5 Tips for Running a Successful Business

When it comes to business success, every company can control the level of achievement that the organization achieves. However, achieving business success comes with a cost. It requires a person who can spearhead an ideology of not fearing to fail. Failure is part of success. No matter how successful a business is, fear is a constant barrier towards achieving the mission objectives of the business. So how exactly should you run a successful business?


You Have Voices, Choose one of them

The world is rapidly changing and so is the business world. In a dynamic and vibrant business environment, there is need for decisiveness even when confronted with impossible options. Imagine having to choose between two evils, you always have to go for the lesser evil. Running a successful business is no different. At times, you will be confronted with choices that could make or break the business. Failing to act is the last thing you should be thinking about as it only prolongs the inevitable. To be a good manager, you have to be a risk taker even when you are not sure about the outcome. Always make a choice, any choice!


Don’t be in the Industry, be the Industry

This is the philosophy in business where you strive to create your own lanes. In fact, the reason why some businesses fail is because they try to take advantage of an existing market instead of focusing their energy to creating a new market. It is very easy for a business to fall under the paradigm of commoditizing its operations within a specific spectrum rather than exploiting the macro nature of the business environment. There are many opportunities that are untapped. The fact that most people keep on recycling business ideas that already exist is the reason why a huge percentage of business ideas fail at the implementation phase.


Focus on More than Profit

This concept of focusing on more than profit is what leads to business sustenance. Do not let your primary goals and objectives focus on perpetual profit and loss. Your business objectives should be entrenched in the societal roles as well as short-term and long-term goals that transcend the internal structures of the business. You should focus on the bigger picture regarding what bonds your business to a common goal within the environment in which it operates within.


Overcome Fear of the Unknown

In business, there is always this sensation that something could go wrong. If it has not happened, do not be afraid of the void. In fact, the feeling of uncertainty should be the driving force in your business to overcome both current and future challenges. You should be aware that the possibility of failure is what drives people to achieve the best they can at the present. By addressing present challenges, you will be clearing the way for future hurdles that could affect business continuity and survival. This therefore means that to run a successful business, you should embrace the feeling of being at the edge. The feeling that something is just about to happen and you are doing everything possible to prevent it from happening.



Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase Sales

Amazon began as an online bookstore only to grow into the largest e-commerce platform there is today. This means that third-party sellers can make a living from the largest internet retailer. It comes as no surprise that Amazon continues to grow in popularity among sellers. According to a recent research, the people who make a million in sales on Amazon are 4 times more than those on eBay. With approximately $88,000 worth of transactions being made, below are some tips on how to increase sales on Amazon.


Get Reviews

It is important for sellers to understand that the power of reviews among buyers is enormous. Reviews are strong tools of influence because most customers consider them to be personal recommendations. Considering that an estimated 90% of Amazon buyers do not leave reviews for products purchased, o out of your way as the seller and get the reviews yourself. If you know people locally who have used your product and had satisfactory results, ask them to at least leave a positive review regarding your product. There are also programs such as Feedback Five that increase the volume of feedbacks as well as assist in neutralizing negative feedback. Remember, Amazon always considers the performance of the seller when ranking the items submitted.


Stay Competitive

There is a lot of skepticism regarding Amazon sales since those who avoid selling on Amazon perceive the platform to be very competitive. This is despite the fact that more than 50% of sellers on Amazon report a 20% profit margin. Amazon recommends that apart from considering availability, customer experience, and fulfillment, the price is also a great determinant of the sales volume. There are a number of tools that sellers can use to stay competitive. For example, tools such as teikametrics and FeedVisor monitor the prices of your competitors thus ensuring that you acquire a competitive edge over them. For example, you can decide to have your products $0.01 cheaper than those of your competitors.


Market outside Amazon

Direct calls to action are prohibited on Amazon and so are email communications with potential customers. However, this does not mean that you cannot direct potential customers to your Amazon store. There are different ways of utilizing internet marketing strategies to achieve the desired seller results. You can create blogs and articles targeting your niche with useful and relevant information. Sites such as Go Articles and Hubpages are some of the best platforms to write your articles.

Amazon is one of the most competitive internet retailers but that does not imply that your products will not sell. It is how you market yourself that increases your sales volume coupled with innovative strategies that help you stay ahead of the competition. Remember, any of the techniques that you decide to use should not violate the terms and conditions of Amazon as an internet retailer. Amazon is an internet platform-yes-but, do not entirely rely on modern techniques of marketing. Sometimes, go old school and offer discounts, free products and ask for referrals. These combined with new techniques such as advertising, SEO and reviews will no doubt increase your sales on Amazon.



Things ‘NOT’ to do on a First Date

When it comes to dating, there is a lot of information floating about the web about what you should do- how to dress, what to talk about, where to go, what to eat-and while such information is actually correct, the best time to be truly yourself is on a first date. Since the first date is when you should really try to create a lasting impression, we can all agree that there are things that you should never do or speak about; and this applies to either side. Below are some of the things that should never be done while you are on your first date.


Avoid Being Wishy-Washy

Don’t be that person who always screws things up because you cannot stand for what you believe in. For starters, everyone dislikes pushovers. If your date suggests that you should have sushi on your first date and it so happens that you don’t eat fish, make that fact known before the date. The same applies if your date wants to hang out at a cocktail joint and you are aware that you don’t drink. It becomes weirder if you are silent about it and only speak out while you are seated and waiting to order. The same applies to decisiveness. If you are asked to choose what you will have, don’t ask your date to choose for you or dismiss the offer with a statement indicating that you can settle for anything. Speaking out about what you want is a sign of confidence.


Don’t Show up Late

There are conflicting theories about showing up late particularly when it comes to women but if you want to create a positive first impression, Never show up late on your first date. Some women are convinced that showing up a few minutes later somehow improves their self-worthiness as it shows that they are not too eager. However, this is far from the case. Your date will judge your character based on the small things that happen before and after the date. For men, showing up late is a big no. It is perceived to be a sign of disinterest in the whole thing.


Don’t be too attached to Your Phone

This happens mostly among ladies. The compulsive act of checking your phone after every few minutes is the ultimate deal breaker. Actually, there is nothing more annoying than talking to a person who is also talking to a different person who is not even there. It is commonplace for people to place their cell phones on the table. However, it is rude when you keep responding to every alert, text, or vibration. If you know that your phone will distract you, keep it in a place where it does not distract you from the present conversation. An occasional glimpse when you go to the bathroom is allowed.

The whole idea of a first date is to allow you be yourself. That is the moment you show your partner who you truly are. The success of the date guarantees a second date, a third and even a relationship. The secret here is: