Tiddly Trailer Bar Co. – Interview

Fourteen Robots scouts through Kickstarter campaigns and we came across Tiddly Trailer Bar which caught our attention and decided to conduct a small interview to get a glimpse of behind the scenes of what is behind each startup.


What was the inspiration for your product?

-I have been in the restaurant and bar industry for over a decade. I knew early on I never wanted to own a brick and mortar establishment, but I loved the industry. After going back to school to earn a masters degree, I spent a lot of time brainstorming. I wanted something that would foster my love for the service industry, use my creativity, all while sparking my lust for business. The Tiddly Trailer was my answer. 

What’s the biggest challenge you came across in the process of this venture?

Financing this endeavor has been a challenge. Kickstarter is an amazing platform to find financial backers, but it does take a lot of time and energy. Also, financially planning for all the unknowns has been a difficult part of starting out.


What have you learned at the start of your venture that you’d like to share with others interested in starting a business?

-Be willing to be vulnerable and share your idea to whoever will listen. You never know who you will meet in the process. Also, reach out to your friend network and ask them for help with your project. Not only will it save you money, but it will feel so good that you had a community approach to starting your business.


Is there a feature of your product that you’re specifically proud of?

-I’m so proud of it all actually. Proud of myself for starting a business while caring for a baby under one. However, I think the main thing the Tiddly offers is the hands-on approach we provide to our clients. Custom bar menus, fresh cocktails with homegrown garnishes and local beer and wines. I LOVE what I do, and I think that really transfers to the bar experience each and every one of our clients will receive.


Do you have a llong-termvision of where this product could take you or are you focused on the current outcome without thinking much of the future?

I’m a dreamer, so it’s in my nature to be 10 steps ahead. I have thought of owning a few trailers eventually. Maybe a Tiddly South in my home state of California. I would also love to get into the craft mixer and bitters world someday.


Do you think there’s a recipe for success on any business launched or is it all customized to each product?

-I think there is no one size fits all recipe for launching a business. However, I think the basics like marketing, budgeting, sales and distribution apply to all startups. To me, a customized approach is what makes the Tiddly Trailer feel unique from the other mobile bars out there. We are very proud to be driven by family, poured by friends, and enjoyed by all. 

Please visit their website at tiddlytrailer.com. You can also find them on Kickstarter, Facebook, and Instagram.





10 tips that will help you survive this Christmas

December might be the busiest and the craziest time of the year, especially considering the amount of holiday preparation that has to be done and the money that is normally spent on Christmas. These tips will help you not to let the holidays turn into a stressful job and enjoy the festivities with the people you love. 


When the most wonderful time of the year hits you with a load of additional responsibilities, shopping chores, family duties, and holiday preparations, it’s not too difficult to fall out of the festive spirit and get quite stressed and overwhelmed with everything you need to do and survive this Christmas season.

If you feel like you’re drowning in the doubtful Christmas joys and it seems that you’re being torn apart by Christmas shopping, making sure to include everyone on your gift shopping list, sending a pile of cards no one ever reads, but gets quite upset with you when doesn’t receive one from you, being broke after all the purchases, decorating your space, attending numerous parties, cooking and cleaning for the one you’re about to host, use these tips to survive this holiday and actually manage to enjoy it.


Tips for a stress-free Christmas

  1. Don’t set your expectations too high. Things rarely go to plan, and they never do when it comes to organizing a huge Christmas party for all. Try to be less of a perfectionist and make your holiday preparation more manageable by splitting the tasks among people who’re more than glad to help and concentrating on what’s most important.
  2. There’s nothing that may ruin your holiday as bad as being stuck in the middle of nowhere on the Christmas Eve/Day. Thus, if you’re going to spend this Christmas at your family member’s house, make sure to bring your vehicle to a quick check at the auto repair’s before you embark on a long road trip to prevent unexpected breakdowns caused by hidden flaws or maintenance issues you slacked on. Avoid traveling hassle by packing beforehand and leaving your house a day-two early not to get into the terrible traffic.
  3. Don’t be all over the place. Once you promise too much, you get too stressed about making sure that you’re actually able to stick to your words. Thus, plan the moths thoroughly and promise to attend only the parties and activities you really have time on (but not need to find the time for).
  4. Do a good share of your gift shopping online and never go beyond your budget. That will save you a lot of time and energy, as well as money, as you’ll be able to compare prices and find the best deals without running around numerous stores and trying to find a parking place in front of those busy malls scoring their year-worth revenue. Pour a glass of wine or brew a delicious cup of coffee, grab a few snacks and shop for the people you love without leaving the house and giving in to the Christmas shopping anxiety.
  5. Have fun. While making sure that everyone enjoys Christmas and receives everything they wished for, it’s quite easy to let the holiday go by unnoticed and forget to enjoy the moment and feel the spirit of the grand festivities. Make even routine chores projects like decorating the house, going grocery shopping for Christmas Eve dinner or watching a Christmas movie with your kids just a little bit extra special.
  6. Make Christmas shopping a lot easier by purchasing not material things, but experiences for the whole family or a group of friends. Tickets to a show you’ll always remember or a day at the spa you may spend together will be much greater gifts than another ugly sweater, gift card or kitchen appliance everyone receives every single year.
  7. Gift cards aren’t that bad. Actually, they make great travel-proof gifts and gorgeous presents for people you don’t really know too well. So, stop stressing about spending too much money on sending Christmas presents to your parents or choosing gifts for your co-workers and stock on gift cards. Just don’t forget to make them a little bit more personal with the help of a unique Christmas card or a tiny addition to the main present (for instance, you may tie a cute ornament to it).
  8. Save time on wrapping and assembling. That’s just too much to handle. Wrap the presents at the store right after you buy them and ask the service people to assemble those ridiculous kids toys or furnishing pieces not to add another point to your to-do list.
  9. Don’t be ashamed to ask for assistance. Christmas is for sharing, that’s why everyone should take part in pre-holiday preparations. Ask your family members to take an active part in signing and sending cards, cleaning the house, preparing guest bedrooms or cooking Christmas dinner and let your guests help you set the table and clean up after dinner and gift opening.
  10. Eliminate the major source of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day stress – food prepping – by ordering most of the dishes from the local caterers from HireRush.com and cooking only the main courses that are meant to be served extremely fresh and straight from the oven at home. In addition to thatPsychology Articles, stick to the recipes you know you may rely on not to end up with a failed experiment of a Christmas turkey or a burnt pie you’ve never cooked before.


Elena Sheplyakova, an independent writer, blogger for HireRush.com, concentrates her attention on small business issues, online marketing, home improvement and organization, healthy foods, family living, useful life hacks and beauty tips.

What Turns Men Off in Relationship and Marriage: 5 Instant turn Offs to Men

Marriage should be a happy time for a couple. You’ve survived the rigors of dating and courtship. As women, there are certain things we can avoid in relationships – things that are instant turn-offs to men in marriage. Here are 5 useful tips you can learn to keep a long-lasting marriage!


How do you keep the passion burning even after you’ve said: “I do”?

Marriage should be a happy time for a couple. You’ve survived the rigors of dating and courtship. Now it’s time to reap the rewards and spend a pleasant life together.

But many couples find marriage to be a difficult adjustment to make. There’s a “honeymoon” phase, and then life settles into a routine. Husbands and wives start to irk one another. The passion of the early marriage starts to fade away.

Can this be stopped? Of course, it can. With some work and communication, two people who love each other can continue to love being married to each other forever.

As women, there are certain things we can avoid, things that are instant turn-offs to men in marriage. Here are five.


1. Complaining, nagging, and criticizing.

This is always at the top of the list in surveys of married men when asked what their wives do that bothers them. As much as he loves you, he wants to be his own man, too. And let’s face it, no one, male or female, likes being picked at.

Of course, we don’t usually see our gentle reminders not to leave his socks on the floor as “picking.” If he would just DO it, we wouldn’t have to keep mentioning it. But to him, it sounds like you’re harping, nagging about the same thing over and over again. And it drives him crazy.

So what to do? Men’s minds are analytical. They like to solve problems. So make your suggestions in the form of solutions rather than complaints. Instead of saying, “I hate it when you leave your socks on the floor,” say, “It will be much easier for me to do laundry if your socks are in the hamper instead of on the floor, sweetie.” See?

The first was a complaint; the second was a solution. Surely he can’t fail to see the logic in it, and if he forgets after that, you’ll know it’s an honest forgetting, not laziness or spite. And since you love him, you can forgive that.


2. Trying to control him.

This goes along with #1. Men like to be independent. They like their buddies, they like their football games, they like their poker nights with the guys. But you like him to be home with you. Who’s right?

This is one where you may have to make some compromises. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be allowed to hang out with his friends and do whatever it is those guys do when they get together — provided he’s still being a good husband and father too, of course.

If he’s out EVERY night with the guys, then maybe there’s a problem. But if it’s once a week or so, and he has a fun time, then what’s the harm? It’s selfish to insist he stay home with you all the time.

To compensate for it, you can arrange activities for just the two of you that go beyond just staying home and having a normal dull evening. Make sure the weekends are full of couples-only activities or plan specific “date nights” once a week. That way, you can make sure you’re getting a special evening with him at least as often as his friends get one.


3. Withholding sex out of anger or spite.

Your husband shouldn’t expect you to have sex whenever and wherever he wants to. If he’s a typical man, he wants to have sex more or less constantly, so it’s not really feasible. But he shouldn’t have to contend with you using sex as a weapon against him, either.

Sex is the most intimate part of a relationship, and some consider it the most sacred. Either partner using it as a way of controlling or hurting the other one cheapens it.

If you’re angry with your husband, talk to him about it, calmly and rationally. Don’t withhold sex and then make him guess why. Those kinds of games are beneath you.


4. Letting your emotions control your thinking.

It’s a scientific fact that men solve problems analytically while women solve problems emotionally. It’s also a fact that that difference is what drives both genders the craziest.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should let your emotions dictate everything you say or do. It doesn’t make any sense to refuse to go to a party with him tonight because he failed to notice you got your haircut earlier today. That’s emotion talking.

When you feel yourself getting emotional, that’s fine — you’re a woman; emotions are part of who you are. The trick is to avoid making decisions when you’re in that state. Wait till you’ve calmed down again and become your normal self.


5. Letting yourself go physically.

This is a touchy subject because it usually happens to both spouses. You’re both so busy with work, home and the kids that you stop exercising and get out of shape. But it’s men who are more likely to complain about it.

One solution is to make it a joint effort. As you notice yourself slipping into poor eating habits and zero exercise, talk to your husband. Suggest the two of you take up jogging together, or go for walks after dinner, or join a gym together.

He’ll see you’re making an effort to maintain the lovely figure he fell in love with, and you can keep him from becoming a couch potato, too. Plus, any time you spend together is going to strengthen your relationship.

It’s tragic to for small things to split marriages apartFree Articles, but it happens all the time. There’s no reason to let it happen to you. Remember that you love each other and do what you can to keep the fires burning.


Living the Lush Life in La Plagne

Planning a skiing get-away? If you’re looking for catered chalets, La Plagne is the epitome of romance, offering plenty of great two-person activities.


While you may be thinking that winter is still several months away, it is always best to book a place in La Plagne as early as possible. As it’s a very popular resort, catered chalets get nabbed pretty quickly – and it’s easy to see why! After a long day of gliding down the snow-covered slopes, nothing beats a ready-prepared hot meal and a cuddle with your partner by the fireplace.

La Plagne boasts some great pistes, but on the days that you don’t feel like skiing or fancy an afternoon’s rest, there are also loads of romantic activities for you to try with your partner, including sledging at night, cooking romantic meals and getting pampered at a spa. Don’t miss out – La Plagne has so much to offer.


Cheese-Making in Montalbert

Ever wondered how the French make such tasty cheese? This winter, you can learn the secrets of the trade with Roland Loyet, an expert cheese maker. Enjoy a private class with the owner of Le Forperet restaurant in Plagne Montalbert. It’s a really fun experience to share. Besides, there’s no better way of spending time with your other half than while eating cheese and drinking French wine!


Get Pampered at Les Hauts Bois Spa

As well as boasting comfortable catered chalets, La Plagne offers a great spa facility. Nothing beats a good relaxing afternoon spent in a hot sauna or steamy cabin. There is even a lovely heated indoor pool with huge windows, providing an unparalleled view of the mountains on the opposite side. Once the water has cleansed your skin, you can get a massage to wash away any remaining tension. What’s more, the spa offers a wide range of other therapies that will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed.


Sledge Down Mountains at Night

If you’re opting for one of the many catered chalets, La Plagne has a lovely night-time surprise in store for you and your significant other. To make this trip unforgettable, why not go sledging under the stars? With torches strapped to your helmets, snuggle up to your partner and take in the beautiful night sky as you whizz down 450m of slopes, gliding from Aime La Plagne all the way down to La Roche. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, and you’re greeted at the bottom of the slope with mulled wine and creamy hot chocolate. What could be better?


Cook a Romantic Steak Dinner at Le Refuge

If you’re staying in one of our catered chalets, La Plagne’s will provide you with hot meals. After all, everyone wants to be spoilt after a long day on the slopes! But if you do fancy a change, you can always treat your partner to a candlelit dinner, which you can cook yourself. At Le Refuge, a restaurant that specialises in grilled meats, your table will be equipped with a copper hood so that you can grill your own steaks. You’re sure to impress your love… not to mention that it’s a real treat for your taste buds! Plus, as one of La Plagne’s oldest restaurants, Le Refuge has a homey atmosphereScience Articles, ideal for a cosy night in with your partner.


Belinda Smythson works for Ski Amis, a specialist ski travel agency and booking service that has been helping avid skiers craft their perfect winter holiday for over a quarter of a century. If you’re looking for catered chalets, La Plagne is an ideal destination. Ski Amis can provide chalets in the Three Valleys, Paradiski, Espace Killy or Chamonix Valley, and we are the go-to company for winter sports fans searching for the holiday of a lifetime.




Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

Used by Rick Deckard in the seminal 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner. Blade Runner’s glass wasn’t just a prop, it was a hand-made crystal glass, mouth-blown by artisans at a boutique Italian company, Arnolfo di Cambio. Fortunately, although first introduced in 1973, the glass chosen by Ridley Scott and his set dressers, the Cini Boeri designed “Cibi” double old-fashion tumbler, is still produced to this day. A testament to its timelessness. The same glass as used by Deckard in Blade Runner is a unique square design with diagonal cuts at the angles.  A single glass weighs approximately 700g.

Purchase two glasses and receive FREE gift packaging and certificate of authenticity. Measurements for individual glass – Height 8.6cm, Width 7.2cm


Get them here




How Big Does My Business Impact Have To Be?

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need an empire to have an impact. The impact that you have in your business and beyond may already be bigger than you imagine.


Here’s some great news: businesses that consciously focus on impact, on making a positive difference, have 12-14 times more income than businesses that just focus on profit.

Impact is not a nice-to-have. It’s not an add-on. It’s an integral part of your business vision and strategy.

You may be thinking, I’ll focus on my impact once I make more money. I can’t have an impact without more income.

The truth is, you don’t have to wait for some future “ideal” condition to have an impact.

Your plans for impact can be built right into your business from the start. When you do that, not only your impact increases. Your income increases as well.

Focusing on impact has other benefits too:

  • Your decisions are easier. When you make your impact the center of attention for your business, then it’s easier to say yes or no to new ideas and prospects.
  • You have focus.
  • You have a greater sense of purpose. Having clarity about the impact that you want to have will give you a greater sense of purpose than you’ve ever had. Impact is greater than purpose, greater than mission. This clarity will carry you through challenging times.
  • You have motivation and energy. You’ll jump into your business and life with more energy and motivation than you’ve ever felt.

One of the questions I’m most often asked about this focus on impact is, does my impact have to be big?

The short answer is, no. If you only impact one person, positively affect one person’s life, that too is impact.

The longer answer is, maybe your impact is already bigger than you imagine.

You don’t have to have an empire to have an impact, to make a positive difference. You affect everyone you meet, whether you notice it or not.

We are the sum of our relationships, with ourselves and with others. The African word, “Ubuntu,” means, “I am because you are.” Ubuntu captures the essence of our interconnectedness.

I once held a meeting in an African hut with that word, Ubuntu, boldly painted on the outside of it. As we met, a troop of baboons ran by, looking at us as they rushed past. Just as the novelty and delight of that settled into me, a sounder (herd) of warthogs followed in their wake. I’m not sure if they were headed to the same meeting.

The village that this African hut stood in was often visited by Nelson Mandela after his release from 27 years in prison. I’m told that Mandela would wander through the village in the mornings and greet everyone he met. He showed real presence and caring in his interactions, never rushing, reaching out to each person individually.

It was Mandela’s caring that is remembered most by the people in the village during his visits. This man, who as South Africa’s President and through his activism, brought about the end of the heinous practice of apartheid in South Africa, also affected people in his personal interactions.

His presence was honored by the creation of black pillars installed throughout the village that still stand. On each one is written a word. Freedom. Courage. Trust. Resilience. Unity. Vision. Each word speaks to presence and to impact.

Mandela understood that each person is important, that our connections with each other are what matter.

That is what I mean when I say that your impact doesn’t have to include a vision about influencing the larger world, but I would bet that your impact is already big.

It’s estimated that we are able to maintain stable social relationships with about 150 people at a time and that each of us knows between 472 and 750 people. That assumes that you’re not making a major effort, that you’ve stayed pretty much in the same place for most of your life, and you don’t include social media.

If you do actively and consistently make new connections, you travel or have moved, and your social media contacts actually become friends, your network of connection is significantly bigger. One fun fact estimate is that you know 355 more people than you have Facebook friends. All of that adds up to the likelihood that you will meet upwards of 10,000 people in your lifetime.

Given all the people you connect with over a lifetime in some fashion, even with the lowest estimate, you personally affect a lot of people. You have the potential to make that impact positive.

So consider how you show up every day, within your business and outside of it. Making an adjustment in how you show up every day has repercussions down the road. It affects the impact that you have.

Let your impact be whatever moves youHealth Fitness Articles, whatever you see as your positive contribution in your business and in the world. And that vision may grow as you recognize your impact.



Ursula Jorch, MSc, MEd, mentors entrepreneurs starting their businesses and seasoned entrepreneurs in transition to create the business of their dreams. Her coaching programs provide knowledge, support, clarity, inspiration, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to empower you to reach your goals. Start with a free guide and other valuable info at www.WorkAlchemy.com. This article was originally published at http://www.workalchemy.com/positive-impact-business and has been syndicated with permission.




5 Tips to Help You Move to a Smaller Home

Moving is always a stressful period for everybody. If you add to the moving process the fact that you have to downsize and move to a smaller place, moving becomes even harder to manage. Now you will have to decide which things get to stay with you and which things you need to get rid of. It’s tough and the choices will certainly be hard to make. However, you don’t have to panic. You will manage to get on top of this situation, especially if you decide to take into consideration our five tips.


1. Make a checklist with everything you own in the house

It’s very important to write everything down before you start packing. It’s like doing an inventory of the things you own. It will help you make an idea about what things you have in your own house and what items you need to keep. Reading this list will also help you decide what to keep and what to sell, donate or throw away. Make three columns: one for things you use often, one for things you use from time to time and one for things you rarely use. Then start sorting things out.


2. Decide what you need to keep, sell, donate or throw away

The rule is that if you have things that you keep “just in case”, most of the times you never get to use them. So these are definitely the things that you need to either sell or donate. If you keep things that are broken or have no use anymore for anyone, you should definitely throw them away. Keeping things for the sake of them just takes up a lot of space in your home for no good reason at all. This list will not only help you save space, but it will also declutter your home.


3. Find an affordable storage space

It often happens to have things of emotional value that you just don’t have the space to keep in the house anymore or large items that you want to keep, but moving to a smaller house makes it impossible for you to take them with you. The solution, in this case, is quite simple: find an affordable storage space and keep them in storage. Make sure you pack them properly and label them accordingly, so you can keep them in good condition and find them whenever you need them. Of course, eventually, you will have to find a better solution for them because storage costs money. You could try and store them at your friends or family members who have bigger houses, a garage or a storage unit, especially if you’re planning to sell them soon.


4. Discuss the move with your movers

If you decide to hire a professional moving company, you can count on your movers to help you with great advice. They will tell you not only the basic things they tell to anyone who is planning to move home or office to help them during the process, such as details related to packing, notifying the persons that need to know about the move, changing your address, unpacking and so on, but also about where to find cheap or even free moving boxes, how to care for fragile items during the move, and where you should sell or store the things you don’t need.


5. Put together a moving sale

This step will not only help you downsize, but it will also help you make some money to cover some of the costs, if not at all, of your moving process. You could have the sale in your courtyard or garage, or even online on Craigslist, eBay and other similar sites. Make sure you check things with the local authorities and have everything in order for the sale if you decide to have a yard sale. You need to see if you have to get a permit before organizing the sale and if you should pay a tax or not for this endeavor. Set a date and make your sale known via local newspapers, social media and online. Set the prices before the sale begins and display them for everyone to see them. It will make things go easier and smoother. Organize everything you want to sell in categories and be ready to negotiate the price. After allFree Web Content, everyone that comes to a garage sale comes looking for bargains.




Know Your Audience to Excel in Digital Marketing and Advertising

In a time when technology moves faster than people, things are different. In this ever-changing landscape, newspapers are traded for Facebook, cable is swapped for Netflix, and texts are exchanged instead of phone calls.  Rules change, procedures change, and even communication styles change. Read more about what an advertising agency has to say about this below.


Some things, however, still remain raw and untouched. For instance, the first rule in entertainment is to know your audience. This applies when producing a film, book, or even an ad. Let’s face it, if your audience is not entertained when they receive your ad, then you cannot technically call it an impression. In order to impress your audience, you must entertain them, and to entertain them, you as the advertiser need to know exactly which demographic you need to reach.

The best way to understand knowing your audience is to watch stand-up comedians.  A comedian immediately needs to relate to his consumers, the crowd in front of him. He will start his routine with funny observations about the situation the two (the audience and comedian) have been put in. It could be a variety of things, “Hello Dallas! Where are all of the taxis in this town? You are a taxi-less city” or “San Fran, (the crowd boos), Oh no, you don’t like that? Tell me, does anyone wear normal clothes in this city?” If the comedian gets a laugh, then he knows they have all connected. If the crowd doesn’t laugh, the comedian has misjudged his audience and now has a hole to dig out of. Imagine you have a comedian that has an entire bit about parenting children and spends twenty minutes performing in front of childless college students. The jokes might be funny, but not to that particular group.

Find your audience. Research, research, research. Become a practicing advertiser. The first place to find your audience is to look at current clients. Who is already buying your product or service? Male or female? What race? What age range? Survey people. Look at every pattern indicator. For example, you will not sell Ford parts to Mercedes drivers, for the simple fact that they have no use for them.

Speak to your audience. There is a consumer for every product. Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you are selling. Speak their language, figuratively and literally. Connect with them, and then sell them your product or service because they want it, not because they need it. They don’t need low payments on that Honda, they want to look good in that Honda. My spouse didn’t buy the new shoes because they were cheap, she bought them because they made her feel good. Connect with your audience. Show them why they want what you have to offer them.

Place the ads in the right place. A medical client of ours wanted to buy TV media (airtime) during a sporting event. That’s great! Lots of people watch sporting events. Well, we did some research. We surveyed thousands of people across the large footprint area and found out some stunning information. Eighty percent of all medical decisions in the household are made by women 35-54. Knowing this information, we recommended that our client not buy TV media during the sporting event. We are not saying that women don’t watch sports, we just know that sports skew higher for men. We recommended that the client purchase media on a channel that skews high for women instead. The placement was a hit, and business grew.

As I’ve learned in a lifetime of selling entertainment, the best way to grow your business or your client’s business is to spend the time to understand with whom you are speaking. Once you have that information, you can then tailor your approach to reach that specific group.  Advertising has certainly changed throughout the years because society has changedFeature Articles, but what has and always will remain the main rule in advertising is to know your audience.



Information from this Digital Marketing article found here. For more information about a creative agency that specializes in SEO, social media, and design in Dallas, check out this.