MVMT Classic Watches

We’ve seen MVMT grow from the start with their minimalist watches. We are thrilled to see them succeed and expand their lineup. The simplistic or minimalistic look has been a signature for MVMT and we’re truly enjoying it. Our favorite has been the classic Black/Tan Leather but the variety is still is within our taste. Their blog features “Well traveled gentleman” which resonates to our style.

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlant launched MVMT through IndieGoGo and other Crowdfunding sources but successfully funded with $300K from the beginning. They’re both college dropouts and one of them was in debt working as a valet. It’s a success story very similar to others in Kickstarter and very inspirational. Go get your own now!


MVMT Black Rose

MVMT Watch Rose Gold

If MVMT is not your style, check out the Citizen we previously featured.

Cozmo – Robot by Anki

If you’ve seen Wall-E and truly enjoyed the character, this is the closest you’ll get to it in real life. It’s not a pet like tamagotchi, nor it’s considered a toy (apparently). The makers of Cozmo consider this a robot that evolves the more you interact with it. It has pre-defined games as well as a camera while you control it with your iOS or Android device. Cozmo’s an explorer, and his treads are what enable him to get around so well.

Cozmo has some dance moves when he wins as well as an attitude when he looses against you on a game.  I can see my daughter playing with it. But to be honest, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get this as a fathers day gift for my office. It’ll certainly keep my desk uncluttered to play with Cozmo as I work on great content for you guys.

Buy for $153

Cozmo Robot by Anki


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The Renaissance – Cigar Humidor

Our search for the best humidor is ongoing. Many of the humidors we see in stores are almost identical. The fact that humidors serve two main purposes: to store and maintain cigars; this makes the looks of them almost unimportant. The amount you can store in one box at the perfect temperature and humidity is what really counts. Making humidors a bit more attractive to the eye should entice you to keep your cigars in them.

The Renaissance Humidor is made of solid wood, including of course the essentials like Glass Hygrometer and Spanish cedar dividers. It stores up to 120 cigars and features SureSeal technology that Insures proper lid seal on closure.

Buy for $190

With its solid reclaimed wood construction and rustic tarnished metal details, the Renaissance has a vintage look and feel. Add an element of old world elegance to any room with this humidor. This gorgeous humidor can hold up to 120 cigars. The dimensions are 15.75″W x 10.62″D x 7″H

Renaissance Humidor


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Rob Ellis – Film Photography

If you think film and polaroid photography is dead, think again. Thanks to many smart phone photography apps, it’s starting to gain interest again for the original format of photography. Keeping an awesome tradition and shooting with film nowadays is not that easy. Robe Ellis considers himself an amateur photographer but in our honest opinion, he’s a pro at his craft. From Cambridge which features some of the best architecture and green scenery, Rob Ellis earns his pay by working at an oil rig. On his spare time, he can actually work with any camera, wether it be a polaroid, film or digital. Photographing beautiful women on location or at his studio.

His work with natural lighting is superb, capturing the rugged locations behind the models. Smoothening the colors which we believe are post-produced but unconfirmed. Although he features macro and landscape photography, it doesn’t seem to be his favorite. Shooting models on location is his specialty, and it’s fair, considering his current line of work with grumpy old men painting the contrast.

Our Robots don’t see many smiles through the models which we tend to look for. We did see some great lighting, with a welcoming face instead of pushing us away. All in all, great bloody work.

See more from his site (NSFW)

Follow him on Instagram

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Photography by Rob Ellis

Photography by Rob Ellis

Photography by Rob Ellis

DJI Spark

The newest product from DJI just got a placement on our “want” list. The fact that you can control it with hand gestures, lift off and take pictures with yet another hand gesture makes this UAV a must have. 16 minutes of flight might not sound like much but think about the plan of taking great shots within those 16 minutes. Get some great footage controlled with your mobile device and have it follow you as you perform stunts. An extra charger dock is available for up to 3 batteries charging simultaneously which comes in the “Fly more combo”. If you’re into realty business or sports film, get it as a tax write off and enjoy the benefits. We would!

Learn more


Background Bit on DJI

The company was founded in 2006 by Frank Wang. DJI manufactures a range of products including unmanned aerial vehicles, flying platforms, flight controllers for multi-rotors, helicopters accessories, aerial and handheld gimbals and ground stations. These products are intended for amateur as well as professional use. DJI is also the world’s leading company in the civilian-drone industry, accounting for 70% of the global consumer drone market.

5 Marketing tools on the go

Marketing while on the go can take a chunk of your time if not done right. I’ve relied on the following apps to post quality content when I’m mobile.

  1. Canva – We encourage hiring professional marketing designers but when you’re tight on budget and are constantly wearing many hats, this site and app has been a life saver when it comes to getting some marketing graphics done in a flash. The desktop site will allow you to upload your logos, whereas the mobile app would not. Still a powerful tool to design cool looking posts without much effort. Just think of the right text and you’re set. Check out Canva from this link See also: Design your business card right if you do it with Canva.
  2. PS Express – Adobe has been on top of their game when it comes to mobile apps. Photoshop Express has become a staple in my iPhone screen for editing photos quickly. Of course there’s plenty of photo editing options including the all in one Instagram but what makes PS Express stand out is that it keeps the quality and original size of the photo where Instagram will downsize the image to comply with their standards. More info on PS Express
  3. Spark Post – Another Adobe jewel in my arsenal. One of my favorites to use when I have no photos to edit and mix with text. Adobe’s app provides plenty of stock photos to use and can easily help you design a layout. It’s a great resource for when you’re feeling like you’re falling behind and need a boost on likes and follows. Learn more from Adobe
  4. Ink cards – I personally don’t use this one much but when I do, it’s super valuable. If you have a client list with their addresses, you can send cards with any promotion to them from Ink. Personalize it, print it and send it. It’s a thoughtful marketing idea that is appreciated by the receiver even if they don’t buy anything. They will read it because it’s an actual thank you card or happy birthday card (thanks LinkedIn, Facebook). Ink Cards by Sincerely
  5. WordPress – Did you know you can post an article from your iPhone if you have your website under WordPress? You might have to be on Wi-Fi but getting to write from your iPhone or iPad is a huge advantage. Hook up an external keyboard and you can wip up an article like this in about 20 minutes. When downloading WordPress app and setting up your sites, make sure you know your hosting parameters, login and passwords (duh!). Download WordPress app here

There you have it guys, my five most used mobile apps to market my business while on the go. If you have any of your favorites, please share and comment below.

Plan an awesome date

Need an idea for what to do on a date? Here’s how to go about finding ideas for new and unusual dates that are enjoyable and memorable.

The three most usual choices for what to do on a date are dinner, a movie, and a public event such as a sports game or concert. Those activities often give the couple several hours of time to enjoy each other’s company. But relying on those same activities too often, leads to a loss of the sense of drama and importance of the time spent together.

Human nature craves the out-of-the-ordinary. A new experience raises awareness and often contributes greatly to our ability to enjoy ourselves. If a couple continues to occasionally find new and unusual choices for what to do, their time together will be more enjoyable.

Probably the best way to find new ideas for what to do for a date is to make a point of being on the lookout for possibilities. You never know when an idea will present itself.

You should also actively search for new and unusual things to do. A great place to look is web sites about things you are interested in. The local visitors’ bureau is a possible source. Check out in the community events section of your newspaper. Look through the brochures at the Chamber of Commerce. Try the yellow pages (really) under headings such as canoes, hiking, and art museums. Check the bulletin board at the library (hopefully it’s updated). Use your imagination to adapt what you see at those places to suit your own interests and tastes.

Keep a list of possible activities. Have a place to keep information such as brochures, maps, and visitors’ guides. Set up folders in your computer for storing information you have found online. Use Notepad to copy and paste just what is of interest to you.

Be open to any suggestions and preferences your partner has to offer. Try to be sensitive to his/her tastes and interests. Give almost as much importance to his/her enjoyment of the date as your own enjoyment. After all, you probably won’t enjoy the date if your partner doesn’t.

Try to choose activities that give enough opportunities for communication. Conversation and comments you and your date make to each other are often the most important part of the date. Couples need to find out each other’s values and interests. Couples need reassurance and the stimulation of each other’s ideas.

Pursue your own interests. Being passionate about something makes you more interesting. FinallyFree Reprint Articles, stay informed to stay interesting. Keep up with current events and issues. Listen to the news and news commentary programs. One good source I like is the web sites of National Public Radio.


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Throw in some unusual dates you’ve been in. Comment below.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

With drag racers in mind!

Dodge unveiled a kick ass Challenger that we could only wish to be nearby one. The technology in this beast, or shall we say Demon is outrageously insane. Being able to lift the front wheels up to 3ft, at 1.3g’s and speeds from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds is honestly the most impressive numbers we’ve seen. And we’re not even good with numbers. 100mph in 5.1 seconds is something we have no idea how it feels. If you’re in the market for a real drag racer, buddy, you’re in luck. Check out the rest of the details below and don’t be shy, it’s ok to stare.

Learn more

Only 3,300 SRT Demons will be produced, with production beginning in the summer of 2017. Release in the fall of 2017. Expected to be priced at less than US$100,000, as said by Tim Kuniskis.

The interior of the SRT Demon is the same as all other Challenger trims, but with changes that differentiate it to the other trims. The Demon only includes a front driver’s seat as standard, and no other seats front or rear in the vehicle. However, the front passenger’s seat, as well as a rear bench seat, can both be added back as options for one dollar each. To replace the rear seats, Dodge included rear roll bars, and has a 4-point harness installed on it for the driver seat. The dashboard display and the seats now have the Demon logo on them, and includes a performance display on it, as well as on the center console touch screen.

Challenger through the sunset, can't get better than this.

Gurkha Special Edition Sniper Cigars

We salute and respect the troops. Apparently, so do stogie makers. Stick factories sent some of these cases to our troops. Some selected officers received the ones with the knife and a challenge coin. This was back in May 2016 when they first came out. These sniper cigars are still popular and now that Memorial Day is here, what better way to show our appreciation than to give one of these boxes away to a lucky vet. Nicaraguan and Dominican blend fillers, Indonesian binders and a dark Dominican Habano wrapper, these full bodied cigars are rich and spicy with earthy undertones. The Gurkha Sniper Special Ops cigars are a unique and rugged edition to any aficionados collection. It’s 7.5 inches long with a ring gauge of 52


Buy for $200


14 Weddings – Texas Photography

If you’ve already popped the question, congratulations man, welcome to the club. As most men would agree, we’re not very much into being in photos but there’s no doubt that photography is one of the key services your wedding must have. The food will be eaten, the decoration will be taken down and the venue where you’re getting married will be used by other couples and will not be as special unless of course it’s a specific spot like the beach or a bar. Who’s brave enough to get married at a bar? Anyway, the photos will stay for years and it’s the one thing that will be seen to reminisce about that special day for the both of you.

14 Weddings Photography can take care of that for a very fair price. Check out their very simple packages and pricing without much hassle and you won’t be disappointed by the end results.

Learn more from 14 Weddings

Ardmore – Cask Strength – 2002 14 year old

Our crew had a glass of Ardmore whisky while hanging out at Hoppy Monk about a year ago. We stumbled on this 14 year old whiskey from Ardmore and we couldn’t be happier.  Bottled in 2016, this single malt scotch from the Speyside Region makes it a smooth, rich and sweet taste.

Buy for $87


A bit of history on Ardmore

Ardmore distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery. The distillery is owned and operated by Beam Suntory, an American subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. The distillery was built in 1898 by William Teacher’s son, Adam, to secure fillings for their blend, Teacher’s Highland Cream (of which it remains the principal component). Set deep in the farmland of “the Garioch”, near the River Bogie and the village Kennethmont, Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Two stills were added in 1955, and four more in 1974, for a total of eight. The distillery had its own maltings until the mid-1970s, and its own cooperage until the late 1980s. Until early 2001 it used coal to fire the stills.

If you want older Whisky, check out this 18 year old from Campbeltown

Ocean’s Trilogy

If you ever want to learn a thing or two about teamwork and hiring the best man for the job, this series of films are not to be overlooked. The great soundtrack, best locations and great group of actors, this series can be enjoyed while sipping on your favorite whiskey at the end of the night. Take notes because although it’s purely for entertainment purposes, you’ll definitely catch some inspirational quotes, ideas and down right witty thoughts in the end. And just to throw it out there, we do not condone the act of thievery but we do encourage teamwork and hiring experts to get the job done right.

Buy Ocean’s Trilogy Collection [Blu-ray]

Underground NYC

Mr. Aaron has captured most of his awesome photography in subways around New York City, mostly portraits. His work speaks volumes and his followers on Instagram and Snapchat show their appreciation for it. His work has been featured in brands like New Balance and Nikon and we doubt he’ll stop there. Enough about words, jump on his site or Instagram to enjoy more of his work.

Learn more


Inspire to Make

A while back we stumbled on this video about how to make a leather ring. It was one of the first DIY videos that Igor published on his website. We kept coming back every day to see if there were more DIY videos published but we noticed it wasn’t the kind of site where it’s updated daily. Igor creates really cool things with his tools that he also recently published a list of on his site and although we’re not that kind of crafty robots, we do have some desire to make some of these intriguing artifacts. In essence, we’re inspired. And so we present to you Igor with all the awesome videos he’s published so far. Now if he could only sell those one off items he makes on the videos, that would be even more awesome.

Inspire to Make


What would you like to make?

Custom razors

As men, we sometimes find ourselves spending quite a bit of our hard earned (and sometimes hard to find) money on every day rituals that require certain tools. Sometimes we don’t have much choice on the tools we need but in this case, the razor industry has been on the rise with plenty of options to choose from. We recently found this company which caters to both men and women on customization of handles and razors for a decent price. The reviews are positive and we’re willing to give it a shot and steer away from the bigger brands out there. We’ll take advantage of their free shipping for this month. Groom up on your next date. Check ’em out.

Learn more

Carda Hi Black Leather

Monochromatic tones and full-grain leathers put this footwear on our ‘want’ list. We’re all into leather and boots and this is a bit of a stretch due to it’s unique street style but we’re digging the deep black leather with the simplistic stitches well adorn the look most men will agree. With zippers on both sides, going through airport security shouldn’t be a hassle.

Buy for $110

Brianna Cope – Pro Surfer

Fourteen Robots is addicted to smiles and only wishes we can surf. Unfortunately, our circuits don’t mix with salt water…or sharks. As for the addiction of smiles, we tend to scout for them around the Instagrams, Tumblrs and Pinterest forums. In this case, we’re featuring a very fun pro surfer named Brianna Cope. She seems to be always promoting smiles and good times around the much beloved waves. Miss. Cope is from Kawai, HI, and as of 2017, she ranks in #84 and to top it off, she also sells some pretty cool leather & suede bracelets for sale on her Etsy store.

We support her smile, everyone should smile more often.

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Six Random cool links

To compensate for a lack of real article, we decided it’s best to give you a handful of links to explore sites we sometimes indulge in from time to time. Some nice chilled music we listen to while we put things together on this site and a bit of a distraction while we’re at it. We hope you enjoy and find something cool besides this awesome site you’re reading this off from. Cheers! {–}

The dumbest investment moves you can make
Charly Jordan
Leaf House, Melbourne, Australia
Spotify – Late Night Jazz
Luna Live – Music Bar & Lounge – San Antonio, Texas
12 Cool Lamborghini Concept Cars

Marriage isn’t easy

I’m going to be real honest here; marriage ain’t easy, no matter how much love you have for each other, life throws you some curves at you and have no idea what to do at the time. With a little research, lots of patience and a bit of understanding on how each other feel, you will overcome the greatest challenge that most people will easily back down on the first sign of trouble.

Get passed those first 6 years, get passed the issues with family, work & money and all you have left is keeping each other great company and staying alive, travel and if you choose to, take care of another life. So how do you go through all of the crap without quitting you ask? Well, I already gave you the answer above (a little research, much patience and a bit more understanding of each others needs and feelings). Let me go into detail about this.

The research I did started out online; there’s always someone else that went through what you’re going through and actually wrote about it or asked around. You read up on these similar situations like yours and there’s no denying that it actually makes you feel a bit better that you’re not alone. Talking to friends helps as well, interacting and bouncing off ideas with other married men, even your dad or grandpa can heal and assist on eliminating the idea of the big “D” word.

When it comes to living with another person, it will require lots of patience. One great way to gain patience is by giving each other space. This helps with thinking of both sides of the situation and coming back with a more cool head towards the problem in hopes to find a solution. This is probably the hardest part because taking break from any argument isn’t welcomed by at least one of the two in the bout. Figuring out when to take a break and shut the door for a bit, is quite a challenge but agreeing on this before any argument could actually help when the time comes. Think of it like a contract like the ones Dr. Sheldon Cooper is famous for.

Understating your other half doesn’t come easy either, I know first hand the this takes years to get at least a decent understanding but there really is no end as people evolve, situations change and life, it just happens. If you feel like you’re failing at this part, there’s always a referee to hire for this portion. Including a professional that can bring in questions and some uncomfortable conversations are definitely a great way to smoothen things out on the court. My wife and I were able to test this out considering it was a service included through one of our employers at that time and so we took a few sessions which got us to learn how we each think and expect things. Empathizing is one of the feelings that can make a huge difference on any hard situation.

So there you have it gentlemen, these are my two cents on marriage. I’ve been married since 2009 and although we have plenty to deal with in the future, I think we’ve covered some ground on the basics but the past and the errors we all unwillingly commit are all part of our lifelong lessons.

Good luck guys, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.

Longrow – Campbeltown 18 Year old

This limited edition 18 year old single malt whisky originated from Scotland has been the long awaited malt for many whisky connoisseurs. The wait is over but you better act quickly. It’s already sold out in various whisky retailers. Peated spirit distilled at Springbank Distillery and matured in sherry casks and fresh bourbon basks Limited release 2017 edition. Only 4,500 bottles produced.

Nose: A complex nose: Sweet fruits, citrus, peaches and orange zest at first before a gentle earthy peaty aroma reveals itself.

Palate: Rich and very, very tasty. Well balanced. Dark chocolate, creamy coffee and gingerbread to the fore, followed by rhubarb and vanilla custard.

Finish: Long and sweet, a hint of typical Longrow peat smoke combined with more chocolate and some dried fruits.

Buy for $130


The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion

A Survival Guide for Expectant Fathers.

When my wife got pregnant, she knew I wasn’t much into books and knew that it was going to be hard to get me to read and learn what she was going through. So she bought me this book. Needless to say, I spent many afternoons reading this book and understanding the whole process of pregnancy and believe it or not, this saved us a lot of arguments. It’s an easy to follow book with some illustrations, good humor and very much geared towards the cavemen in all of us.

Buy for $7


What’s your go-to book for this lifetime challenge?

The Esquire Tavern

Opened in 1933, The Esquire Tavern has been the highlight of downtown San Antonio for it’s cold beer, longest wooden bar in Texas and most recently voted the best burger in town. We certainly vouch for that vote considering we’re still drooling over it since we last had it 2 years ago. We’ll head back to The Esquire Tavern pretty soon and you can take a guess what we’re having.  We’re thinking a bacon cheeseburger accompanied with a cold beer and finishing strong with a Romeo y Julieta cigar, drinking an old fashioned while swinging on a hammock with jazz music on the speaker.

Visit The Esquire Tavern

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro is the very successful follow up in the Sun Grown line of cigars, with the Robusto rated number 2 in the top 25 cigars of 2016 by Cigar Aficionado. These cigars are hand-made in the Tavi Cusa factory in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan long fillers and a double binder. The wrapper is an outstanding dark chocolate Connecticut Broadleaf that’s toothy and oily. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro packs a lot of flavors into these full bodied smokes and are available in Lancero, Belicoso, Robusto, Gordo and Toro sized sticks. We’re definitely giving these a try.

  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro 
  • Binder: Nicaraguan 
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Country of Origin:Nicaragua

Buy from $163

Leica M-P (Typ 240)

Since before the WWII, Leica started making compact cameras for landscape photography. It wasn’t until 1920 that marketing for the brand started it all. Our staff is very creative and we truly enjoy great photography; hell, it’s what we depend on to publish great looking content. With Leica as one of the best camera makers in the world, you really can’t go wrong. Machined from solid brass, a full-metal, magnesium alloy chassis and a sapphire crystal screen protector. Its compact size, minimalist design and near silent shutter make it the ideal camera for unobtrusive shots.

  • Long-lasting readiness to capture due to a large double sized image buffer of 2 GB
  • Manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional ‘frame selector’

Buy for $7k

Santiago – Photography

Santiago Perez Grovas has been on our Instagram feed for quite some time now and after taking glimpse of his official site, we’re always going back to his Instagram account. The main reason being that it’s more of a behind the scenes look but with edits on his work which combine some great smiles and fun atmosphere with the perfect composition. We enjoy seeing people smiling at the camera which to us, creates a warm feeling in our souls.


Born in Mexico City, studied architecture and opened his firm while learning photography on the side. To this day, he doesn’t use flash, only natural light, which we fully agree on this style. His equipment is simply a camera, nothing more, nothing less. Santiago didn’t even know the rules of photography but since he enjoyed the process and results, he simply mastered his own style via trial & error.

Santiagos biggest fear in life is to be in his death bed thinking “I could´ve done more, I could´ve have more fun, I could’ve seen more”.


Learn more

5 Steps of marketing process

Marketing is a process by which the company used to create value for the customers and to maintain long term relationship in order to extract that value in the terms of profit. The firm needs to satisfy the customers with the value and to maintain a long term relationship in order to make profit. The process of doing so can be modeled in a sequence of steps: the situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is formulated for a value proposition, tactical decisions are made, the plan is implemented and the results are monitored. It is a careful observation and the assessment of the needs and the wants of the customers in order to develop the product/services as per the market demand which can help the firm to create a superior value for the customers. Strategic marketing is a planning process that seeks to establish a clear direction and unified purpose for all marketing efforts. That is what the marketing is all about.

The process of marketing consists of 5 steps which are explained below:

  • Understanding the needs and wants: The needs and wants of the customers in the market have to be analysed before providing the value. To access the needs and wants of the consumers who form the market place, the firms need to go for the market research, intelligence or the information to get insight of the customers and the market place.
  • Designing of the Customer-driven strategy: Customer driven strategy can be designed with the help of segmentation of the market, targeting the selected audience and after that position the product/services in the mind of the consumers to have the competitive advantage.
  • Construction of the integrated marketing program: marketing program consist of the 4 P’s of marketing. Product, price, place and promotion. Effective planning is required in order to provide superior value
  • Building of the profitable relationship: Building of the relationships with the customers for the long term basis is very much essential, Customer relationship management can help to manage and build relation with the prospective clients of the firm.
  • Capturing value: The value that is provided to the target audience needs to capture in the terms of profit which will create a combined lifetime value of the current and the potential customers i.e.Health Fitness Articles, Customer’s equity for the firm and it will indicate the firm’s market share.

What’s your strategy?


Photo by Ryan McGuire /

Spencer Mar Guilburt – Art

Spencer Mar paintings are feelings as much as they are imagery. The colorful contrast and repetition of each of his pieces has captured the great Pop Art that Mar thinks it’s not as challenging to make. His artwork is pleasing to watch and looks great on anything like a mural, a car and even on a woman’s body as tattoo. Mar who is born and raised in California has been collaborating with many big brands like Disney, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, Neiman Marcus among many others featuring his awesome work.

Learn more

Urban Micro Home

Wind River Tiny Homes has a great repertoire of tiny homes, most on wheels but this one is not. Single men & women will enjoy this style as it is very nomad and very customizable according to your taste. It’s becoming very popular and honestly, if we were single, we’d be all over it. What happens when there’s a strong storm or high winds, what then? Just a thought as we scrolled through these awesome 650 sq ft tiny homes.

Learn more

GoPro HERO5 Black

When it comes to shooting your next adventure or capturing an aerial scenery with your drone, there’s no better way to do it than with the pioneers in the industry of action home video. GoPro idea was born in 2002 but became a reality in 2004 and has been focusing on action cameras since day one by Nick Woodman. With it’s ups and downs, it is still the leading brand in capturing awesome ultra wide angles when surfing, mountain biking among other extreme sports. The cameras are getting smaller and easier to use and the HERO5 Black is not falling behind.

Launched in September 2016, the HERO5 Black is waterproof up to 10m (33ft), supports 4k video recording up to 30fps, with automatic upload of footage to cloud and voice controls. It includes touch screen and GPS capabilities.

Buy it for $400

Shot with GoPro Hero5 Black by Manvendr Singh