Ardbeg Scotch

Ardbeg Uigeadail Scotch Whiskey

Now this—this is what we’re talking about when you think of the term, “Fine Whiskey.” Ardbeg delivers their signature whiskey not only in an extravagant gold-and-black box but in a bottle that looks like it’s from the shelves of Professors Snape’s classroom.


Antics aside, you’ll be shell shocked when that first sip hits the back of your throat. You get exceptional flavors from the aging process—bourbon barrels, sherry butts; extravagance in a bottle. If you give it a quick Google, you’ll find the most obscure tasting references we’ve ever heard of in sequence with Ardbeg.


Caramel. Dry. Smoky. Boom; done.


This is the whiskey you bring out when you’re asking her father for his blessing. This is the whiskey you pour after a sixteen-hour day, with another one incoming tomorrow. This is the whiskey you pour when you say goodbye to old friends. This is your whiskey.


And if you’re ever in Scotland, go for the tour