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We love whiskey, you already know this by now if you’ve been checking out fourteen robots constantly. We appreciate you coming back. In the meantime, here’s what we found around the web that is related to bourbon and whiskey. There’s definitely some cool products on this site to self gift for getting that big client you’ve been searching for. You deserve it. Like the Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Handcrafted Book Ends shown on the featured picture.


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Jack Daniels – 1905 Gold Medal

Released in 1997 with limited bottles, this 90 proof Gold Medal is a celebration that commemorates Jack Daniels achievement. The most recognized Whiskey has been on top of the list of whisky connoisseurs all over the world. These are collector bottles that are out of stock in most places but fortunately, you can still buy it from the link below.

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Jack Daniels Whisky Glass

Powerbeats3 Wireless

Dr. Dre and Apple are at it again with the W1 chip inside these sweat and waterproof headphones. Powerbeats3 Wireless  include buttons for volume, track changing and talking on your phone. With super fast charging (5 minute fast-fuel for that extra hour of use) and long battery life, 12hrs to be expected, your workout or travel will be uninterrupted. Geared more for the athlete but well suited for traveling or commuting across town.

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Powerbeats3 Beats by Dre - Apple

812 Superfast by Ferrari

Recently discovered the 812 Superfast and since we’re in the search of cool stuff, well, this tops it. Ferrari states it has the best technology in both the engine and aerodynamics packed in this car. It’s also the first Ferrari equipped with Electric Power Steering. The aggressive look and the beautiful curves seem to hug the road at a maximum torque of 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

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812 Superfast by Ferrari

Is your relationship healthy?

How do you know if your partner is right for you? A long-lasting relationship is a good thing of and by itself. But having a healthy relationship is an entirely different matter altogether. Even couples need to reflect and ask themselves whether or not their relationships nurture one another.

There are things in life which are unavoidable. Obligations towards work or school are ever present. And there are needs that all individuals must satisfy outside of the relationship, such as the necessity of having a supportive network of friends, the need for fulfillment and success, the desire to be principled and moral human beings and the constant longing for peace of mind.

People in a relationship should therefore acknowledge the existence of such responsibilities and needs, and allow each other the opportunity to fulfill them. A supportive partner will even encourage you to carry them out and will not be the cause for your absences, your low grades or your poor performance at work.

Partners should give each other the space both require in order to be with accepting and trustworthy friends. An understanding partner realizes this necessity and will not prevent you from being in their company.

In view of the desire to be good, you should strive to be each other’s role model, thereby moving one another to do what is right. A decent partner helps you see the ethical choice in each decision you need to make, and will not be the one to push you to lie, cheat or steal.

To satisfy the need for self worth, you ought to be each other’s inspiration in achieving professional growth. An encouraging partner motivates you to accomplish your dreams and will not pull you down or envy you once you have succeeded.

In order to possess peace of mind, you should both be each other’s source of serenity. A stable partner offers strength and a positive outlook and does not become the reason for your confusion and doubt. Your partner should not be the cause of so much anger in you that it makes you scream with violent rage.

Couples are sometimes blinded by feelings, seeing only what they wish to see, ignoring the harmful and destructive aspects of their relationships. Some are driven to stay together merely because they do not wish to break the momentum. Or perhaps they have simply gotten used to each other and regard change as unthinkable. If you are in a relationshipFind Article, the best way to know if it is healthy is to answer a very simple question. Does your partner bring out the best or the worst in you?



Frederick Fabella, PhD is a graduate and undergraduate professor in the Philippines. He is an editorial board member of the IRP international research journal and a Fellow of the Royal Institution Singapore. He is also an author of various books and studies. His blog can be found at Meanings and Perceptions.

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Leatherman – Skeletool CX Multi-Tool

Constantly looking for the most practical tool without taking much space is such a struggle. Using the Leatherman Skeletool has been such a useful tool on our EDC. So much that even the wife has asked for it to get something done. At first, wife was skeptical but she noticed how useful it has been. No need to get the tool box for minimal jobs or simply opening a brew or opening the great amount of Amazon boxes we receive. Trust me when I say that I’ve searched and researched for the most practical and most useful EDC that can fit on my watch pocket from my jeans. No disappointment here, it’s done many jobs and still going strong.

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Leatherman Skeletool

Get together bluetooth speaker from House of Marley

It’s time you received an elevated music experience with the Get Together BT speaker from the House of Marley. These portable speakers were designed to give you studio-like sound irrespective of the type of music you’re listening to.

They have a signature sound that delivers amazing bass leading to vibrant and energetic sound quality. Apart from offering awesome clarity, the speaker also has a salient design and high-tech features.

The speakers external surface has been made using REWIND fabric, rear trim, and bamboo front which makes it recyclable as well. In short, this FSC certified speaker is a terrific blend of stunning performance and design.

They can establish quick connections with any Bluetooth device and can also reconnect with previously connected devices. They also have 3.5 mm stereo inputs for audio devices that don’t have Bluetooth. It has some very easy to use control buttons including the power button, volume buttons, and Bluetooth pairing button. Most importantly, it has an internal lithium-ion battery which can play music for eight hours without the need for a charge.

Lastly, the speaker can give you a room-filling sound experience with the powerful woofers and tweeter which offers detailed, crisp, and rich audio quality.


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Get Together by House of Marley

Networking your way to recognition

When you feel like you need more clients, email doesn’t work as good as networking events and mixers. It’s not an easy task as you need to be very organized and know some business etiquette. Some entrepreneurs don’t use etiquete and we’ll cover some of them in another article but the important part of this lesson is time management.
Using can assist greatly on your network event hunt. It’s tailored to suit every category and meet all kinds of crowds. Other places to look for local events is scouting for realtor mixers as well as chambers of commerce.

Check out Facebook events, even businesses throwing open houses. As mentioned before, it’s not an easy task but worth checking out if you have the time and in need for new clients meeting them face to face.

You do these things and you’ll gain some recognition about your business. Just make sure you’re carrying a pack of business cards. 

Guitar Amp Key Holder

How many times have you lost your keys, only to remember that you forgot to install a key rack later? You are actually looking for a cool placeholder, the perfect off-beat solution that will go with your living room. And, if there is a musician in you, why not buy Pluginz Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holder?

This vintage looking key rack is perfect for someone who loves playing guitar in his free time. You can now hang your keys like the rockstar that you are.

The unit itself is very easy to install. It comes with a wall mounting bracket and a hardware kit. At first look, it will look like an amplifier with the words input printed below the 3.5 jack holes. Weighing at only 6.4 ounces, it should be fairly easy to set up.

If you are looking to install it on a wooden panel, you will have to replace the hardware with a set of screws. It comes with an instructions manual, however you will not need it.

The unit will come with ¼ inch plugs that you can attach to your key ring. Now, all you have to do is enter the living room and jack up your keychain in the amplifier and play some Nirvana. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves his guitar and fenders, this can be thoughtful gift he will appreciate. The dimensions of the amp plugs are realistic which gives it a subtle look.

The build quality is stellar and the looks are aesthetically pleasing. Bring out the musician in you with this novel key holder. You don’t have to waste any more time searching for keys, instead you can now walk out in style with a smile on your face. Your friends and any visitors you have over will ask you questions about it. Why would they not?

This is a cool and practical product!


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Classic Monogram Decanter and Whiskey Wedge Glasses

If you have a favorite whisky like I do, you’d want to make it special and drink it a special way. We tend to use a decanter and love it on the rocks. This unique wedge included in this set makes it look perfect and avoids diluted taste so you get the best of both worlds. To have something monogramed means only you are allowed to share this special whisky whit whomever you chose.  Decanter holds 23 ounces and measures 10.75″ x 5″. Whiskey glasses measure 4″ x 3″ x 3″.

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Taproom Pub & Grub

I recently visited Taproom  Pub & Grub and enjoyed one of their award winning burgers called the Hell Burger. I wanted more so I stole a couple of Baby Back Ribs from my wife. All this paired with fries and a cold beer couldn’t make my day any better. Did you know there are pubs in heaven? Located in San Marcos, Texas on the square, the pub owned by Travis Kelsey and Kevin W. Shea try to keep the look of a European pub. With 42 different beers on tap, I’m sure you’ll find something to go along with their awesome grub.

Home of the Texas State Bobcats, college town has a bit of a not so hidden relic and they know that so much that even their mayor has a favorite burger. In case you’re not feeling any of the 42 beers, you can always choose among 18 of their blended beers.

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Taproom San Marcos, Texas

Taproom San Marcos, Texas

Taproom San Marcos, Texas
Roxy reminds herself and everyone else to Be Ye Kind to one another. – Ephesians 4:32

Ana Ivanovic

A natural smile is worth more than any positive words of encouragement. Ana Ivanovic, other than being one of the greatest professional tennis players, she cares a lot about the environment and protecting the kids. She’s now a lifetime Ambassador for Adidas,  a UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia and recently became an ambassador of the Quercus Foundation. Quite a busy girl for a retired tennis player. All in all, her honest smile shows she loves what she does and she does a lot. You’ll see on some of her pictures sporting a great looking Rolex (This one specifically). She’s got great taste.

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Ana Ivanovic at breakfast

Ana Ivanovic playing tennis


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Professionally Market To 500 People With Premium Content For $100

Marketing doesn’t come without a cost, that’s for certain. When you’re looking to get your brand out there in the world, there are a million options to market just constantly crashing into your face. You’re drowning in options; it takes money to make money; what on earth should you do? Start. Small.


Business Cards

 When you use for your graphic design needs, you can expect phenomenal quality that rivals Vistaprint and Fiverr, between design and printing, it’s really the only place to go. You get quality; not flimsy, easy-tear business cards.


Boy, where does the funding go? After getting a price from, I’ll round it up to $85.00 between design and printing. I visited and all I got were these awesome business cards. Since you’ll be going through them slowly, it’ll take time to reach an audience. Don’t worry; there are more people to be reached.


Social Media Post

You’ll note in a recent post, we talked about the necessity for branding yourself on social media, and how to conduct yourself on the platform. If you followed our advice and hired a writer and designer for your social media page blurb, banner and profile picture for Facebook, then you’re looking pretty good. Make a post that has engaging content, a photograph of your physical business location if you have one, and a coupon code or special offer. Special offers can be generated through Facebook’s tools.


Post your article, and enter the realm of self-advertisement. You’re testing things on a small scale here, after all. Set your budget to a maximum of $35.00; you’re running it for one day, so the whole thing goes on this trial run. You’ll either see some customers from this, or you won’t, but the fact remains that your name gets out there on a public forum. The next time you do a short-term ad campaign, someone might stop and say, “Hey, I remember when they advertised before. I’ll check them out.” When people see content that’s memorable, as in they’ve already seen it once before from a glance, they’re much more likely to interact with it the second go around.


$30.00 left; let’s make it count, shall we?


Custom-Designed Window Poster

 You pass by fast food joints or other corporate-owned shopfronts, right? You’ve probably noticed those enormous hangings they have in their windows, showcasing their limited time offer item of the month, or something along those lines. Well, they’re extravagant, and you can make your own for cheap.


We’re going to utilize again for this task. Get a high-quality poster for no more than $15.00. You can get your poster printed and shipped for about $15.00. The bigger the poster, the higher the cost. Let’s wrap this up.



I pass by your shop while walking with a friend. The large poster in the window catches my eye. “I saw these guys all over Facebook; they’re everywhere,” I’ll most likely say, and take a peek closer. I’ve just noticed your business, and even if I go in just to see what the hype is all about, I’ll be leaving with what?


You guessed it—a business card.


While a $35.00 ad campaign isn’t going to reel in the big fish, your business cards and one-time cost poster definitely will.

Truly Staggering Facts about the Human Brain

The human brain is without a doubt the most complex organ in the human body. It is also probably the most complex creation on earth. It is the most amazing feature in human beings – as is evident in all the man-made wonders we see around us that are a result of the human brain.

It performs a wide range of vital roles, but the most amazing thing about this vital organ are the many facts that are not known by many people. Here is a look at some of the most staggering facts about the human brain.

  • The brain is the only organ in the human body lacking nerves despite the fact that it is the organ that commands the central nervous system. What this implies is that it does not feel pain.
  • The largest portion of the total energy generated in the body is consumed by the human brain. To be precise, it consumes 20% of that energy despite the fact that it makes up only 2% of the total body weight. The brain consumes this energy to maintain healthy brain cells and fuel nerve impulses.
  • Approximately 100 billion neurons are present in the human brain – this is about 15 times the earth’s total human population. The brain’s processing ability is increased with this high number of neurons.
  • The human brain is considered to be the fattest organ in the human body. Roughly 60% of the brain is made up of fat – this is the highest fat concentration in one organ in a healthy human being. Moreover, 75% of the total brain mass is made up of water which helps in regulating a range of functions in the brain.
  • The neocortex is the portion of the human brain responsible for consciousness and language. Approximately 76% of the brain is made up of it and this makes it the largest when compared to the neocortex in other animals.
  • The amount of energy that is consumed by the human brain, which is roughly about 25 watts, is enough to illuminate a light bulb.
  • There are 1 billion synapses and 100,000 neurons, all of which communicate with each other, in a piece of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand. On average, each neuron connects with 40,000 synapses.
  • It is believed that the average brain generates approximately 50,000 thoughts per day. One disturbing fact is that it is estimated that 70% of these thoughts in most people are negative.
  • Size matters with some things, but when it comes to the brain, bigger does not always means smarter or better. Albert Einstein’s brain weighed 1,230 grams (2.71 pounds) which is 10% smaller than 1,400 grams (3 pounds), the average weight for a brain. However, his brain’s neuron density was greater than average.
  • The size of the human brain is getting smaller. Over the past 10,000 to 20,000 years, the size of the average human brain has gone down to the size of a tennis ball. Humans are also not getting any smarter or more intelligent. Since the Victorian era, the average IQ of human beings have gone down every decade by about 1.6 points, making it a total of 13.35 points so far.
  • Our attention spans are getting shorter as well. In 2000, it was found that the average attention span was 12 seconds. Today it is 8 seconds. This is shorter than the average goldfish’s attention span, which is 9 seconds.
  • As a last resort to ward off starvation, brain cells cannibalize each other as a source of energy. This means that your brain can be forced to eat itself as a result of dieting.
  • The storage capacity of the human brain is considered virtually unlimited. It does not get used up like your computer’s RAM.
  • People have always been encouraged to multi-task, but it has been found that it is impossible to do. According to research, when you multitask, your error rate increases by 50% and you take twice as long to get things done. When the brain tries to do two things at once, it dedicates one-half of gray matter to handle each task at hand. Multitasking results in a decrease in attention span, short term memory, learning, and performance.

There are many interesting facts about the human brain. It continues to be an organ that fascinates many people. Studies are continuously being conducted to find out more about this amazing organ in the human body. There is no doubt that many more staggering facts about the human brain will continue to be discovered.

Thinking looking at a board full of ideas

The Top No-No’s of Using Social Media In Business

Small business owners are crucial to the economy; there are no special interests, no crazy embezzling schemes (it’s your money, anyway,) and more than that, there’s nothing better than discovering a new business you absolutely love. If you own a small business and you’re not on social media, well, you’re doing it wrong.


Brand Truth

 Embellishing, white lies, whatever you want to call them—they’re not okay in any aspect of life, and here, they’re what I call “Brand Suicide.” There’s no quicker way to dissolve your audience than to market one thing and have another. Just like every food commercial for every fast food chain ever; the food never looks as good in your hands as it did in the ad.

When you get your customers, you want them to be ecstatic with your product being it’s better, or at least exactly as promoted and advertised. Nothing’s worse than a customer saying your advertisement beefs up a flimsy product.


Marketing Disaster

 You’re not doing this for the fun of it; it’s for your business. You’re coming on here to market and reel in customers, or at least connect with the ones you already have to build brand loyalty. The biggest mistake newcomers make it not having proper social media pages beforehand. Hire a professional writer to get exciting, SEO-optimized blurbs going about your business for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ pages.


Don’t Ignore The Competition

 Competition is a strong word. Depending on the size of your business, you may not have any competition at all, and that’s a good thing. You’re not the only one out there with your products and services; see what the high-reviewed, highly revered services that are in the same industry as yours, are doing to promote themselves and engage with their customers. Check out their social media pages or websites. As Sun Tzu said, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”


Spam Gets Canned

 Clever, right? I thought that up all on my own and… *cough* We’ll be moving on now.

If you sign up for services like MailChimp to send emails to those on your subscriber list, be careful not to spam them. It’s not only aggravating, but could lead to them either unsubscribing, or even worse: ignoring your emails altogether. Services like those are charged on the tier of subscribers you have. Don’t pay top dollar for a hollow service.


Saturated Promotions

 Possible worse than the emails. When you scroll down your Facebook feed because you’re bored, (let’s face it; that’s 90% of Facebook usage,) you don’t want to see posts littering your feed, clogging up important information about your friend Susie who’s complaining about her life again. That’s important stuff, alright? If you’re over-posting, then you’re over-marketing. Think about those few songs in your head that played on the radio for months at a time. You probably can’t stand them now; get the picture?



Social media is a powerful tool. When used properly, you can spend next to nothing and promote yourself like crazy, saving thousands of dollars in advertisements and other costs.

Radio - Think Big

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Myth of the Dollar: What Are We Working For?

The inglorious dollar bill, ironically bearing the symbol of one of the most honest men in history. Green-dyed rag paper, produced by The Crane Paper Company in Massachusetts produces all the rag paper used for the USD; the paper is worth more than anything else.

From the 1960s onward, the USD hasn’t been backed by gold or silver, making it technically unlawful money. Instead, we’re graciously protected and “backed by the full faith and credit of the United States,” which, as we all know, doesn’t mean anything anymore.

We’re working for whatever the government defines their rag paper leaflets as; any value. What I’m basically trying to convey is this: if the dollar crashed tomorrow, where would you be? You need to acquire some tangible assets. Gold, silver, gems even—something with a global appreciation.

If you want to give yourself a psychiatric trip, check out Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber, a novel released in 2011. While we’ve seen a million different books and documentaries released revolving around the somber subject of debt, Graeber’s unique train of thought will blow you out of the water.

Check out his book, Debt: The First 5,000 Years and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

It’s a whopping 544 pages, but if you’re going to have some long nights in your hotel travels, or if you and the wife are fighting, it’s definitely worthy of your time to give it a read. If you check the Amazon reviews, you’ll get some stern reviews, most of which are in a positive tone.

But enough about that: what the hell are we working for? You work to pay your rent, buy food, the whole shebang, but the true value behind the dollar isn’t the classic story of American greed. It’s far more than that. It’s going to sound cliché, even cheesy, but if you’re making enough while doing something you genuinely enjoy, you’re benefiting from the myth of money, not bowing like a slave to it.

“Time is money,” they say, and both are disposable. For the most part, whatever you spend in either category, you’re not going to get back, no matter how you spin it. If we could be genuinely happy without the necessity for a currency, well, that would be something, now wouldn’t it? Having lived on a system of finances for thousands of years, we’re all conditioned to earn, use, and think money, and there’s definitely no going back on that.

This is the farthest I’ll go down the philosophical road; I don’t want to throw anyone into a long-winded “Why does existence exist” sort of mental road, but take this with you when you go. We’re not simply meant to exist for the sole purpose of gaining wealth just to leave it to our children when we die. We’re not just walking around with dollar signs hanging over our head (depending on who you ask.) I’ll leave you with one final quote, one that I heard from a gentleman at a drive-thru window who was pursuing his passion on the side.


“Find what you love and let it kill you.” – Charles Bukowski


Awesome Fathers’ Day Gifts

Father’s Day is around the corner, so you should take some time to figure out how you would surprise him on this special day. Fathers do a lot of things to make their children lead a good life. They teach so many important lessons in life, and it is very right to trade in that role they played in shaping you to become who you are today.

Father’s day will take place on a Sunday of 18th June 2017.  Shopping for fathers is not an easy task.

Here are some of the top-rated and best-selling gift ideas that dads would really love. If you are looking for something unique, then you are at the right place.


HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

Everybody needs a chilled iced coffee, especially during hot summer. HyperChiler will be able to chill for him a hot coffee for about one minute. It can also chill wine, whiskey, and other beverages. This is a beautiful gift for fathers. Get it here.


Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer has a full twenty length settings that are optimized to make it best trimmer and very easy to use. It also has a rechargeable battery, and for just 49.58 $, you can present it to your father and get the blessings. Buy it.


MVMT Watches

The manufacturer of these beautiful watches has been able to revolutionize the entire art of wristwatch by bringing classic watches like the MVMT wristwatch. It is so good, and you can get it for only 99.00 US dollars. Check out our review.


AegisGears Paracord Bracelet X-Series

A paracord EDC is suitable for that type of dad who likes hiking in the wilderness or camping in the bush. It is the source of comfort when one is trekking through the outdoors, and best gift for a Fathers’ Day. Find it here.


SKLZ Gold Flex Strength & Tempo Trainer

If you have a father who is a golfer, then apart from golfing, he’ll definitely love to tell his friends the secrets of upgrading his swing. This Tempo Trainer will make him forever remember you as he espouses the great improvements in his game. Available here.

For more Cool findings, check out our full category on this subject.

Father and son. Photo by Katii Bishop/

HomePod – Apple

The WWDC17 is over and you can watch it all here in case you missed it. We were excited to see that Apple is now in the loop (no pun intended) with a smart speaker system called HomePod. After going through the technical jargon, we can honestly tell you that the best part of all this is that it has a great sound. If anything, this should be the main reason you should get this. Making the rest of the features an extra add-on that would enhance the experience you should expect from Apple.

HomePod will be available in December featuring  seven horn-loaded tweeters, each with its own custom amplifier.  Six-microphone array for far-field Siri and room sensing. Wi‑Fi with MIMO, Multiroom speaker support with AirPlay 2 and available in two colors.

Learn more

The Fours

Since 1994, The Fours has held spots in Boston, Norwell, and most notably, their Quincy location. Not only have they been recognized by Sports Illustrated as the best sports bar in America, but their barstools are loaded with local patrons; Boston’s extensive fandom for the Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots. Hailed by the Phantom Gourmet, Boston’s public access food and drink show hosted on the weekends, for a bunch of their dishes, they aim to truly please.

I’ve personally gone to The Fours since my twenty-first birthday; their Fours Triple Play of buffalo fingers, potato skins and a steak and cheese egg roll have to be, by far, the best platter I’ve ever had to highlight a simple Corona. The atmosphere isn’t a dusty old dive bar, but bright and extensively clean. Visit any of their three locations, and you’ll become a regular in no time.

Visit The Fours

Soo Yeon Lee

We say it often but don’t say it enough, we’re in love with smiles. Soo Yeon Lee is definitely one smile we follow on Instagram and it’s not just the smiles she gets us with, it’s that she’s also involved in other ventures. She’s an actress and also a fashion model. Her main career being a professional ping pong player in the world stage. One last detail is that she also posed for Playboy back in 2014.

Her best photos are from her Instagram account and that is how we enjoy our evenings sipping on a good whisky and listening to some great music. There’s no doubt we would watch a Ping Pong match should we remember the date she plays on one. We’re game, she has some killer trick shots up her…ehem, sleeve?

Learn more

Soo Yeon Lee - Ping Pong player

Soo Yeon Lee - Ping Pong player

Soo Yeon Lee - Ping Pong player

Marketing and Real Instagram Followers

First of all, a well known fact that you need to keep in mind is that a business is nothing without marketing goals and strategies. The online world has become an integrating part of our lives, thus requiring businesses to adapt and get real Instagram followers. It would be a good idea that among using other strategies, you also buy active Instagram followers that will make it easier for you to turn your business into a successful one.

Sign up to Instagram

A well known fact that you need to keep in mind is that a business is nothing without marketing goals and strategies. The online world has become an integrating part of our lives, thus requiring businesses to adapt and get real Instagram followers. It would be a good idea that among using other strategies, you also buy active Instagram followers that will make it easier for you to turn your business into a successful one.

Obviously, there are other essential matters that you will need to pay attention to. However, if you want to do everything right and get the chance to skip a few steps, you should consider opting for just the right marketing tools. As you may know, marketing has a pretty specific role – to make customers interested in what you have to sell and to buy it regardless of the consequences. There are different brands on the market that have managed to properly promote their products and sell them at much high prices than their competitors.

It is all due to the marketing strategies that they have used. When it comes to getting the attention of your target audience, there is no room for mistake. People who visit your Instagram profile and notice that you do not have too many real Instagram followers will most certainly not come back. In fact, if anyone asks about your business, they will not have anything good to say about it. That is because of the fact that few followers equal no credibility. So, it would be wise that before you start promoting your profile you buy active Instagram followers.

When other Instagram users visit your profile, they will immediately get a good vibe and will click on the follow button. This is the easiest and fastest way of getting real Instagram followers. Even though you might want to do all the hard work yourself, you should know that there are two reasons why you shouldn’t. First of all, it is going to be really difficult to keep on sticking to the marketing plan that you had in mind due to the fact that getting followers takes a really long time. Also, there is no guarantee that your plan will succeed. Why risk it?

After all, you can buy active Instagram followers and build your campaign on that. This way, more Instagram users will want to follow your activity. In a matter of weeks, you will notice dramatic improvements to the way your business is perceived. Especially if you have just started your companyHealth Fitness Articles, you should avoid wasting time and energy on just traditional marketing tools. Opt for a modern approach that you can later combine with foolproof marketing strategies.

Make a plan.

Writing down ideas for honeymoon


Other marketing ideas posted here

How to Get Real Fun on Honeymoon Vacation with Your Partner

Honeymoon vacation is a perfect time to spend maximum time with your partner. You must find some exclusive ideas to make your vacation something special. Cruises are best idea for complete enjoyment. Discover luxurious hotels to stay well during vacation. You must also find games to enjoy with your partner.

Honeymoon is a short break meant for the married couples. Newly married couples go for a short trip, away from family members and friends to spend some time together in solitude. You can make your honeymoon as special and romantic as ever through some simple honeymoon ideas. Ideas completely depend upon the taste of the couple. These ideas can be categorized into various types as for example Adventure, Wildlife, Beaches, Mountains, Cruises, Castaways etc.
One of the brilliant ideas is to go for a Cruise trip. It’s really something great to experience! There are numerous travel agencies who organize honeymoon cruise packages. Caribbean and Hawaiian cruises are best to relax and refresh yourselves travelling from one island to the other. Couples who prefer adventure & thrills can go for Alaskan cruises to experience the majestic mountains, wildlife and the nature. Cruises in Canadian Coasts, Far East, Mediterranean and Europe cruises are also some of the extraordinary options.

It’s not always that couple prefer to travel all around on their honeymoon. Some wants to keep it simple, private and special. So you can also spend some time together in a hotel or a resort. Romantic walks on the seaside at the sunset, a candlelight dinner, surprising your partner with a love letter are some of the unusual ways you can surprise them. There are many honeymoon hotels and resorts which offer comfortable space in secluded places far from crowd. These hotels provide luxurious services to pamper yourselves  and make it more memorable. Most of the well established hotels and resorts are located in some of the staggering and superb places on earth like Mexico, Bahamas, South Africa, St. Lucia, London, Fiji, Paris and so on. Let me name some of them: Coyaba Beach Resort (Jamaica), Cayo Espanto (Central America), Namale Resort (Fiji), Hayman Island Resort (Australia), Hotel de Crillon (Paris), Eventi Hotel New York (Chicago) etc.

Some of the most famous holiday destinations for a honeymoon vacations are Fiji, Tahiti, Italy, Hawaii, Jamaica, Caribbean Islands, Maldives, Mexico, Bahamas, Kerala, Goa, Belize, Florida, Thailand and so on. All these places will just give you an amazing experience to feel the lush green nature, the green sea corals, golden beaches, water sports and a happening nightlife.

If you want your honeymoon to be entertaining, a honeymoon game is one of the apt honeymoon ideas. You may go for a joy ride on roller coasters, water scooters or an aquatic park. Game zones can also be a good option. Several shopping malls have excellent games to go for. Some hotels and resorts organize special games for the newlyweds and these are played in a group. Some of the most common games are Bridal Shower, Newlywed Trivia, Relay Game, Bridal BingoScience Articles, Bling Bling and many more.

Hope these ideas would definitely help you make your honeymoon beautiful. Whoever is getting married..a very Happy Honeymoon to both of you!

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When I was working as tech support, one of my clients was so pleased with my skills that he wanted to send me a bottle of rum from his country in Venezuela. Although I politely declined due to company rules against gifts, I did promised I’d try it on my own. I kept my promise and purchased Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum. My client wasn’t kidding when he told me it’s the best rum he’s had. Indeed it was the best rum I’ve tasted.

This rum was so smooth, taking it neat or on the rocks was definitely a couple of ways of drinking it.

A bit of background information

Santa Teresa 1796 rum is produced in Venezuela and aged using the solera system that blends rums aged between 4 and 35 years. Before bottling, the rum is aged for a further year in large French oak casks to marry the blends.

Judges’ comments from The International Cane Spirits Festival 2007

Opens with toffee, brown sugar and vanilla aromas; dark chocolate and maple syrupy on the palate, with a dense richness; finishes with great length, a touch of pepper and developing complexity. Award: Gold Medal, Best In Category (Aged Rums 15+ Years Old)

Buy for $45

Drink Rum on a sofa

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Crystal Clear Ice Cube Molds

By now, you’ve probably been to a fancy bar that served you a cocktail. Maybe an old fashion or a simple scotch on the rocks was ordered and you got a crystal clear ice cube or sphere. You went home and researched how to make this type of ice. Some claim boiled ice, others claim filtered water, we tried them both, and miserably failed to accomplish the clear ice. More research was made and thankfully science got in the way to save us all with a clear (pun intended) solution.

Essentially, ice is formed from the outside in which creates the cloudy center which is mainly oxygen and impurities trapped. To be able to push those impurities and oxygen out or downwards, the freezing process needs to be controlled. This is where the molds and the foam come into play. By covering the molds, the freezing process is slower. The hole at the top of each mold helps push the impurities downwards to the tray included in this kit.

After reading on the science behind it and looking at this tray, it actually makes perfect sense. Hopefully you’re like me and would like a crystal clear ice cube on your next drink. The large 2″ square ice makes it perfect for whisky since it won’t dilute as fast but will chill the drink to your liking.

Buy for $25

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Maria the pilot

When you hear the word pilot you think of men generally. We present to you a friendly smile that if you’re flying around Canary Islands, you’ll have the chance to meet. It is indeed rare to see a woman in the cockpit.

Forbes reported:

The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents pilots at major and regional carriers in the United States and Canada, says that women make up just 5% of its 53,000 members.

Globally, it’s even worse — only 4,000 of the 130,000 airline pilots are women, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

When you see Maria and her adventures, you open your mind a bit more and root for women taking you to your destination. We can’t say it enough that we’re addicted to smiles and Maria Fagerström definitely represents the happiness we encourage. She enjoys her work and is dedicated to it, documenting great adventures through her Instagram, blog or youtube channel. According to her site, she enjoys yoga and she’s from Sweden.

Her captions are sometimes very interesting and full of energy. She mentioned on one of her Instagram posts:

Did you know that the radio technology, later named Bluetooth, used in wireless headphones was first initiated by Swedes in my hometown Lund? The name comes from the great Scandinavian Viking King Harald Blåtand (Harald Bluetooth). Less cables and more Bluetooth to the people…

This is an important example of doing what you love. She loves to travel, aviation and yoga and she succeeded. Our Fourteen Robots Salute Maria for her work. {–}

Learn more from her site

Follow her on Instagram

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Maria the Pilot

Maria the Pilot

Maria the Pilot

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So You Want to Work for a Start Up

Do you have what it takes to join a start up?

This question is one that I’ve had to personally deal with. There’s an unsaid ‘coolness’ factor of working for startups, where technology, fun, and revenue tend to form the same sentence. Is this always the right combination? I don’t know. What I do know is that there is a need for every start up to scale. In order to scale, there needs to be a change in mindset, and the right team. I am currently a project management consultant within the startup environment moving from 5 years in a structured corporate environment.

Prior to the ‘corporate shindig’, I was in a startup environment for about 3 years. From recollection of my earlier start-up days, things were barely the same and changed every single moment depending on what the focus (or fire) was at the time. This meant that growth was not really a priority, rather, fire fighting was. My move to corporate sprung from the frustration of what I perceived to be stagnation. I wanted to learn from this environment and understand everything that would be relevant to growing a start up. There’s a few lessons that I’ve learnt over the span of my corporate career that may be of benefit within the start-up ecosystem. These three are certainly qualities that I would look for in getting the right team together within a start-up geared towards scaling.

Be agile

With a large corporate there’s lots of moving bits and pieces. Bosses change; your team changes; there’s always an on-boarding and an exit. It is necessary to adjust to the changing tides without losing a step. People rarely stick in the same space, they keep moving. Often, employees take these changes personally and let it affect their work; it’s not personal, it’s just business. In addition, the technology scene is ever changing. There’s new ways of doing things, new apps , new phones, new standards. It’s really important to be in touch with everything that’s going on and to adapt to changes as soon as they appear. Even better, set the trend. This is an unnatural inclination, with most people being initially resistant to change. However, it is that agility that keeps a person relevant. Maintaining relevance is key in scaling a start-up. A lot of small start ups get hard hit when a team member leaves the ‘family’. You must learn how to manage transitions within the system.

Be real

It’s very easy to get lost in the ‘corporate’ jungle. Like the wild , there are moments where it’s dark and there’s a heavy canopy marring visibility, and there’s moments where there is a clearing and the sun clings to you like love. There’s good days and there’s bad days but what’s important is staying true to oneself. Being consistent in who you are and how you relate with others is key to growth and success. If you’re known for delivering on time, stick to that. If you’re known for being an early riser, don’t be late. If you’re known for having a solid personal value system, let your actions demonstrate that. Do not act like a chameleon. This breeds a certain level of predictability that is extremely valuable to you and in keeping you in a work environment. Moreover, fully understand your ‘non-negotiables’. These are your ‘deal-breakers’ in the work environment. They are important and useful in ensuring that you get what you require from a working relationship. Do not compromise your core values for anyone, they will guide you through the toughest of days. With a start up environment this is important. Leveraging on each other’s strengths is important in growing the company.

Be smart

Read, Read, Read. You can never read too much. Really, your brain is a super data center, it will not run out of memory. Make sure that you make time to up-skill yourself. It could be through a class, a conference, or through trying something new or through volunteering to do something that’s out of scope for you. You must take the initiative to learn. Are you allergic to reading books? Find a podcast; get an audio book; watch a TED talk; read that short blog post in the morning. There is absolutely no reason for you not to take that time to invest in yourself. Don’t have time? Make time. Read in traffic; read before you sleep; read when you wake up. Just get it done. A little goes a long way. This is not something that you can do without. In a small team setting, growing ahead of the curve is invaluable and may just be the tipping point that allows the company to grow past break-even.


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