5 worst website business practices

The internet is full of significant and valuable information. There’s also many hooks and sales techniques that here at Fourteen Robots loathe from other sites. These techniques are meant to record your email to get you to subscribe to their newsletter, or deliver more information to you. They’re trying to keep you on their site for a bit longer to avoid high bounce rates. Without much more intro, here’s the list of things that we suggest you stop doing to start gaining more readers and keep them coming back.

  1. Hover over pop-up: This creates a pop-up as your mouse hovers over the top towards the address bar or the back button. The pop-up requests your email or asks you to sign up to receive valuable information. This technique gets very annoying as you already decided to leave the site. It’s a well-known sales tactic that relates to “are you sure you want to miss out on this awesome deal I have in store for you?”
  2. “Continue to the site” link: I’m going to call out Forbes.com for doing this. Every time I click on an article, the first thing that I see is what looks like a curtain behind what I wanted to read. It’s like saying “Before you read the article you chose to read, here’s something we want to show you.” The Quote of the day even shows up when you go to Forbes.com with a link to “Continue to the site.” Find an alternative to avoid any disruptions or extra clicks.
  3. Subscription pop-up in the middle of your reading: You’re reading this great content, you’re learning something and in comes this pop-up asking if you’re interested in receiving more great to your inbox. Stop the interruptions and let us read in peace. I’ve steered clear from these sites as soon as I’m done reading the articles.
  4. Slow page loading: This issue is the main reason people leave your site and create high bounce rates. Slow page loading shouldn’t be an issue with high-speed internet readily available in most homes, but unfortunately, it’s still an issue with high traffic sites. This problem is mostly due to the number of ads with gifs, videos, and images not optimized for the web. Please make your site load fast a priority. If you encounter this on our site, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll get right on it.
  5. Page 2 to keep reading the same article: Some sites focus more on ads than content, and we get it. You’re trying to monetize with more impressions than actual ads that take more effort to attain. We know why you decided to go with his technique. However, when we come across these sites that make us click on a second page to keep reading or to see the next photo slide, we click away. It’s a waste of a readers time, especially when we’re looking for fast chunks of information or entertainment. Clicking and waiting for the next page to load is not something that a visitor should experience. The internet is not a magazine, put all your content on one page or gallery, and you’ll have us coming back for more next time you post new content.


To keep this site positive, here is a list of five pages we keep going back to that deserve a good mention. We hope we get a mention from them sometime too, but it’s ok if we don’t.


  1. uncrate.com
  2. coolmaterial.com
  3. thisiswhyimbroke.com
  4. notcot.org
  5. inspiretomake.com