What it’s like to be a Parent?

The experiences of parenting are different due to variances in personalities, cultures, and behaviors of children and parents. However, there are those standard factors that are shared, and most parents can relate.


At times, it is worrisome
Although some people may call this negativity in an otherwise beautiful parent-child relationship, being worried is perfectly normal and typical. If there is a secret that you are hiding from the child touching on, let’s say, real parentage, family finances, sickness, you will be worried a lot. Fortunately, the joy and sense of accomplishments that comes with having a child in your life make you forget and focus on your role.


Parenting Brings Happiness to your life
In the USA, parents have one of the lowest rates of depression because the children always deter them from their misery. Seeing a child’s development will bring happiness as it is reminiscent of your hard work, commitment, and dedication.


It is backbreaking
The endless laundry. The occasional disciplinary summons to school over your child’s errors. The rush to the hospital in the middle of the night to treat the flu. The never-ending kitchen activity to feed the child in healthy food: All these are no mean feat, and you will mostly go to bed exhausted but not sleep a wink.


Being a parent requires accomplishments
Parenting requires hard work for financial reasons. A parent cannot sit pretty when a child asks for a grand for that school trip to Hawaii, not to mention the endless expenses that go into bringing up a child. In this regard, parents go out of their way to improve their financial status so that the child can have a comfortable life and a better future.


It is not about you but him/her
In parenting, people forget themselves and their needs; it is all about the child. For example, one will buy a home with a large front yard and backyard for the children to play, rather than a condo in a San Francisco apartment with a jacuzzi and a tiny bar.


A Lion will grow inside you
Protective instincts will develop inside a parent, that is why people will go to any length to protect their child. Mostly, the instincts will be so intense such that after the action, a parent will sit back and wonder how they did it. For example, seeing a child in front of an oncoming truck, a dad will fly and whisk the child within fractions of a second. A mother too would physically confront a stronger person who violates her child in the park.


Change of behavior
Parenting calls for changing of behavior lest the child picks up those small traits that everyone hates so much about you. Eating while talking, using obscene words, having sex on the dinner table, drinking to the wee hours and so much more take a backstage for the “new you.” You will also practice the right things and ensure that rules and regulations at home, school, and the nations are adhered to- Do not Shoplift, Do not assault other children, Do not come home late, etc.


Parenting is beautiful despite everything
Parenting is hard work. Much of you will change as you share your life with the little ones. You will never notice these things as your primary focus in parenting will be on seeing the best in your child.



What Newly Married Couples Do

Getting married introduces you to the complex phenomena of marriage. There are but a bunch of activities going on around this hopefully once in a lifetime event. For newly married couples this is a special time.

If you are planning to get married soon or have just said “I Do,” then this article might interest you. Read on to discover some of the activities that these newly married couples undertake as they get to know each other intimately, and unravel the mystery that is marriage.


• Making Plans for the Future 

You are about to begin a new chapter in your life, and it would be unwise not to make plans. You risk having a disorganized marriage if you have no plans for your career, finance, and children.

For most married couples, the issue of having or not having kids is a big decision, and it will change your life. It is, therefore, worth your time to talk about them. Kids come with responsibilities, and you need to be well prepared. If you do not want to have kids, it’s still important to remind yourselves why you made the decision.


• See the World

Nothing conquers bonding faster than traveling. Travelling offers perspective and this being the formative stage of marriage, it is a perfect time to build memories as you get to know each other better.


• Doing Random Things

As you try to figure out what life has in store for you, you can be random. Children will require planning but before you get there, take that casual night date. Go away on a weekend because when kids finally come, such stuff will require much more planning.


• Turn Your House into a Home

No one wants their house to feel so formal like an office. If you just moved into a new house, there is a lot of work waiting for you before the house finally feels like home. Buy scented candles or soft blankets or anything else that you love.


• Learn from Each Other

As newlyweds, this is the most opportune time for you to get to know your spouse. Everybody knows how to take care of themselves but getting to know your spouse intimately, is a lesson worth learning.


• Spend Time Together

Spend the whole day doing nothing. Sleep late watching a movie. Skip washing dishes and cuddle. Go to the gym together. Remember, when kids eventually come, those lazy weekends might become rare. Enjoy them while you still can. In hindsight, getting to know each other may sound like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. As newlyweds, you may have so much time on your hands and yet so little to do, and this may feel suffocating. However, it gets better with time.


Tips for Newly Weds


Learn to Respect Each Other

As you get to know your partner better, it is imperative you respect their wishes. Sometimes you will argue, or your partner will be moody. This is all normal, and you should learn to treat each other with respect at all times.

When faced with issues that you feel are overwhelming, seek advice from a respectable older couple. They have been there, and what you are going through is not new to them.


Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of all good marriages. It is foolhardy to think you can build a lasting marriage if you can’t trust your partner. Talk about any issues that are disturbing you. You will find that it gets easier when your partner knows that you believe in them.



Great Ideas on How to Pop the Question

Love is a school of life where everybody learns at their own pace. It is unique in definition and manifestation to different people, and there is no standardized objectified meaning of love. There is so much debate around the essence of love such that the only underlying factor of Love is a strong feeling of responsibility that matures with time and experiences. From flings to obsessions to crushes, love finally develops to be a fully-fledged sense of commitment to a person on which you bring your own needs second to the needs of your loved one. In such a case, it is vital to carry on to the next level: Marriage Proposal.


Even if you are the most macho of guys and whatever you do sends your lady into a euphoric bliss, you should consider being unique as this moment might mark your transition from a bachelor to a husband. Here are some great ideas on how to pop the question and forever leave an indelible mark on the heart of your loved one.


Throw a party where everyone who matters to her is present

Most ladies would give an eye just to get their dear friends, relatives, and co-workers witness this moment of their lives. If you live in a suburb, you might consider enlisting the services of party planners who might set up a themed party reminiscent of the favorite colors of your fiancé to be. Ensure that the music is romantic, the foods are incredible, and the lighting is fantastic just to enhance the theme of “Will you marry me?”



Did you first spot her on a subway train and took her in your arms after her heels broke? Was it in a science symposium on your sophomore year of college? Did you spill coffee on her dress and her hot slap got you red with embarrassment in front of restaurateurs?… the situations are unique. She might find it very touching and thoughtful to pop the question exactly where you first laid eyes on each other.


A Gourmet Date

A restaurant date never goes wrong. The romance-laden atmosphere is complemented by exquisite champagnes and fine gourmets that tantalize her taste buds. There is so much you can do other than going down on your knee in the middle of the date. You might try having her served on a plate bearing your handwriting reading “Tiffany, will you marry me?” The same can be written on the tablecloth, bottom of the wine glass or under the serviettes. As soon as she reads the word, you should go down on your knee and reiterate the question as you slip the ring to her finger amid her ecstatic YESSES.


Public Holidays

How about the Saint Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Heroes Day or any holiday that is of much significance to her? Such a choice of a day might intrigue her of how thoughtful you are in trying to make the day memorable and coincide with an important day.




How Dads can Prepare for a Baby

Dads have to give a mum maximum material, moral, psychological and physical support to enable her to get through the pregnancy. It not a question of how much money the dad has to contribute towards the baby’s feature in regards to the basics of life, but the dedication and commitment of being the Dad that will successfully get the baby through pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and teenagerhood to adulthood.

Dads can prepare for a baby through the following ways.


Assuring the Moms of their commitment to Baby’s well being

 This is the initial step that dads can undertake upon learning of their pregnancy. Assuring the mums that they will always be there cannot only lead to a healthy pregnancy but also enable the dads to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility vital in good parenting practices.


Demonstrating Responsibility for the Baby from Conception

The dads have to be part and parcel of the baby’s life from conception. The act of their participation can involve protecting the mum from harmful situations, accompanying the mum to neonatal clinical visits and creating a healthy environment for the mum for pregnancy to develop health wise.


Joining Social Support groups

The aspiring dad should consider joining social support teams for aspiring dads in the community. This might give the dads a more profound insight into proper parenting and nurture of the baby after birth. Mostly, aspiring dads might be surprised at how little they know about parenting once they get to hear real life experiences from other dads. Under such fora, there might be occasional Dads empowerment seminars that may go a long way to prepare the dad in welcoming the bundle of joy adequately.


Seeking Help from a Professional

Dads can seek for a deeper understanding of baby nurturing from a professional such as a pediatrician or early childhood development experts. The professionals can advise the aspiring dads on the dos and don’ts of babies nurturing such as how to administer emergency first aid against; chocking, head falls, burns, etc.


Practical Baby caring

In anticipation for a baby, dads can take part in mock baby caring exercises. The concept of these exercises is that dads will get accustomed to the baby dynamics and body languages that are typical of them and learn how to cope with each arising situation. In this physical exercise, dads can be given a hybrid baby doll with human-like tendencies. The dad is then awarded points that coincide with the care that they provide. With the doll behaviors being on the upper extreme, dads can get accustomed to handling even the most demanding of the babies.


On the same note, aspiring dads can offer to babysit for their friend’s baby in a day or hours just to get acquainted with baby behaviors.



Babies are entirely different in behavioral aspects. There is no guarantee that preparing for a baby through a particular approach will come into practice. The most important point is for dads to make the best out of their parenting role and get ready to adapt to the specific needs of the baby.



Managing Your Family Time When Working From Home

Working from home is no mean feat. It is a delicate balancing act, juggling between work and family life. It provides you with all kinds of freedoms that working from the office denies you.


Benefits of Working from Home

• Reduced Expenses: Working from home helps reduce costs associated with professional work clothes, transport, lunch and other costs associated with movement from home to office premises.
• Increased Morale: Working from home offers a much more flexible working schedule. It also helps to reduce office stress and home-sicknesses, hence boosting your working morale.
• Increased Family Time: When you work from home, you can spend some more time bonding with family and engage in activities that interest you.

Nonetheless, working at home is not entirely a bed of roses.



• Less Family Time: Some people get caught up in their work and forget to make time for their families. If you have that office at home and spend your entire day and part of the night working, then you are eating into your family time.
• Decline in Productivity: Lower supervision may trick you into working when you feel like. Ultimately, you may find that you are working fewer hours every day and your productivity may decline.

Achieving a proper work and family balance is of great importance. You end up becoming even more productive without sacrificing on your family time. Here are a few tips to help you manage your family time when working from home.



Create a Schedule: The idea is to allocate time for everything. Set aside time for work and family. For instance, you can decide to work from 9 am to 5 pm with breaks in between. When 5 o’clock hits, be disciplined enough to stop working and spend time with family.
Create a to-do List: Before you start working in the morning, create a to-do list. Outline what you want to accomplish for that day. You could even estimate the amount of time it will take you to perform each task. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your productivity does not decline and that you do not eat into your family time.
Be Organized: The key to increased productivity is organization. Create a working environment at home by having an office and keeping it very organized. Make sure that you have a desk which is big enough and tidy. Have everything you need within reach to avoid distractions as you try to look for misplaced items.
Maintain Focus: There are so many distractions when working from home, especially if you have small kids. They will want to spend all the time with you, and this may damage your productivity. Help them understand that you need time to work and look for someone to help you take care of them. Remember also to avoid other distractions such as spending too much time on social media.

Pro Tip: Train your children to give you space and peace and let you work. Above all, make sure not to be rigid learn to have time with your family.



Essentials of an awesome playroom for everyone to enjoy

At one point, you will find it boring to go out or, monotonous to do the things that you love most. With so much going on in life and so much to do in so short a time, sitting idle becomes a no-option. You wouldn’t want your head to burst, would you? Here is an excellent idea that you might consider: A playroom in your house for everyone!

Here are some essentials that you should consider while setting up that playroom that can break the monotony and make you spend quality time with people.



The idea of a room full of game paraphilias stashed at a corner shouldn’t work. There has to be a concise plan that demarcates the sections of the room. For example, the room should feature a mock kitchen for the girls to play mamma, a table and high chairs for lovers of poker and other table games, a small marked track to measure the distance on the dartboard play, and provision for some reclining chairs and so much more.



The flooring should be safe to facilitate maximum fun activities. In such a case, you should avoid floor types that become slippery when wet, noisy when walked on or even cold when barefooted. Additionally, the flooring should be natural to clean and durable as playrooms are intense of activity.



The Playroom should be furnished in an organized way. Proper organization will lead to more natural retrieval of game equipment as well as create more open space for one to enjoy. The open space can enable you to use the playroom for other functions such as indoor camping and physical exercising. The vital furniture is cabinets at the farthest corners.



Avoid hues that dampen the spirit on the playroom walls. Colors such as black, brown, dark green, red and navy blue are not suitable. Colors like lavender, silver, pink and white can work in this case. To avoid maintenance costs, you shouldn’t use wallpapers as the games’ equipment can easily damage them.



Playrooms have to have enough light to enable any playroom user to participate in the game efficiently. In an ideal sense, there should be no dark corners. Stay away from wall lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and lampstands. Vault lights using standard bulbs and fluorescents would incredibly serve the purpose. On the same note, natural lighting should be allowed in the room through the installation of vertical blinds that can be rolled to the top.


Air conditioning

Although high-adrenaline games are not played in playrooms, the number of people can lead to stuffiness and uncomfortable spikes in temperatures. Opening the windows might not be an option on windy and cold days. Therefore, and AC would be very instrumental and vital to sustaining the games.



Putting up a playroom goes beyond a hook on the wall for a Dartboard in an empty room. You have to make some committed investment to make space uplifting to give people the energy to engage in any game at hand.



Setting up a playroom is not as straightforward as ABC. There have to be some essentials that if considered will lead to the creation of an excellent place where everybody can play and have fun.



How To Raise Capital For A Business Besides Borrowing From The Bank

The only way to move on is to accept, and we will acknowledge the economic recession hit us hard. You can tell our economy is not what it used to be and the unemployment rates remain at an all-time high. So many people are trying to make ends meet at whatever cost, and that’s why many have given up on the dream of relying upon cooperate America. But even though the market is open for small business, there’s just one hurdle that’s barring everyone from becoming an entrepreneur: Having access to the required amount of capital.

For the longest time, possible commercial banks used to be the go-to source for those looking for an infusion of cash. But just like every other financial institution, they’ve been walloped by the economic meltdown. Quite frankly, you could say no one got spared when the financial tsunami wiped out everything on its path. Not even the lending institutions! It’s now difficult to get loan approval, and if you meet the underwriting standards, you won’t get the money fast enough. And that’s why not many people still consider banks an option.

The numbers even speak for themselves. The Small Business Administration has a 7(a) loan program that’s in place to aid those looking for funding for various ventures. However, for the past couple of months, things have drastically changed. If the SBA’s 2009 fiscal year reports are anything to go by, you could see the program had a thirty-six percent decrease in the loans made compared to the previous year. That only accounts for 44,221 that banks were willing to offer to individuals who wanted to either start up a business or expand it.

We know such numbers can be discouraging especially to a person who’s aspiring to be a business owner one day, but things are not as grim as they seem. Bank financing is not the only route you can take if you’re looking for ways to fund your startup. Fortunately for you, we’ve drafted this piece to walk you through your options.


Alternatives to bank financing


If you already have a firm and you’re looking to expand, one sure way of acquiring capital is by selling some of the receivables at a discount, of course, so that you can get the cash up-front. It’s one method used by companies with poor credit or those that have to fill orders before receiving payments.

The downside is, this avenue is somehow expensive if you do your math right. If as a firm you want to sell receivables you also have to settle a fee which is a percentage of the total amount. So let’s toss in a hypothetical scenario here and say we want to get funds a month in advance at a three percent fee. Once you do your calculations, you’ll find out that it’s an equivalent to an interest rate of twenty-four percent every year which is ridiculous.


Consider Tapping Into Your 401(K) Plan

Did you know that the retirement nest-egg can be a source of fund? Not so many people want to roll the dice on this one, but those who’ve utilized it in the past have confirmed that it can make a huge difference. And if you’re worried about the law, you ought to know that the ERISA law supports any individual who wishes to spend the existing 401(k) funds on business without incurring penalties. Sometimes this money is never enough, so it’s wise to look for more money elsewhere first to supplement it because if you start a business with inadequate capital, you’ll surely fail miserably. Invest in a firm that you have control over so that you can diversify part of your retirement holding outside the stock market.


Friends And Family

One way of keeping things ultra-simple is by involving family. For one, these are people you trust, and the feeling is most likely mutual, so they will be willing to give you a helping hand. But it might not be the best method considering you’re putting their financial future at risk by turning them into creditors and jeopardizing significant relationships.

If you’ve tried everything else and you feel like that’s the last resort then at least go in already having a well-thought-out business plan. Don’t serve your financial health at the cost of your families and end up straining those relations. Treat them like you would do any other investor and draft a legally binding contract to avoid any misunderstanding.


Give Crowdfunding A Shot

If you haven’t heard about it, then you’re probably in the wrong line of business, pal! It’s the newest craze in town, and this popular concept is how businesses today raise funds. It’s an umbrella term that covers various types of funding from sources all over. Alternatively, we can look at it as a charity extension sponsorship page where regular people in the world of business come together on sites such as Kickstarter, Crowdcube, or Indiegogo, and raise money for startup projects.

Since the donors on these platforms are private citizens, they rarely grill or set strict conditions for the borrower as opposed to an angel investor. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the site and start marketing through word-of-mouth.


Peer-To-Peer Loans

Talk about business financing, and right away the newest kid on the block pops up. Yes! We’re talking about this type of lending. For it to work, we have to have intermediaries in between those willing to supply funds (investors) and those in need of them (borrowers). Lending Club and Funding Circle are just but few of the sites that usually act as an intermediary.

As a borrower, you can quickly get access to capital if you choose this channel since we even do have sites that provide feedback on your status in as little as 24 hours. Unfortunately, to get a favorable rate you have to have an impeccable credit score.

The bottom line is the economy is still rebounding so getting bank financing is proving to be a real hassle. Opt for some of these methods but remember to look at the downside before signing any dotted line.



The Pitfalls To Avoid When You Are Starting A New Business

Starting a business can be dicey especially for those who haven’t tested such waters. A small mistake can be enough to sink the entire ship even before it leaves the shores. In fact, it’s believed that if a start-up can survive the first five years, then the probability of it succeeding right away increases to 90 percent.

It’s not unusual for an entrepreneur-to-be to get fired up at the idea of owning a business. Many have said there nothing new to the world these days so if you can come up with something unique or different and successfully launch it then you must be a genius. All you have to do before turning this idea into a reality is to take a step back and note some common mistakes your predecessors have made in the past that have plagued their new businesses.

Why don’t we start by looking at some of the pitfalls that you need to avoid if you wish to be successful in your newly curved niche? Just remember, you have to know how to deal with them before they become part of the issues that will bring your business down crumbling.


So, what should you do or not do if you want to triumph as an entrepreneur?


  • Adequately Research

For some reason, budding entrepreneurs usually think the next course of action once they experience that light bulb moment is to immediately plug in without doing their homework and learning what to expect. You’ll be undoubtedly excited or enthusiastic during this period, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to be reckless or jump into business blindly. Find out whether there’s an audience for this idea or if a different entity is already operational on the market with the same concept or something remotely close to it.

You have to increase your odds of succeeding, and the only way to do that is by doing copious research before starting. First, it’s critical you figure out what you’ll do that’s different from other firms in the industry that offer the same good or service. Then, go online and listen to the social media noise. Find out why some clients are not happy with what they are getting. Carry out surveys and ask people what they want because, with this data, you’ll be well armed to fill in that gap and adapt to the market.


  • Mimicking One Great Idea

Take social media applications, for example, or dating apps. Just because Tinder was so successful doesn’t mean that if you come up with something slightly similar but different you’ll automatically make the list of the wealthiest people in the world. No, seriously buddy, you have to conceptualize something different because you’re bound for failure if you think that would work. Plus, you’re obviously an intelligent person so why would you want to imitate an idea that’s already out there?

Instead of battling with such big names in the industry, look into some of the things the firm doesn’t offer and use that to create your product. By satisfying the unsatisfied need, you’ll have succeeded where others have failed.


  • Being Rigid

Hypothetically, what would you do if you realize despite the progress you’ve made with the business, there’s still a flaw in the system? Do you keep on going and assume the issue will resolve itself or do you look for ways to deal with it? Many people will naturally opt for the easy way out. They’ll just continue operating and hope everything will be okay as the business catches up to the market demands. If you go down that route, you’ll kill your baby even before it becomes a teenager.

Therefore, if you find out that the suppliers, for instance, have suddenly increased their product prices and this negatively affects your profits, fall back and regroup. Don’t just trudge forward without thinking. In this kind of situation, the best move is to take a pause and figure things out.


  • Not Marketing

And this also touches those who haven’t adequately marketed their efforts. As a budding entrepreneur, you have to dedicate a lot of time and money if you want your start-up to catch up with the rest of the firms on the market. Depending on ostensibly free options such as Facebook promotions, Pinterest, or through your website is a mistake that will, without a doubt, cost you a lot.

To get visibility, you have to be ready to dedicate many hours to all these sites and many more platforms. Writing is an artistic talent not everyone in the world gets blessed with and that’s why you shouldn’t shy away from hiring a professional who’s excellent at blogging.


  • Investing Less Capital

You’re either all in or out. You can’t choose to sit on the fence and see how things pan out before deciding which side to fall. On many occasions, we’ve seen people fail to succeed just because they were afraid to take that leap of faith and invest the required amount. How will you get yourself a skilled web developer if you don’t have enough money to pay them or that which they’ll need to set up a standard website? You have to be pragmatic when setting up a business if you yearn for success.


  • Forgetting Who’s The Boss

Understandably, you’re a novice in this industry so you might not know how everything works. We want to let you in on something that will probably shock you.

And that’s the fact that today’s market is more consumer-centric. A purchaser can now make an informed decision based on the online reviews available on the internet. Simply put, technology has completely changed the world.

Congratulations are in order if you’ve started a company and made something out of yourself. However, always bear in mind that in the next couple of days you’ll have to be tenacious and creative if you don’t want to fail in your new venture. By avoiding these pitfalls, you’ll be on your way to greatness!



Guidelines On How To Grow Your Business

Statistically, new businesses tend to fail within the first couple of years. Even though this might be due to several reasons, the primary issue is the lack of knowledge and expertise required to plan for various operations and maintain a steady growth curve. While some startups fail just because the owner couldn’t keep up with its growth rate, others crumb due to lack of proper channels to offload excess inventory. The market demand directly doesn’t meet the supply, and thus the owner will have to sell at a loss to lure more customers.

You have to have a specific skill set for you to succeed in today’s business because so much as changed compared to the old days. A budding entrepreneur has to be flexible, be able to plan efficiently, and have exceptional organizational skills. It’s not just about turning on a computer and opening the doors for the clients. For the business to grow at a steady rate and maintain that growth, you have to comprehend all the economic parameters that affect the firm.


Let’s Look At How You Can Grow Your Business:

Have A Company Mission And Stick With It

What would you be if you never knew what you want to do, or who you want to become in life? Life immediately made sense when you knew what you were supposed to do, right? You had to have a direction so that you could set goals and strive to achieve them. It’s the same thing with business. It’s the baby, and you’re the parent so guide it by creating a strategic direction.

You might face obstacles along the way while trying to stick to it but your company is not the first one to bump into all those hurdles. Nearly all of the multinational corporations have been there, and now they are dominating the marketplace. Therefore, if you need to survive, do so by rolling with the changes and adjust mid-stream. It’s crucial to keep the changes to a minimum because you might lose customers if they get wind of the fact that your company might be going through a rough patch.


Develop A Strong Bond With Your Product Consumers And Suppliers

What’s significant is the long-term viability of a business. One cornerstone of any successful company is the trust or loyalty the entity has to its customers. And the same applies to the suppliers. Like a food chain in an ecosystem, when one organism gets affected the entire system goes into an imbalance. You have to bond well with your clients and suppliers.


Hold Your Staff Accountable

Once you hire an individual, you have to give them proper training before letting them work without supervision. By investing in the training process, you’ll be ensuring the business has a strong team ready to tackle issues that might arise in future.

It’s also significant to recognize their efforts from time to time by rewarding or promoting them. Treat them the same way you do your kids.


Strive To Create A Loyal Employee Base

You want to keep the employee turnover at moderate levels otherwise you’ll spend most of the company’s recourses retraining new staff. A loyal workforce is essential to the long-term goal since it helps you to stay relevant on the market, and assists the business to maintain the momentum.


Never Compromise On Quality

Honestly, this shouldn’t even be something worth debating. The only reason why we thought it wise to mention it is because we feel like business owners might be tempted to look for shortcuts during production since our current economy is still stumbling. Cutting on expenses seems like the logical way for the firm to stay afloat but if you go down that road, you might lose some of your most loyal customers. To reduce the cash outflow, consider cutting the wages, or freezing the hiring process. It’s not easy to gain a customer, so if you lose them, that will be on you.


Be Creative

Now that you’ve identified a need that’s unsatisfied on the market and managed to fill that gap, you have to keep looking for new and innovative ways that will make you stand out from your competitions and stay relevant. Always have an open mind and be on the lookout for new ideas or approaches that can help your company in one way or another.


Consistency Is Critical

The only way to continue making money is by being consistent. A customer will want to buy your product instead of that offered by the competition because what you’re providing has the best quality and is in the right quantity. That’s what they will expect the next time they want to buy the same product. So if they go to the store and find out that you compromised the quality or reduced the quantity, they will channel their frustrations by purchasing from the competition.


Know The Risks And Rewards

An entrepreneur who’s not ready to take calculated risks is not business oriented. You have to be prepared to roll the dice once a while if you’re ever going to succeed. Figure out what the worst-case scenario is and if it’s something you can live with dive in without second-guessing yourself. You can generate tremendous rewards that can propel your company to greater heights.


While Focusing On The Value, Compete With The Price

Being flexible with the pricing is okay. Just don’t lower it below the market value with the intentions of luring more customers and in the process running other firms out of business.

Go out there and try to find out what goes on in a consumer’s mind as he or she debates which item to take based on the pricing. Your business will only stay operational if the customers pay you and not the other way round.

Starting a business is not a walk in the park, so you have to make sure the company doesn’t close down. Apply these tips in your trade and see how quickly your startup scales the heights of success.

The blind tiger ale house

In the city of New York sits The Blind Tiger Ale House, a bar that has lived up to its reputation by withstanding the test of time, since its establishment thirteen years ago. Previously located at Hudson Street before star bucks displaced it, The Blind Tiger was a New York beer scene OG long before craft beer entered the lexicon. The house has a meticulously curated program, and the best bar food has earned it legendary status in the industry. Greenwich Village has been its current residence since 2006.

Word on the street is that the term ‘blind tiger’ originated in the 1800’s when blue laws restricted the sale of alcohol. You know, while providing complimentary alcohol, the owners charged a cover so that they could be able to see a Blue Tiger, or any other imaginary attraction of sorts. Most blind tigers were cheap disreputable nightclubs or dance halls while Speakeasy more often served food and entertainment.

What you’ll like about Blind Tiger is the ever-changing array of craft beers, and a refreshing wine selection complemented by food from an acclaimed kitchen. Their brewers can be likened to artists while they get represented by the gallery. As a mainstream observer, you’ll realize how committed and passionate the Blind Tiger team is, not to forget brilliance.

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Gramercy Tavern Hotel

Located on 42 E 20TH Street in the Flatinor district of the Manhattan area, New York (View Map) this restaurant is one of the finest dining places that I have ever had the privilege of sampling. It has two amazing dining experiences; the Dining Room and the Tavern. The restaurant patrons have the option of making a reservation as well as a walk-in service. The founder of the hotel is the legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer, and it was opened in 1994. It sits in a significant landmark building. It has a great design that was created Bentel & Bentel, Roberta Bendavid gives it its fresh floral arrangements and the murals were done by renowned artist Robert Kushner; These features alone, sets it apart from your normal hotel within Manhattan.

When I moved to Manhattan a year ago, Gramercy Tavern Hotel was the talk of the town for its exemplary service not to mention mouthwatering and carefully prepared dishes. That is why I had to have a taste of its hospitality.

A month after I had moved in, I convinced my friend to take me to the hotel; from the entry to getting a sitting space, we received the best service as compared to the most walk in restaurants around. We chose to sit at the Tavern. Pizza is my favorite any day, and so we made our orders as we sipped a Pinot Noir red wine as recommended by our server. Indeed she was right; the wine was smooth and sweet just as we wanted it. Our pizza arrived on time and ooh boy! It smelled and tasted like nothing I had tasted before. I enjoyed every piece of the pizza. We almost ordered for another!

Since then, I pop in at the restaurant whenever I crave delicious pizza since it is just a short distance from where I live. Every time I go there, they never disappoint me. They serve hot pizza just the way I like it. The pizza includes diced jalapenos, vegetables, cheese, tomato sauce, and mushrooms. You can choose to take it down with a glass of Pinot Noir, Georges Descombes or even Rose wine like Triennes.

Michael Anthony and Danny Meyer are the Chefs you are likely to find at the restaurant any day. They work hard to ensure that you eat tasty meals whenever you come to the eatery. Other patrons at the restaurant love it for its chicken and steak.

The hotel’s client-oriented model is the one thing that makes Gramercy Tavern hotel different from all the other hotels in the Manhattan area. The service is five star and will make you want to visit again and again. The attendants are well groomed, polite and very helpful; they will ensure what you ordered is what you get, not to mention that everyone pays attention to detail.

I love every moment I am in this great hotel.

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