic is small and lightweight and synonymous with men who live life on their terms. With such a slim retro profile at 3″ x 6-1⁄4″, it slips easily into a pocket or pack and Holds 8 oz. of libation at the ready. The Classic keeps a stiff drink at its best, and like most flask these days, this one is naturally BPA-free and stainless steel that will not retain flavors or smells. No need to funnel this one fellas! Unlike many of the more streamlined plastic flasks that are more prone to break, the Classic has a wide mouth, making sipping, pouring, and filling super easy.


It has an integrated lanyard that keeps the cap closed at hand and is also rustproof, withstanding weather and wear, offering a lifetime of use. There’s even space available at the base of the flask, where you can engrave a name or a few select words to personalize it as a gift. You should know that with any container that holds liquid, the seals must be maintained or occasionally replaced. Luckily, the manufacturer sells replacement seals, so take this down as a tip. If you want to know whether this is the right gear for you, you should know that it comes down to personal taste and needs. All told, if you want a sturdy, unpretentious flask that will last for years to come, then the Classic will deliver and makes a perfect accessory for any adventure, party, or night.



American Double IPA Hop Freak

If you want an adventure brew, Hop Freak may just be what you’re looking for! Collaborated with Milwaukee’s own Rishi Tea, Hop Freak was born, infused with Organic Jasmine Tea and made with a subtle malt bill that adds balance to this beast.

This phenomenal beer has made the list as one of my favorite IPAs. The poppy labeling is what made me grab it from the store cooler with little consideration for the season. My first experience drinking Hop Freak was on a chilly night indoors with some friends visiting from out of town. My other experience was out of a tallboy can bought from an odd grocery store on a sunny day the summer before. Both experiences were delicious but very different. The crisp “CHHHH” sound from opening the can confirm that this beer could not be any fresher. Pouring an effervescent amber color with a white head, it immediately intensified my thirst a few levels. The initial smell brought a considerable aroma that was citrusy, bitter and a little floral. I’m uncertain if there is another IPA out there with the rich feel of this beer, but it sure smells like a great spread of tropical and citrus fruits. The taste met my expectations, as it was creamy and sweet, which goes beyond a toffee malt taste that persists nearly from start to finish. With bitter hops from the high ABV that you find in great, complex double IPA’s, the mouthfeel doesn’t disappoint!! The lack of natural light made the pour look a darker amber color than I remembered, but with the delicious hints of sweet herbal tea, I knew it was the same beer I enjoyed by myself last summer. I wish the Hop Freak were more widely distributed because it’s indeed a little-known gem!