When Is It Time To Hire an Accountant?

When we think of an accountant, there’s two main responsibilities that come to mind: payroll, and taxes. A proper accountant is much more than that. They can provide specific services to scale your small business, provide financial advice, or clean up messy situations with revenue. Properly tracking your expenses is crucial, after all. There are loads of reasons that you need an accountant; ask yourself some hard questions.


For The Small Business Owner

It may seem like you don’t have enough arms or enough heads with enough allocated brain space to get everything done. We’ve all been there; we all get it. Any small business owner understands that multitasking is the cost of doing business—an occupational hazard if you will. Even if you’re a skilled mathematician, you’re bound to make mistakes when you’re pulling fourteen-hour days, barely eating, and attending to phone calls and customer concerns at the same time. It doesn’t make you less of a startup champion; everybody needs some help.


Are you able to account for every penny? There’s no figure of speech here: can you do it? Business expenses only take a single day of going unchecked to spiral into chaos. If you can—wish ease—look at your balance, confidently know where every penny is, track it, and be proven right, you may be alright for the time being. However, the calm comes before the storm; if you’re able to handle finance tracking, but it took two hours out of your day, think about the fact that you had two hours of receipts and business expenses to go through. If your time is worth $100, $200, or more per hour, then you’re spending mentally-draining hours on a task that’s not providing you any income. Think about that.


For The Big Spender

 A lot of out FR readers are businessmen or business owners, and a lot of business owners make one single mistake: burning through cash they haven’t made yet. Lofty apartments are nice, as are multiple cars and the like, but it’s important to plan for disaster at any curve. Being financially free and well-off can give off the appearance of invincibility, but nothing could be farther from the truth. One customer slips on your sidewalk, one financial crisis that affects your business going forward, and it can all be over. Don’t dump all your earnings back into your business; in fact, don’t run into that issue in the first place. An accountant can be a financial wizard when it comes to analyzing your spending and coming up with budget solutions.


Don’t Inhibit Growth

 Many small businesses that are on the edge of greatness often have financial issues to inhibit their growth. Accountants also build reports and track spending, and in some cases, they can be your last line of defense when signing-off on big expenses. They can explore alternative means. They can look at how it’s going to benefit your taxes at the end of the year. Scaling your business is important; you don’t have to do it alone or risk doing it improperly.


The Misconception on Hiring an Accountant

 40% of America’s workforce is (apparently) freelancers. That means writers, coders, and yes, even accountants. You don’t have to hire a full-time, in-house accountant for $80K a year and full medical coverage. Nothing crazy like that. If you want, you can work off of a monthly retainer—pay at the beginning of the month, reap the rewards until it’s time to pay again on the first. There are cost-effective ways to handle your desired solutions with a licensed and professional accountant. You just have to know where to find them.




Glenalba 35-Year-Old Sherry Cask Scotch Whiskey

This whiskey may be older than you. For an average of $50.00 per bottle, it’s an insane quality; For the age alone, they could be charging more. While age isn’t always the most impressive feature of a whiskey, in this case, it certainly does add to everything.


I wish it would rain Glenalba. I’d build a rainwater harvester in a second.


You get the perfect levels of burn and that tingling in the throat, all while savoring the sweet spices on the way down. It’s a top-shelf whiskey, hands down. If you’re going to be traveling to visit family, it’s the perfect gift. And they’ll never know how much you didn’t spend on it.


If you’re into a different approach to whiskey, check out Early Times Kentucky Whiskey.


Joshua P. is a husband, father of four, and at his core, a novelist. Anything revolving around the written word beckons his attention.




What Turns Men Off in Relationship and Marriage: 5 Instant turn Offs to Men

Marriage should be a happy time for a couple. You’ve survived the rigors of dating and courtship. As women, there are certain things we can avoid in relationships – things that are instant turn-offs to men in marriage. Here are 5 useful tips you can learn to keep a long-lasting marriage!


How do you keep the passion burning even after you’ve said: “I do”?

Marriage should be a happy time for a couple. You’ve survived the rigors of dating and courtship. Now it’s time to reap the rewards and spend a pleasant life together.

But many couples find marriage to be a difficult adjustment to make. There’s a “honeymoon” phase, and then life settles into a routine. Husbands and wives start to irk one another. The passion of the early marriage starts to fade away.

Can this be stopped? Of course, it can. With some work and communication, two people who love each other can continue to love being married to each other forever.

As women, there are certain things we can avoid, things that are instant turn-offs to men in marriage. Here are five.


1. Complaining, nagging, and criticizing.

This is always at the top of the list in surveys of married men when asked what their wives do that bothers them. As much as he loves you, he wants to be his own man, too. And let’s face it, no one, male or female, likes being picked at.

Of course, we don’t usually see our gentle reminders not to leave his socks on the floor as “picking.” If he would just DO it, we wouldn’t have to keep mentioning it. But to him, it sounds like you’re harping, nagging about the same thing over and over again. And it drives him crazy.

So what to do? Men’s minds are analytical. They like to solve problems. So make your suggestions in the form of solutions rather than complaints. Instead of saying, “I hate it when you leave your socks on the floor,” say, “It will be much easier for me to do laundry if your socks are in the hamper instead of on the floor, sweetie.” See?

The first was a complaint; the second was a solution. Surely he can’t fail to see the logic in it, and if he forgets after that, you’ll know it’s an honest forgetting, not laziness or spite. And since you love him, you can forgive that.


2. Trying to control him.

This goes along with #1. Men like to be independent. They like their buddies, they like their football games, they like their poker nights with the guys. But you like him to be home with you. Who’s right?

This is one where you may have to make some compromises. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be allowed to hang out with his friends and do whatever it is those guys do when they get together — provided he’s still being a good husband and father too, of course.

If he’s out EVERY night with the guys, then maybe there’s a problem. But if it’s once a week or so, and he has a fun time, then what’s the harm? It’s selfish to insist he stay home with you all the time.

To compensate for it, you can arrange activities for just the two of you that go beyond just staying home and having a normal dull evening. Make sure the weekends are full of couples-only activities or plan specific “date nights” once a week. That way, you can make sure you’re getting a special evening with him at least as often as his friends get one.


3. Withholding sex out of anger or spite.

Your husband shouldn’t expect you to have sex whenever and wherever he wants to. If he’s a typical man, he wants to have sex more or less constantly, so it’s not really feasible. But he shouldn’t have to contend with you using sex as a weapon against him, either.

Sex is the most intimate part of a relationship, and some consider it the most sacred. Either partner using it as a way of controlling or hurting the other one cheapens it.

If you’re angry with your husband, talk to him about it, calmly and rationally. Don’t withhold sex and then make him guess why. Those kinds of games are beneath you.


4. Letting your emotions control your thinking.

It’s a scientific fact that men solve problems analytically while women solve problems emotionally. It’s also a fact that that difference is what drives both genders the craziest.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should let your emotions dictate everything you say or do. It doesn’t make any sense to refuse to go to a party with him tonight because he failed to notice you got your haircut earlier today. That’s emotion talking.

When you feel yourself getting emotional, that’s fine — you’re a woman; emotions are part of who you are. The trick is to avoid making decisions when you’re in that state. Wait till you’ve calmed down again and become your normal self.


5. Letting yourself go physically.

This is a touchy subject because it usually happens to both spouses. You’re both so busy with work, home and the kids that you stop exercising and get out of shape. But it’s men who are more likely to complain about it.

One solution is to make it a joint effort. As you notice yourself slipping into poor eating habits and zero exercise, talk to your husband. Suggest the two of you take up jogging together, or go for walks after dinner, or join a gym together.

He’ll see you’re making an effort to maintain the lovely figure he fell in love with, and you can keep him from becoming a couch potato, too. Plus, any time you spend together is going to strengthen your relationship.

It’s tragic to for small things to split marriages apartFree Articles, but it happens all the time. There’s no reason to let it happen to you. Remember that you love each other and do what you can to keep the fires burning.


Fresh Business Ideas for Small Business Online

A fresh take on starting a small business. Provide services that online companies need, helping them become more competitive and successful. These ideas are dependent on your knowledge about the IT services you can offer.


We all want to become our boss, self-employed and get out of the 9 to 5 grind. There are so many ideas to think about yet we struggle to find the one that would help us prosper. You will find many options for becoming a small business entrepreneur. Read some of these fresh ideas to see what might come in handy for you as per your skill, exposure, and interest.


Making Chat Bots

It may sound an overwhelming task to design and use robots for chatting. However, more online businesses are finding chat bots pretty useful in selling products and services. The development of artificial intelligence around messaging can help your clients and convert them more online customers. Many companies offer you the ability to make your chatbots even without the need to have a coding background. There are different chat bot options as per the functions they can perform.


Add Virtual Assistance Support

Virtual assistance is another area that needs real human help. You can easily handle dozens of website online. Many companies offer live chat support software. You can use their software to provide clients with chatting services. Some clients may not like to have a robot giving support to their customers. There could be many reasons for relying on human support. Perhaps, they want to build on humans because their product or service is too technical for the robot.


Offer Online SEO Services

There was a time when businesses would ask if they need to have a website. Now, they already have a site, but it is like a goose that is not laying any eggs. So, for their website to get business it needs to have relevant web traffic. Therefore, they will require the services of a capable internet marketer to help them get new clients. They require someone who brings prospects to help them convert into real customers. You can think of providing this service to your customers.


Start A Blog

It is not an easy route as you may argue. Fear not, Google is now improving its algorithm to a point where it would only value high-quality content. So, if you can write good quality contentArticle Search, you can think of starting your blog. Make sure that you write for the users. Get a customized blog designed so that the users can find the information they need. You can apply different online business models to your blog to establish multiple streams of revenue.


Jocasta Marvin is an online business consultant who helps entrepreneurs find low-cost small business ideas. She also works as digital marketing manager for an online news portal.

Empress 1908 Gin

For my personal consumption, I approach gin with a predetermined expectation that I’m not going to like it. There are a lot of gins out there that just simply don’t do it for me; alas, I’ve met my match—Empress defines gin.


It’s a brand-new gin, only released as of the past summer of ’17. This beauty will morph colors depending on what additives you throw in there, but I found the best way to enjoy it, as is with any premier alcohol: on the rocks. Splashing a few ounces of this over a scotch ice ball hits a spot that up until now, you didn’t even know you had.


You’re not breaking the bank on this, either. This will blend with just about any mixer you’ve got on the shelf and compliments a wide range of other alcohols. If Empress isn’t staying around, I’d grab a few bottle to stash away for reuniting with college friends.



Joshua P. is a husband, father of four, and at his core, a novelist. Anything revolving around the written word beckons his attention. You can contact Joshua for any inquiries via email.




Living the Lush Life in La Plagne

Planning a skiing get-away? If you’re looking for catered chalets, La Plagne is the epitome of romance, offering plenty of great two-person activities.


While you may be thinking that winter is still several months away, it is always best to book a place in La Plagne as early as possible. As it’s a very popular resort, catered chalets get nabbed pretty quickly – and it’s easy to see why! After a long day of gliding down the snow-covered slopes, nothing beats a ready-prepared hot meal and a cuddle with your partner by the fireplace.

La Plagne boasts some great pistes, but on the days that you don’t feel like skiing or fancy an afternoon’s rest, there are also loads of romantic activities for you to try with your partner, including sledging at night, cooking romantic meals and getting pampered at a spa. Don’t miss out – La Plagne has so much to offer.


Cheese-Making in Montalbert

Ever wondered how the French make such tasty cheese? This winter, you can learn the secrets of the trade with Roland Loyet, an expert cheese maker. Enjoy a private class with the owner of Le Forperet restaurant in Plagne Montalbert. It’s a really fun experience to share. Besides, there’s no better way of spending time with your other half than while eating cheese and drinking French wine!


Get Pampered at Les Hauts Bois Spa

As well as boasting comfortable catered chalets, La Plagne offers a great spa facility. Nothing beats a good relaxing afternoon spent in a hot sauna or steamy cabin. There is even a lovely heated indoor pool with huge windows, providing an unparalleled view of the mountains on the opposite side. Once the water has cleansed your skin, you can get a massage to wash away any remaining tension. What’s more, the spa offers a wide range of other therapies that will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed.


Sledge Down Mountains at Night

If you’re opting for one of the many catered chalets, La Plagne has a lovely night-time surprise in store for you and your significant other. To make this trip unforgettable, why not go sledging under the stars? With torches strapped to your helmets, snuggle up to your partner and take in the beautiful night sky as you whizz down 450m of slopes, gliding from Aime La Plagne all the way down to La Roche. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, and you’re greeted at the bottom of the slope with mulled wine and creamy hot chocolate. What could be better?


Cook a Romantic Steak Dinner at Le Refuge

If you’re staying in one of our catered chalets, La Plagne’s will provide you with hot meals. After all, everyone wants to be spoilt after a long day on the slopes! But if you do fancy a change, you can always treat your partner to a candlelit dinner, which you can cook yourself. At Le Refuge, a restaurant that specialises in grilled meats, your table will be equipped with a copper hood so that you can grill your own steaks. You’re sure to impress your love… not to mention that it’s a real treat for your taste buds! Plus, as one of La Plagne’s oldest restaurants, Le Refuge has a homey atmosphereScience Articles, ideal for a cosy night in with your partner.


Belinda Smythson works for Ski Amis, a specialist ski travel agency and booking service that has been helping avid skiers craft their perfect winter holiday for over a quarter of a century. If you’re looking for catered chalets, La Plagne is an ideal destination. Ski Amis can provide chalets in the Three Valleys, Paradiski, Espace Killy or Chamonix Valley, and we are the go-to company for winter sports fans searching for the holiday of a lifetime.




The Three Books That Enhance Your Success

No matter what you hear, see, or read, you should take everything with a grain of salt. A true man knows that critical, life-altering piece of advice when it passes his ears, or pops-up in his mind for the first time. These three books each have a bit of knowledge that are fundamentally proven to improve your motivation, confidence, and the go-getter attitude that makes life worth living.


  1. Think and Grow Rich

Even though this book is 80-years-old, it still rings true today, making it a classic for non-fiction and fiction lovers alike. Napoleon Hill takes us on a somewhere personal ride that shows us why love is the same root between good and evil, and how you can pick yourself up, shake off the rubble, and walk through the next disaster a stronger man. Get it here. Also, here’s an article on the life of Napoleon Hill


  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

 Mark Manson brings us on a semi-hilarious journey that shows us why arrogance, when used appropriately, can actually be one of our best tools. This is definitely one of those books that apply to the “grain of salt” rule, but you’ll definitely be able to walk away feeling more grounded in your life, and a bit more stable. Get it here


  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The pompous gentleman who’s writing this article happens to have a soft spot for this book. Stephen Covey brings us an account like none other, setting these seven habits on display. (During my read, I equated them to the anti-versions of the seven deadly sins. It made it quite a bit of fun.) A piece built on authority and experience, this is one that’s always got a spot on the bookshelf. Get it here




Ardbeg Uigeadail Scotch Whiskey

Now this—this is what we’re talking about when you think of the term, “Fine Whiskey.” Ardbeg delivers their signature whiskey not only in an extravagant gold-and-black box but in a bottle that looks like it’s from the shelves of Professors Snape’s classroom.


Antics aside, you’ll be shell shocked when that first sip hits the back of your throat. You get exceptional flavors from the aging process—bourbon barrels, sherry butts; extravagance in a bottle. If you give it a quick Google, you’ll find the most obscure tasting references we’ve ever heard of in sequence with Ardbeg.


Caramel. Dry. Smoky. Boom; done.


This is the whiskey you bring out when you’re asking her father for his blessing. This is the whiskey you pour after a sixteen-hour day, with another one incoming tomorrow. This is the whiskey you pour when you say goodbye to old friends. This is your whiskey.


And if you’re ever in Scotland, go for the tour



Why Your Should Teach Your Kids To Shoot

If you take a look at the television any given day of the week or make the mistake of getting involved in local city data websites, then you know that it’s a scary time. Don’t focus on the negatives in the world—they’ll only tear you asunder with them. Arm yourself with knowledge, and teach your kids how to defend themselves, but also how to respect power, and understand the gravity of guns and their impact. You’ll be doing society—and your family—a huge favor.


How Old Should Your Kids Be Before Teaching Them?

 I’ve heard of children as young as age eight learning how to shoot. It’s up to you, but it comes down to the competence of the child, and of yourself, more than a simple number does. Children need to understand that it’s not a toy, first and foremost. If you can look them in the eye, put on your serious tone, and they understand and respect that, there’s a good chance that they’re ready to learn.


Respect, Power, and Respecting Power

 Three entirely different things, believe it or not. Guns are apart of our culture, whether it’s in television or they’ve just seen them in a gun-friendly home, children understand what they are to some extent. Here are the three sections to what your child should understand about guns, and how to handle them.


  1. Respect

This is more about respect for you and your teaching than it is just for the gun. That comes into play later. If they can’t follow your teachings or at least listen without hopping around, they’re not ready. If they can listen attentively, and realize that they need to respect what you’re saying, to respect your experience, then their logic and understanding are inline with a proper learning experience, and they’ll benefit.


  1. Power

They may be timid to fire off the first shot, but when they do, there’s an invigoration of fear and excitement that course through them like adrenaline. It’s the power they just felt leave their hands. Think back to the first time you shot a gun; you’re a responsible gun owner and operator, and that’s what will be instilled into your children, especially when they understand what power they wield.


  1. Respecting Power

Minimize accidents, quell curiosity—a child who understands that a gun is a serious piece of equipment, who has had the opportunity to fire it off in a safe environment, will have enough respect for said power to refrain from challenging it in the future. Curiosity is a downfall for children, but it’s how they learn. When it comes to gun safety and operation, they should never make the mistake of learning that alone. Be proactive, and take charge today.




This one’s a bit personal because I don’t advocate services often. Scroll on down to the bottom of this article, and you’ll see that I’m a freelancer who has the privilege of writing for this excellent website, but it’s not my only deal. When you’re your own boss, things get messy, and it’s difficult to stay on track. You make promises and deadlines, and sometimes, you go way past them. (The publisher has nodded himself into whiplash right now, trust me.)


Wunderlist is an exceptional app that has remained one of the most downloaded apps for a reason—they don’t overcomplicate things. When apps are around for long enough, they have whole teams dedicated to them, and they need to fill their time. So what do they do? They complicate and then overcomplicate, and it gets messy for users. Wunderlist keeps it simple.


Diving right in, it’s a list-based app, and it’s straightforward. You can create tasks and name them appropriately, but it goes beyond that. You can set dates and reminders because let’s face it—we all forget details here and there, especially when you have a lot to do. Add subtasks to fracture your main task, giving them different phases. Add a note, tag other Wunderlist users, and use it as a collaborative software. It’s the perfect way to stay on track.


Could you sense the advocacy yet? I feel like I didn’t lay it on thickly enough. Now, I’m going to sound crazy, but I actually upgraded to Pro. Most apps have small subscriptions. Anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 per month—Wunderlist is in that sweet spot at $4.99 per month, and to be honest, I’d pay higher for the features that they give you. The only one of the Pro features that aren’t really special, as in, “Why did you even include this in the sales page?” type of not special, is the access to ten different backgrounds after you go Pro. You should just be able to integrate these anyway, but apart from that, it’s all gold.


You lose the shackles of those limits on how many subtasks and collaborators you can have. Upload files of any size, and assign to your hearts content. If you’re using this as a collaborative software, especially those of you who run websites and need to stay up-to-date on SEO tasks and content, as well as all the little details that fall into the cracks between them, you’re going to love Wunderlist.


Check it out



Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

Used by Rick Deckard in the seminal 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner. Blade Runner’s glass wasn’t just a prop, it was a hand-made crystal glass, mouth-blown by artisans at a boutique Italian company, Arnolfo di Cambio. Fortunately, although first introduced in 1973, the glass chosen by Ridley Scott and his set dressers, the Cini Boeri designed “Cibi” double old-fashion tumbler, is still produced to this day. A testament to its timelessness. The same glass as used by Deckard in Blade Runner is a unique square design with diagonal cuts at the angles.  A single glass weighs approximately 700g.

Purchase two glasses and receive FREE gift packaging and certificate of authenticity. Measurements for individual glass – Height 8.6cm, Width 7.2cm


Get them here




Forgiveness – The Eraser of Anger

In this article, a leading British therapist talks about the wisdom of forgiveness and gives tips on how it might best be addressed and accomplished.

Forgiveness really is the eraser of guilt and anger. It is the key that unlocks the shackles of the past and permits us to move forward with our lives in a freer, far lighter way. Once we understand this we can start the process of healing that we deserve.

Bear these strategies in mind as you reflect and move along on your journey of forgiveness:

  • Your main goal is to release the hurt and the anger that is feeding the pain. Just as you can heal from a painful thorn in your foot by pulling it out, so you can recover from any painful experience by moving forward. Once it doesn’t have a place deep in your heart and mind, it can no longer trouble, and the harm can, at last, come to a stop. Choosing to forgive means you allow those bad feelings to leave your life once and for all.
  • It’s essential to replace negative feelings with neutral ones. When the facts remain unchanged, but those facts no longer have the ability to damage, then you are free of the past. You can change from being a victim to the victor. You are human, and so you can be hurt. Human beings really are resilient, and because you are human you can heal – from a love betrayal or awful, unfair experiences in your life. If you’re still reacting, then you’re still stuck in some kind of emotional mud. With forgiveness, you can be free of those toxic reactions.
  • Humor is a wonderful agent of healing. If you are able to smile about the love that once hurt you, or joke about the years you fought with a sibling, family member, or lover then you trade pain for a different emotion. That heavy load is shifted, substituted by a much lighter newfound feeling that can even put a spring in your step. The healing power of forgiveness comes from our ability to let go of our anger and resentment. These emotions don’t really hurt those who have hurt us, but they certainly do hurt us. When we forgive we’re actually protecting ourselves; we unburden our mind, our emotions, and a great deal of our time. Putting focus on more empowering and positive areas frees and moves away from the event or person who has hurt us.

Forgiveness keeps us from harm’s way. As far as we continue to dwell on and concentrate on hurt in the past, continually reacting to the pain someone has caused, we remain emotionally stuck with that person and with what they have done. Forgiveness breaks the chains that lock. With it we take a gigantic step forward with our lives, disengaging the negativity and shielding yourself from harmful emotional involvement.

  • Constantly going over a hurtful experience over and again keeps it fresh in the mind, creating mental and emotional upset. Should the topic arise in conversation, it’s much wiser to respond with: ‘I’ve decided not to focus on that experience. I’m allowing it to fade from my life, and I’m moving on to better things.’
  • One of the most important aspects of the emotional recovery process is our own self-talk. What we say to ourselfs is the strongest driving force. Choosing words that feel authentic, we may say: ‘I choose to feel good today. Regardless what others say or do, my happiness comes from within. I alone determine how I feel.’

Statements such as: ‘I am now nurturing the child within, and I am doing a really good job. I alone have direct control over my psychological wellbeing. I look at the positive things in life. I get up every day and focus on what’s beautiful and what’s right.’

Once we, at last, come to see that our anger hurts only ourselves, then we are able to arrive at that state where forgiveness becomes reality. With forgiveness, we draw that line under the past and allow ourselves to move on with our life.

In this free state, we can finally let go of the pastFeature Articles, and at last, begin to live the life with which we have been gifted.




How Big Does My Business Impact Have To Be?

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need an empire to have an impact. The impact that you have in your business and beyond may already be bigger than you imagine.


Here’s some great news: businesses that consciously focus on impact, on making a positive difference, have 12-14 times more income than businesses that just focus on profit.

Impact is not a nice-to-have. It’s not an add-on. It’s an integral part of your business vision and strategy.

You may be thinking, I’ll focus on my impact once I make more money. I can’t have an impact without more income.

The truth is, you don’t have to wait for some future “ideal” condition to have an impact.

Your plans for impact can be built right into your business from the start. When you do that, not only your impact increases. Your income increases as well.

Focusing on impact has other benefits too:

  • Your decisions are easier. When you make your impact the center of attention for your business, then it’s easier to say yes or no to new ideas and prospects.
  • You have focus.
  • You have a greater sense of purpose. Having clarity about the impact that you want to have will give you a greater sense of purpose than you’ve ever had. Impact is greater than purpose, greater than mission. This clarity will carry you through challenging times.
  • You have motivation and energy. You’ll jump into your business and life with more energy and motivation than you’ve ever felt.

One of the questions I’m most often asked about this focus on impact is, does my impact have to be big?

The short answer is, no. If you only impact one person, positively affect one person’s life, that too is impact.

The longer answer is, maybe your impact is already bigger than you imagine.

You don’t have to have an empire to have an impact, to make a positive difference. You affect everyone you meet, whether you notice it or not.

We are the sum of our relationships, with ourselves and with others. The African word, “Ubuntu,” means, “I am because you are.” Ubuntu captures the essence of our interconnectedness.

I once held a meeting in an African hut with that word, Ubuntu, boldly painted on the outside of it. As we met, a troop of baboons ran by, looking at us as they rushed past. Just as the novelty and delight of that settled into me, a sounder (herd) of warthogs followed in their wake. I’m not sure if they were headed to the same meeting.

The village that this African hut stood in was often visited by Nelson Mandela after his release from 27 years in prison. I’m told that Mandela would wander through the village in the mornings and greet everyone he met. He showed real presence and caring in his interactions, never rushing, reaching out to each person individually.

It was Mandela’s caring that is remembered most by the people in the village during his visits. This man, who as South Africa’s President and through his activism, brought about the end of the heinous practice of apartheid in South Africa, also affected people in his personal interactions.

His presence was honored by the creation of black pillars installed throughout the village that still stand. On each one is written a word. Freedom. Courage. Trust. Resilience. Unity. Vision. Each word speaks to presence and to impact.

Mandela understood that each person is important, that our connections with each other are what matter.

That is what I mean when I say that your impact doesn’t have to include a vision about influencing the larger world, but I would bet that your impact is already big.

It’s estimated that we are able to maintain stable social relationships with about 150 people at a time and that each of us knows between 472 and 750 people. That assumes that you’re not making a major effort, that you’ve stayed pretty much in the same place for most of your life, and you don’t include social media.

If you do actively and consistently make new connections, you travel or have moved, and your social media contacts actually become friends, your network of connection is significantly bigger. One fun fact estimate is that you know 355 more people than you have Facebook friends. All of that adds up to the likelihood that you will meet upwards of 10,000 people in your lifetime.

Given all the people you connect with over a lifetime in some fashion, even with the lowest estimate, you personally affect a lot of people. You have the potential to make that impact positive.

So consider how you show up every day, within your business and outside of it. Making an adjustment in how you show up every day has repercussions down the road. It affects the impact that you have.

Let your impact be whatever moves youHealth Fitness Articles, whatever you see as your positive contribution in your business and in the world. And that vision may grow as you recognize your impact.



Ursula Jorch, MSc, MEd, mentors entrepreneurs starting their businesses and seasoned entrepreneurs in transition to create the business of their dreams. Her coaching programs provide knowledge, support, clarity, inspiration, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to empower you to reach your goals. Start with a free guide and other valuable info at www.WorkAlchemy.com. This article was originally published at http://www.workalchemy.com/positive-impact-business and has been syndicated with permission.




Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

When two worlds collide; a stick of hot cinnamon chewing gum, and the sweet, velvety nectar of the Gods—whiskey. Fireball is normally hailed as the “College drinker whiskey,” due to its quick ability to get you wasted without consuming too much. However, as a switch-up to your normal shot of Jack at the end of a hard day, toss a little shock in your system with Fireball.


Those who have tried Aftershock’s cinnamon version will get familiar tastes, but unlike that candy drink wannabe for adults, (a true “College drinker” type of alcohol,) you can respectably twist the cap off a bottle of Fireball, throw back a shot, and sink into your chair.


Personally, I enjoy this best when it’s straight out of the freezer. I enjoy the burn of cinnamon, and while it can be a bit much, chilling this can make it more of a cooling cinnamon sensation instead of being cognizant of your party days. To me, it’s a great mix of high-powered whiskey, and a fun, party atmospheric shot machine.



5 Tips to Help You Move to a Smaller Home

Moving is always a stressful period for everybody. If you add to the moving process the fact that you have to downsize and move to a smaller place, moving becomes even harder to manage. Now you will have to decide which things get to stay with you and which things you need to get rid of. It’s tough and the choices will certainly be hard to make. However, you don’t have to panic. You will manage to get on top of this situation, especially if you decide to take into consideration our five tips.


1. Make a checklist with everything you own in the house

It’s very important to write everything down before you start packing. It’s like doing an inventory of the things you own. It will help you make an idea about what things you have in your own house and what items you need to keep. Reading this list will also help you decide what to keep and what to sell, donate or throw away. Make three columns: one for things you use often, one for things you use from time to time and one for things you rarely use. Then start sorting things out.


2. Decide what you need to keep, sell, donate or throw away

The rule is that if you have things that you keep “just in case”, most of the times you never get to use them. So these are definitely the things that you need to either sell or donate. If you keep things that are broken or have no use anymore for anyone, you should definitely throw them away. Keeping things for the sake of them just takes up a lot of space in your home for no good reason at all. This list will not only help you save space, but it will also declutter your home.


3. Find an affordable storage space

It often happens to have things of emotional value that you just don’t have the space to keep in the house anymore or large items that you want to keep, but moving to a smaller house makes it impossible for you to take them with you. The solution, in this case, is quite simple: find an affordable storage space and keep them in storage. Make sure you pack them properly and label them accordingly, so you can keep them in good condition and find them whenever you need them. Of course, eventually, you will have to find a better solution for them because storage costs money. You could try and store them at your friends or family members who have bigger houses, a garage or a storage unit, especially if you’re planning to sell them soon.


4. Discuss the move with your movers

If you decide to hire a professional moving company, you can count on your movers to help you with great advice. They will tell you not only the basic things they tell to anyone who is planning to move home or office to help them during the process, such as details related to packing, notifying the persons that need to know about the move, changing your address, unpacking and so on, but also about where to find cheap or even free moving boxes, how to care for fragile items during the move, and where you should sell or store the things you don’t need.


5. Put together a moving sale

This step will not only help you downsize, but it will also help you make some money to cover some of the costs, if not at all, of your moving process. You could have the sale in your courtyard or garage, or even online on Craigslist, eBay and other similar sites. Make sure you check things with the local authorities and have everything in order for the sale if you decide to have a yard sale. You need to see if you have to get a permit before organizing the sale and if you should pay a tax or not for this endeavor. Set a date and make your sale known via local newspapers, social media and online. Set the prices before the sale begins and display them for everyone to see them. It will make things go easier and smoother. Organize everything you want to sell in categories and be ready to negotiate the price. After allFree Web Content, everyone that comes to a garage sale comes looking for bargains.




Know Your Audience to Excel in Digital Marketing and Advertising

In a time when technology moves faster than people, things are different. In this ever-changing landscape, newspapers are traded for Facebook, cable is swapped for Netflix, and texts are exchanged instead of phone calls.  Rules change, procedures change, and even communication styles change. Read more about what an advertising agency has to say about this below.


Some things, however, still remain raw and untouched. For instance, the first rule in entertainment is to know your audience. This applies when producing a film, book, or even an ad. Let’s face it, if your audience is not entertained when they receive your ad, then you cannot technically call it an impression. In order to impress your audience, you must entertain them, and to entertain them, you as the advertiser need to know exactly which demographic you need to reach.

The best way to understand knowing your audience is to watch stand-up comedians.  A comedian immediately needs to relate to his consumers, the crowd in front of him. He will start his routine with funny observations about the situation the two (the audience and comedian) have been put in. It could be a variety of things, “Hello Dallas! Where are all of the taxis in this town? You are a taxi-less city” or “San Fran, (the crowd boos), Oh no, you don’t like that? Tell me, does anyone wear normal clothes in this city?” If the comedian gets a laugh, then he knows they have all connected. If the crowd doesn’t laugh, the comedian has misjudged his audience and now has a hole to dig out of. Imagine you have a comedian that has an entire bit about parenting children and spends twenty minutes performing in front of childless college students. The jokes might be funny, but not to that particular group.

Find your audience. Research, research, research. Become a practicing advertiser. The first place to find your audience is to look at current clients. Who is already buying your product or service? Male or female? What race? What age range? Survey people. Look at every pattern indicator. For example, you will not sell Ford parts to Mercedes drivers, for the simple fact that they have no use for them.

Speak to your audience. There is a consumer for every product. Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you are selling. Speak their language, figuratively and literally. Connect with them, and then sell them your product or service because they want it, not because they need it. They don’t need low payments on that Honda, they want to look good in that Honda. My spouse didn’t buy the new shoes because they were cheap, she bought them because they made her feel good. Connect with your audience. Show them why they want what you have to offer them.

Place the ads in the right place. A medical client of ours wanted to buy TV media (airtime) during a sporting event. That’s great! Lots of people watch sporting events. Well, we did some research. We surveyed thousands of people across the large footprint area and found out some stunning information. Eighty percent of all medical decisions in the household are made by women 35-54. Knowing this information, we recommended that our client not buy TV media during the sporting event. We are not saying that women don’t watch sports, we just know that sports skew higher for men. We recommended that the client purchase media on a channel that skews high for women instead. The placement was a hit, and business grew.

As I’ve learned in a lifetime of selling entertainment, the best way to grow your business or your client’s business is to spend the time to understand with whom you are speaking. Once you have that information, you can then tailor your approach to reach that specific group.  Advertising has certainly changed throughout the years because society has changedFeature Articles, but what has and always will remain the main rule in advertising is to know your audience.



Information from this Digital Marketing article found here. For more information about a creative agency that specializes in SEO, social media, and design in Dallas, check out this.




La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull Cigar

You’ve heard their name absolutely everywhere cigars can be sold—La Flor Dominicana rules the industry with over ninety top-rated blends. They don’t disappoint with their Andalusian Bull Cigar.


Sharing filler and binder, each grown on the Estancia La Flor de Palma, (owned by La Flor and Tabacalera Palma,) we get a slow-burn wrapped up in an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, all bringing one specific word to mind: perfection.


These quality cigars come at $15.00 a pop; if you’ve seen the end of Independence Day, you’ll understand the importance of a quality cigar. La Flor delivers; we get to enjoy.


La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull Cigar

How to Get Whatever You Want From Your Wife

I believe there are three things you can do to make your marriage great, and these three things, when properly executed, will indeed wield a magical way over your wife and empower her to fulfill every desire of your heart.


As I was sitting in Starbucks I noticed a couple in their 50’s walk toward the seating area where they have the comfortable chairs. As they approached the chairs, I noticed that there was only one padded, comfortable chair available. I was curious to see what this man would do. My first thought was of my father and what he would have done. This would be a “no-brainer” for my dad. He would have given the chair to my mom, and then either stood by her side until another chair became available or gotten a  hard wooden chair and sat by her side. Well, to my surprise, this man sat in the comfortable chair with no thought or concern for his wife. His wife then went to a section where there was an available wooden chair and carried this chair next to where her husband was sitting and sat down by his side. This man clearly did not regard any of this as odd…or wrong.

What is wrong with the men of today?

Although this man’s demeanor was strong and confident, he lacks the one thing that would actually make him a great leader: a servant’s heart. Men were created to be leaders, not dictators. A woman desires to follow a great man—that is how she was wired. The problem is that most men are not real men anymore; they have either become wimps or dictators. Many men have forgotten that one of the greatest secrets to a happy marriage lies in his ability to serve his wife. You need to treat your wife like a Queen if you want her to treat you like a King. A great woman completes a man, but it is the responsibility of the man to help his wife become that person. A marriage is a team effort, but it is the man’s responsibility to head up that team. Whether you like it or not, men, the health of your marriage is your responsibility. A great marriage begins with you.

Men, it’s time to step up to the plate and start leading your marriage and families. It’s time to become real men.

Good news, men: This is the good part of the article, where I will teach you how to wield a magical way over your wife through your actions. I will also give you the three secrets on how to get that ultimate influence over your wife that you have always dreamed of having.

I believe there are three things you can do to make your marriage great, and these three things, when properly executed, will indeed wield a magical way over your wife and empower her to fulfill every desire of your heart.

1.       Treat her like a Queen and crown her daily.

The way you treat your wife will directly affect the way that she treats you. By holding her in high esteem, she will have the confidence and example, of how to treat you. I watch so many men talk down to their wives and belittle them as if they are less important than themselves—these are the “dictator jerk” men. I also see men whose wives are belittling them and telling them how to run the show…these are the wimpy men. Women don’t like dictators, and they don’t respect wimps. There is a healthy balance between these two extremes.

Do you let your wife know that she is important to you? Do you let her know how much you appreciate all that she does for you and your family? Do you make her feel like she is the most important person in your life? If not, then you’re not treating her like a Queen. Some physical ways you can treat her like a Queen are to:

  • Put your hands on her face and tell her she is beautiful.
  • When you come home, put your arms around her and tell her you love her.
  • Reach out, take both of her hands, hold them, look into her eyes, and just say nothing.

Men, you want to see a new empowerment in your wife’s life? Try treating her as a Queen and see what happens.

2.       Make lots of deposits into her bank account.

I am not talking about depositing into her financial bank account—although there is something to be said about that, too. I am talking about making deposits into her emotional bank account. Every person has an emotional bank account. This account is where we store all of the emotional things that happen to us. Examples of a deposit include a kind word spoken or a kind gesture performed. On the other hand, rude comments or disrespectful actions actually work as withdrawals from our wives’ emotional bank accounts. Our goal as great husbands should be to make more deposits than withdrawals. A quick note: A large enough withdrawal, such as cheating on your spouse, could bankrupt this account. It is also important to point out that deposits must be made from within your wife’s frame of reference—this means that your deposits must be things that she wants or needs. If you are bringing her strawberry shakes every day but she doesn’t like strawberries, then as loving as this may seem, you are not really depositing into her emotional bank account. Everyone has their own love language—this is the language that they speak and know. You need to discover her love language and speak it to her.

Here are some practical ways of making deposits into your wife’s emotional bank account:

  • Buy the pack of colorful little sticky notes (don’t be cheap and buy or use the standard yellow ones) and then write little love notes and stick them around for her to find the next day when she wakes up. I have found this to be one of the simplest ways to help her conquer the day that lies ahead.
  • Sit down with your wife when you get home and just listen to her. Don’t try to fix her problems, just listen. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Remember that she is the most important person in your life—treat her as such. Let her know that there is nowhere you would rather be at the moment than listening to everything she has to say. Have you ever noticed in the dating circles that it’s always the quiet guy that gets the really cute girls? There is a reason for this. Women love men who listen to them; it makes them feel important. Start listening to your wife every day, take a real interest in what she is saying, and watch her respect and desire for you grow exponentially.
  • Bring her flowers. As simple as this may sound, it is still so powerful. Women love flowers…especially for no reason. Men, if you messed up in some way, and then brought your wife flowers—you’re still at a net zero! But if you bring her flowers for no reason, and with no expectation—then that’s a real deposit. Why wait? Go buy some today! Do this and watch your relationship blossom before your eyes.
  • Hug her often. This can be one of the greatest ways to make an emotional deposit…especially if she is lacking affection. Too often as men, we get so busy trying to build our empire that we forget the one we are trying to take care of and build it for. Our wives are women, and women need affection…affection with no other expectation other than to make her feel loved, respected and appreciated. Start hugging her daily and watch how it will change her into a complete person.

3.       Cherish her. Hold her in high esteem. Protect her heart.

This is the magic that makes everything that you do work. By esteeming her you are letting her know that she is truly the most important part of your life. You are communicating that she is indeed more important than yourself. You treat her as she deserves to be treated, you love her as she deserves to be loved, and you treat her as the most important means to a happy life. As it has been said: Happy wife, happy life.

As it says in First Peter 3:7, “Husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way.”  How can we men truly understand our wives if we don’t study them? What makes your wife tick? What does she love? What does she hate? What is her love language? What does she need most from you? I frequently hear men commiserating with other men about the lack of understanding they have concerning their wife. I have no respect for a man who after many years of being married hasn’t figured out the least bit of how his wife works. We may never truly understand our wives, but we can always continue to strive and learn. What amazes me is that the same man who is clueless about how his wife works is often the one who has such an intimate knowledge of hunting deer that he wears deer urine to attract them. He can tell you anything about deer. His intimate knowledge of his passion makes him successful in his endeavor. What would happen if he had the same passion for figuring out his wife as he does for figuring out how to attract deer? He would have the most amazing marriage!

By selflessly putting her needs above your own, she will indeed feel cherished…and this is the final secret that really creates the magic.

So in conclusion, the three points were:

1.       Treat her like a Queen and crown her daily

2.       Make lots of deposits into her emotional bank account

3.       Cherish her

These three things, when properly executedFind Article, will indeed yield a magical way over your wife and empower her to fulfill every desire of your heart—which at this point will only be to fulfill hers.

Now go home and serve your Queen!



5 Tips for Increasing Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

In looking to improve your marketing effectiveness when working online a great place to start is the list of email addresses you promote to. This list is the focus of your email based marketing efforts and should be managed in a way to get the greatest profit from it.


Online entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to increase their marketing effectiveness. A prime area for any business involved in marketing on the internet to increase their efficiencies is how they promoter to their list. An effective email based marketing campaign can help any online business increase their profitability rapidly. Having a list of email addresses to which you can regularly promote to is very important to any business involved in e-commerce. We all have heard that the ‘money is in the list’ but that is only true if the list is effectively constructed and utilized.

Here are 5 tips you can put to use immediately when compiling and promoting to the list of email addresses you use to build your business.


Maintain Targeted List

Stay focused on a particular niche when compiling a list of email addresses since this will make your promotional messages more relevant and effective. Remember that the size of your list is not as important as the response rate you get when contacting them. If you have people on your list that display little interest in what you promote, you are only wasting time and effort on them.


Offer Relevant Giveaway

Whether it is the free giveaway you offer people on your squeeze page or perhaps thank you ‘gifts’ you may send out periodically keep them relevant to the niche. By doing so these ‘gifts’ will be better appreciated by list members.


Develop Relationship

Do not make every email you send out an attempt to promote something to list members. It is important that you develop some type of ‘casual’ relationship with list members. By constantly ‘beating them over the head’ with relentless promotions they are likely to tire of this and unsubscribe from the list. A safe ‘rule of thumb’ you can use is to keep your promotional efforts down to 25 percent of any emails you send out. By doing this it will likely give you a higher sales conversation rate when you do promote something to list members.


Offer Useful Information

You already know what is of interest to your list members since they responded to your squeeze page offer to join the list. Based upon this interest supply your email list with the information they found useful or interesting.  This will work wonders in developing a trusting relationship with your list members.


Use Auto-Responder Service

Using a reputable auto-responder service will help you manage your email based marketing campaign much more efficiently and effectively. This will help minimize or eliminate errors and allow you the time to tend to other aspects of your business.


When working online you should always be looking for ways to increase your marketing effectiveness. Successfully marketing on the internet requires continuous testing and tweaking in regards to how you operate your business. Your email based marketing efforts are one of the best areas to focus your attention for such improvements. Promoting to your list can be the most effective and efficient way to quickly grow your business. The tips we discussed here today address 5 areas of your list building and promotional efforts where improvements can be made. If change is needed and applied correctly you could dramatically increase the profits from your email based marketing campaign literally overnight.



Founders Breakfast Stout

If you’re a regular reader, and you’ve glanced over our review for Founders Frootwood, then you know we’re no strangers to this excellent brew. The Founders Brewing Company blasts our taste buds away once again, and this time it’s a breakfast stout. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?


If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’re going to get so much more out of this signature beer than any standard, casual drinker that’s just looking for something new. You get brilliant aromatics of cocoa and coffee, blending into one strong, mouthwatering flavor that you can taste in the air.


If you’re like me, the color of the head doesn’t matter, nor the dryness; it comes down to one thing, and one thing only—taste is king. This is one beer that you’re going to install a tap for. It’s been widely used in recipes for pan-fried foods, and with this flavor palate, it’s easy to see why. Grab a bottle, pop a top and sit on back. Relaxation is only a sip away.

Early Child Development: Family Play Time

Creating a bond by starting a family play time is very important, especially in the early stages of child development. Here are five simple steps to help you let go of the heavy world of responsibilities and play with your child.


Did you know that you are your child’s first playmate? Emotional self-regulation skills, social skills, and relationship skills come from that early bond you form with your child. One of the challenges for so many parents is that they are now adults and have forgotten how to play. They are caught up with serious things like paying bills, working, managing the house, and raising children. However, playing with your child is “seriously” necessary.


Play allows a parent and child to bond and form a secure attachment. This attachment provides the child with a basis for a happy, healthy life. The trick to playing with your child, however, is two-fold. Firstly, you have to be able to let your “adult” responsibilities go for 30-minutes so that you can play and be present. Secondly, you have to enter the child’s world, literally and figuratively, and discover your “inner” child.

Here are five simple steps to help you let go of the heavy world of responsibilities and play with your child:

  1. Acknowledge that play is as important as the bills, the dishes, dinnertime, and work.
  2. Use your own emotional self-regulation skills to allow your adult stresses to fade away when you are playing with your child. Tell yourself, “This is important. I’m going to be in the here and now. Worrying about anything else during playtime doesn’t help me get those things done nor does it help my relationship with my child.”
  3. Take deep breaths any time you feel physical stress. The breathing will allow you to relax.
  4. Smile and laugh even if you don’t feel like it at first because we know that pretending that you’re having fun actually produces real fun!
  5. Play! For some of you, it has been a long time since you picked up a block, a doll or a racecar. Don’t fret, you can awake the child within. In order to play with your child, however, it’s best to understand the developmental stages of your child so that your expectation matches your experience.
  • A baby plays through close interaction. All the goo-goo and ga-ga baby talk and physical connection helps your baby bond to you.
  • A toddler begins with “parallel play”. That means you basically play side by side with your child. Your presence is still necessary but don’t expect much interaction.
  • Preschoolers will interactively play. You could have a doll and your child could have a doll and those dolls might talk to one another! You must remember, though, that your child will still direct your play. You are but a puppet allowing them to play out their imagination and they will love you forever for the time and effort you give.
  • Elementary age children might let you be a creative member in playtime. As your child shows increasing independence in play, you may feel inclined to stop playing. It’s important to understand that playing is still essential to your child and to your relationship.


By the time your child is a teenager, all those wonderful years playing with your child will really pay off. I find my “playtime” with my teenager is still incredibly fun.

It is difficult to take time every day to play with your child. Although it is ideal to have daily playtime, weekly “playdates” are good too. Teaching a child that life is fun and playful rather than rushed and tense is so much betterPsychology Articles, wouldn’t you agree? The time and effort you put into playing with your child now will make a world of difference in your relationship later.

What Is The Future Of Branding?

Before you hire a company for its branding services, it would be better to know about the future of branding. This will help you to make sure the strategies are moving in the right direction, and your business will grow properly. The platform of branding is changing with the passage of time. Nowadays, the process of branding has come down to the local level, rather than global. So, get the right branding solutions for your company. 


Branding is an important part of today’s marketing strategy. In the last ten years, a lot of emphasis has been given to the process of branding. Various methods and tools are available for enhancing the brand value of a company and its product or service. However, it is important to understand if` the future of branding remains the same?

For the marketers, it is vital to figure out the answer to the above-mentioned question. For those who are involved in the field of branding services, it is crucial for them to understand how the platform of branding is getting revamped, and what changes are being brought into this field. In simple words, we can say that the de-branding is the future of branding. Let us throw some light on this matter.


A glance into the future of branding

If you spend some time on the various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, you will notice that the big and popular companies are changing their gears in terms of branding solutions. Rather than hiring popular and expensive faces to promote their brand, they are relying more on subtle tactics. They are going with the idea of native advertising.

Nowadays, you can easily come across ads on YouTube; most of the ads try to tell a story to the audience, and the purpose is to deliver a message to the audience. When the online audiences watch such ads, they feel an emotional kind of attachment with the ad, and this kind of branding strategy delivers even more powerful results. Through this method, the online audience can get a better understanding of your company’s products or services. So, advertising from the native level is quite essential these days when it comes to finding the best branding solutions.

Flexibility is going to be the other aspect of future branding. For example, if you are selling something through your website, and you want to get the best results in other countries too, then you have to make sure the website’s content is available in the local language of the respective regions. This will bring in more customers for your business.

When you choose a company that offers branding services then make sure it has good experience of local branding. Having a thorough knowledge of the locality is quite vital from the perspective of branding. So, those were some of the important things that one must know about the future of branding. By knowing about them, you will be able to come up with the best strategies.




Don Vino Wine Table

This is perhaps one of the most conversational pieces of furniture we at Fourteen Robots have ever laid eyes on. The legs of this table are bent oak, trying—and succeeding—in giving you that aged oak bourbon barrel feeling.


Beneath the glass top, you can store sixteen of your favorite bottles of 750ml wine. When you look from the top straight down, it almost resembles the wheel of an old galleon. These tables are hand-crafted and come in a variety of wood preferences, such as maple, cherry, oak, walnut, and depending upon your vendor, exotic woods such as mahogany are available while supplies last.


You’ll want to pop this down in the center of a parlor; you don’t need a flashy lamp or decorative art piece. This draws in all the attention on its own.


Check it out here



Full Disclosure on Music Licensing For Your Business

Everything sounds better and catchier with a few well-known or relatable songs, right? Nothing like We Are The Champions coming on during the end of the Super Bowl, or hearing some Sinatra in the background of a romantic movie. However, the misconception among these uses, such as hiding behind Fair Use rights, can make or break your business. Here’s what you need to know.


It’s Either Promotional Bliss or Theft

 It’s not okay to simply input a song to garner nostalgia or raise attention; you need the permission of the artist. In the case of a film utilizing the newest Billboard Top 40 pop hit, they’re paying millions in music licensing fees. If you were to input ten seconds of a well-known song into an independent film, you could be under the scrutiny of the law. Artists have a right to their information. So, now that’s we’ve covered the brevity of it, let’s talk about how you can effectively—and legally—license music for your business.


Radio Stations

 Ever walk into a little café and hear memorable tunes ringing from above? That’s not a standard radio or iPod that’s just playing through the speakers—every one of those songs has to be licensed for business use. It’s distribution. People are going to remember hearing that song in your establishment; it’s how artists get paid. Since the downfall of CDs and the rise of illegally downloading music, artists had to turn to other ways to earn money from their art. Since then, music licensing has gone under a load of reform, and it’s taken extremely seriously.


How Do I Get A Music License?

You need your license before you start playing music. Most artists license their work through multiple channels, being the ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, which each administer rights to businesses and restaurants in order to play this music. The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to go about getting a music license for your business, is directly through Broadcast Music, Inc.’s (BMI) website.


Employee Policies on iPod Use

 I can’t tell you have how many times I’ve walked into a gas station late at night, or a little dinner and employees are playing their music through an iPod. Now, usually, I end up jamming with them, but it’s still a liability. It’s important to inform your employees if you currently don’t have a music license, that they can’t play their music aloud. While the chance of anyone actually pursuing any kind of action against music infringement is microscopic, there’s no way to determine who’s going to walk into your establishment, whether or not you’re there. It’s still broadcasting music illicitly.



The Three Best Steve McQueen Movies of All Time (And What They Cost)

The man, the myth, the legend: Steve McQueen. He was one of the most badass action heroes of all-time, though he’s rarely talked about today. His hit film streak from the 1960s featured some of the best anti-hero portrayals of all time, but how can you sum up all of McQueen’s awesomeness into just one little list? It wasn’t easy. Take a look at the three favorite movies from the FourteenRobots editorial staff, and a bit of business sense to boot.


  1. The Great Escape


Released on Independence Day, this World War II thriller features Virgil Hilts (Steve McQueens) planning a breakout from a POW camp in Nazi Germany. One of the best breakout movies by far, McQueen’s presence hits home exactly how you would expect. They plot to tunnel out of the prison grounds and realize, as the reality sets in, just how dangerous their task is. The whole film is legendary, and even in today’s society where the mindless collective use Rotten Tomatoes as a means to tell them if they’re going to like the movie or not, it still scores a 93%. That’s the definition of timeless.


Budget: $4 Million

Modern Day Equivalent: $32.4 Million


  1. The Magnificent Seven


If you can recall advertisements for that Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt movie, the answer is yes, it was a remake of McQueen’s legendary performance. In Mexico, a village is on their knees thanks to the ruthless bandit, Calvera, who leads a team of outlaws. Instead of freeing themselves from tyranny, the townspeople hire a group of seven gunslingers from America to liberate their village. In a lot of people’s opinions, this was one of the last great American western films, and McQueen’s character ties the whole story together. The film’s nearly sixty-years-old today, and with the current set of standards for film, The Magnificent Seven still reigns supreme with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. They don’t remake bad movies, you know?


Budget: $2 Million

Modern Day Equivalent: $16.2 Million



  1. Bullitt


If you’re a hardcore McQueen fan, then you saw this coming. It’s cliché, but it’s the best McQueen movie that’s ever been filmed. This thriller features a senator aimed to take down a mob boss with the assistance of the boss’s brother—problem is, he’s under protective custody by McQueen’s character. Mob hitmen burst in, and McQueen has to pull off the most famous car chased scene ever filmed while dodging the mob. How much more badass can you get?


Fun Fact: Steve McQueen’s 1968 Mustang GT was featured in an episode of Pawn Stars, where a collector came forward with the authentic GT to sell to the pawn shop owner’s son.


Budget: $5.5 Million

Modern-Day Equivalent: $44.6 Million


While these were some of the biggest movies of their days, we can look at other enormous films who spent less than a million on their budget, such as Rocky or Paranormal Activity, each of which spawned sequels and massive followings. Does the budget play into success?




Chopin Potato Vodka

Vodka keeps hair on your knuckles in a snowstorm. Vodka keeps you warm when there’s no fire. For the love of alcohol, this is true blue vodka.


Chopin is basically flavorless and recommended for mixed drinks. However, if you like to endure the burn and throw back your premier bottles straight up, you’ll be swaying all the way from the dining room table to about four feet from the dining room table, where you’ll be woken up the next morning. That is if you throw back the whole bottle.


Chopin’s got some strength to it, especially when you underestimate the lack of flavor. The burn is phenomenally tingling, damn near healing to the throat. It blends excellently with just about anything you toss into it, spiking citrusy juices, or simply tossed back in a shot or two. Chopin’s the premier vodka I want on my top shelf when an old friend comes to town.



Encouraging Your Kids To Take An Interest In Art

Art can open kids’ minds up to creative thought, and helps them to look at the world in different ways. Moreover, an interest in art shows a healthy love for culture and can become a hugely beneficial hobby for any child when they are young, and as they get older. Sometimes, however, kids need a little push. If you want to encourage your kids to take more of an interest in art, consider these tips:


Include art in the home

Including art in the home is a great way to expose your children to different forms of art from a young age. Kids that grow up in ‘arty’ homes will generally develop an interest in art, and will subsequently continue to relate to it as they get older. Including paintings, sculptures, and photography in your property will have the added effect of making it more unique, and give it a more distinctive style.


Take your kids to exhibitions

To back up the art that you have in your home, take your kids along to see exhibitions at galleries and museums. If your kid develops a particular interest in one form of art, such as watercolour painting, or even a specific artist, like Monet, taking them to see some original works of this kind will serve to further enforce their interest. Remember to cater to your kids age and preferences, and to actually encourage their interest, rather than stem it: which can happen if you are overbearing or too ‘pushy’.


Use art television programmes and books

Art TV programmes that are geared towards children can make art seem interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Again, finding the right programmes is important, and you can’t force your kids to watch them. Programmes like Art Attack make for fun viewing, and others that are geared towards young kids are best. As they get older, more serious, and educational, programmes can work as well. Moreover, using books, particularly those that offer ‘step by step’ or ‘paint by numbers’ instructions can help children relate to the art. Again, as they age, using books that educate, but do so in a child-friendly way, can help to expose your kids to famous artists from across history.


Take part in art with them

Being creative with your kids is a great way to build their interest, and bond at the same time. Get together some drawing and painting materials, and set aside some time each week for artistic creation. When children see the fruits of their labour and are praised for it, they will be hugely encouraged to start other projects.


Always encourage individuality

It is important for you to constantly encourage your kids to experiment as much as they wish, to make a mess, and to be spontaneous and individual. When they find a type of art they enjoy, encourage them to keep creating new worksFree Reprint Articles, and start displaying their efforts around the house.



Your Business Needs An Explainer Video, And Here’s Why

There’s been an influx of marketing material over the years. Through Facebook, YouTube and Google+, we’re seeing an increase in explainer videos for multiple business models and types. Do you want to know why? They work like a charm.


Whiteboard explainer videos broke the barrier on this revolutionary marketing platform. When you go through microtask website like Fiverr and Task Rabbit, you’re going to see a lot of graphic design artists, and you’ll even get some examples of their work. Here’s what you need to know to stand apart from the crowd:


Small Businesses Remain on The Bottom

 Most small business owners aren’t going to take a look at top-quality explainer videos. Inexpensive whiteboard videos that last sixty seconds, and don’t have a voice over artist to entice your viewers, is essentially a waste of your time and money.


Your content needs to be engaging. When these video types first came out, they consumed our attention like a snake devours its meal. With everything entertainment related, we grow out of habits and trends, and seek out evergreen quality. In this case, it’s a fully-narrated and animated explainer video.


Three Rules For Engaging Content

 You need to follow three steps, in this order, to get the absolute best out of your explainer video. Even on microtask websites, you’ll see some services charging upwards of $250.00 per explainer video, especially with Fiverr’s new Pro option for hand0-vetted sellers. Follow these steps to ensure you’re going to get a top-quality explainer video.


  1. Seek Out A Script Writer

 Seems excessive, doesn’t it? Explainer videos have to hit on every single mark. They use a lot of buzz words right out of the gate to engage your readers and keep them enticed. An average explainer video is between 2:30 and 3:30; no longer than a punk rock song. These are short enough that people will stick around, and long enough to get your point across. A scriptwriter will know exactly what to do.


  1. Hire A Voice Over Artist

 It’s time to vocalize that script. Scriptwriters will keep the verbal aspect in mind, and your artist will have an easy time reading it. For a good artist, you’ll expect to pay $0.03 per word or higher. When you really think about it, you’ll be paying between $30.00 and $50.00 for high-quality audio content.


  1. The Graphic Artist

Graphic artists, who specialize in explainer videos, actually make a living doing this due to the ever expanding need for these crucial business models. You need an artist who can produce that lengthy video for you, work based off of the audio content you provide, and use infographics alongside the voice to create engaging, fun content. They should also be able to provide a light musical overlay to play as a backdrop to the voice.


If you’re serious about your business, set yourself a $500.00 budget; you’ll have a bit of coin left over at the end, and walk out with an exceptional piece of evergreen marketing material.

Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

Do you drink Morgan’s straight up like a champion? For those of us who aren’t that hardcore, and would rather shout for shots, Captain Morgan Cannon Blast fits the bill. Because cannons fire shots… get it?


The whole bottle is shaped in an authentic size and coloration to an actual cannonball. Captain didn’t hold back on this one. If the aesthetics don’t draw you in immediately, then the bold and kick-ass flavor will. We all love spiced rum. If your friends don’t like spiced rum, you simply can’t trust them.


Even though it’s designed for shots, you can head on over to Captain Morgan’s website to get recipe ideas that are going to step up the versatility of Cannon Blast. But what we’re really here to talk about, is the flavor of straight up Cannon Blast.


While it’s been described as citrusy and sweet, it does leave that excellent, masochist-approved burn in the back of your throat. It’s what you should expect from a ballsy rum. (See what I did there?) Overall, this is something I’m going to want on my shelf for two purposes: it’s kick-ass, and I want to pour a drink for my buddies out of a cannonball. Who doesn’t?


Separating Work From Play And Keeping The Missus Happy

If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to find the balance to work and play. And, yes, that woman you married is still waiting for some of your devoted time. No checking emails, no work-related anything. If you work from home, or if you’re just in constant demand even when you leave the office, there’s an unbalanced feeling that’s rippling across your life like an earthquake. Here’s how to fix all of that.


Distancing Yourself Slowly

 Toss the frog in boiling water, and he’s going to jump out. You need to gradually shift gears so you don’t fall off of one side. You can’t expect your actual office hours to change; the best flexibility is when your office is on the other side of the house. When you’re at home and you’re still answering emails, or after your predisposed work schedule for you at-home workers, you’re not just spending “a few minutes” taking care of business. Whether it’s your boss or your employees, you need to set a boundary. Perhaps there is someone else who can also answer questions if it’s urgent, or simply shut off your Wi-Fi until the next day. Leave those emails alone, and spend some time with the one who’s always there for you.


Easier Said Than Done

 If you’re working a demanding job, it can absolutely take a toll on you, and your marriage. It’s hard to maintain that balance between your own sanity and maintaining everything with the missus. That being said, it’s easier said than done to simply stop responding to email, or swipe to ignore a phone call. It’s an effort. You need to speak with your team/boss, and state a time that your phone is going to be off. If they need anything after you leave, they have a limited window to call you. If you do this properly, all of your phone calls could come through during your commute home, allowing you to not only relax, but to throw on a suit and take her out to dinner.


It Doesn’t Have To Cost You

 If you’re working a highly-demanding job and not getting paid enough, welcome to 2017. You don’t have to dish out a major amount of cash to have an excellent evening with your wife. If you have kids, get a local sitter for two hours; grab a six pack and throw on Netflix. Just relaxing together and watching a movie can be one of the best things for both of you. Dinner and a movie used to be the big date plan, remember?


  • Netflix Subscription: $9.99
  • Six Pack: $10.99
  • Babysitter: $20.00
  • Spending an evening with your wife: I’ll let you fill in the blank.