American Double IPA Hop Freak

If you want an adventure brew, Hop Freak may just be what you’re looking for! Collaborated with Milwaukee’s own Rishi Tea, Hop Freak was born, infused with Organic Jasmine Tea and made with a subtle malt bill that adds balance to this beast.

This phenomenal beer has made the list as one of my favorite IPAs. The poppy labeling is what made me grab it from the store cooler with little consideration for the season. My first experience drinking Hop Freak was on a chilly night indoors with some friends visiting from out of town. My other experience was out of a tallboy can bought from an odd grocery store on a sunny day the summer before. Both experiences were delicious but very different. The crisp “CHHHH” sound from opening the can confirm that this beer could not be any fresher. Pouring an effervescent amber color with a white head, it immediately intensified my thirst a few levels. The initial smell brought a considerable aroma that was citrusy, bitter and a little floral. I’m uncertain if there is another IPA out there with the rich feel of this beer, but it sure smells like a great spread of tropical and citrus fruits. The taste met my expectations, as it was creamy and sweet, which goes beyond a toffee malt taste that persists nearly from start to finish. With bitter hops from the high ABV that you find in great, complex double IPA’s, the mouthfeel doesn’t disappoint!! The lack of natural light made the pour look a darker amber color than I remembered, but with the delicious hints of sweet herbal tea, I knew it was the same beer I enjoyed by myself last summer. I wish the Hop Freak were more widely distributed because it’s indeed a little-known gem!