New York Skyline

6 Great Places to pop the question in New York

There cannot be a better place to pop the question other than the greatest city in the world, New York. In its centuries of existence, New York has stolen the show from classic Europe by being a modern city fusing the old and the new. The majestic beauty, the racial tolerance and integration, the street parties, and the artificial structures are already appealing for anyone to pop the question in front of all of New York. But we all know that is not possible as the city of over 8 million is too big and we are so small on its face.

With thousands of romantic places scattered all over the city, we have a few places that you might consider.


  1. The St, Patrick’s Cathedral

The Spiritual Center of 33% of New Yorkers is not only a site to behold but also a structure of beauty and opulence that brings the medieval age of Gothic romance to the romance of the modern times. You can either pop the question after a short prayer at the pews, the many statues around, the nave, or even at the facade. The somber mood will most likely make her say Yes! Who wouldn’t?


  1. The Met Cloisters

There are many proposal spots at this medieval-like structure near the Hudson River and the Fort Tyron Park. You could initiate a play at the romantic garden and hold her waist as she wrestles you jovially. When it is time to catch her breath, take her hand and lead her to those cloisters. Look right in her eye and pop the question, the aura of the place will do the rest for you.


  1. Flushing Meadow-Corona Park

This site has a fascination to it. Besides, there are so many hot spots that you can pop the question. It is effortless to convince your lover to accompany you anywhere in the park bustling in sceneries and hot spots. To get started, you might consider a picnic date at the shores of the Willows lake or even the creek or river.


  1. Prometheus statue-Rockefeller Centre

At first sight of the statue, any person will forget about the ups and downs of life and drift to a utopia of a perfect Greek world. The golden statues will exhilarate the spirit and awaken the feelings of romance from deep inside the most hard-hearted person. It’s no wonder that marriage proposals are a regular sight at the beautiful place.


  1. Governors Island

This island is car-free, and there are displays of arts and cultures. Romance is all about detaching yourself and your lover from realities of life to ideal stress-free world happiness of just two people. You will be able to connect with your loved one from a perspective that is unachievable in a bustling place.


  1. Gallow Green

Forget about the name! (A Scottish place where witches were hanged in the 17th century). Gallow greens are the place that your gal will like and fall head over heels for you. The site has occasional bands, comedians and art performers whom you can request to help you out by singing a song in honor of your lady. Afterwards, you can party through the night while looking at the beautiful city landscape below.


Before popping the question

You should visit the place of choice prior to the big day. You can notify the management for precautionary purposes. One last thing, forget Central Park, it’s overkill.