Designed with Adobe Spark. A great marketing tool for business on the go.

5 Marketing tools on the go

Marketing while on the go can take a chunk of your time if not done right. I’ve relied on the following apps to post quality content when I’m mobile.

  1. Canva – We encourage hiring professional marketing designers but when you’re tight on budget and are constantly wearing many hats, this site and app has been a life saver when it comes to getting some marketing graphics done in a flash. The desktop site will allow you to upload your logos, whereas the mobile app would not. Still a powerful tool to design cool looking posts without much effort. Just think of the right text and you’re set. Check out Canva from this link See also: Design your business card right if you do it with Canva.
  2. PS Express – Adobe has been on top of their game when it comes to mobile apps. Photoshop Express has become a staple in my iPhone screen for editing photos quickly. Of course there’s plenty of photo editing options including the all in one Instagram but what makes PS Express stand out is that it keeps the quality and original size of the photo where Instagram will downsize the image to comply with their standards. More info on PS Express
  3. Spark Post – Another Adobe jewel in my arsenal. One of my favorites to use when I have no photos to edit and mix with text. Adobe’s app provides plenty of stock photos to use and can easily help you design a layout. It’s a great resource for when you’re feeling like you’re falling behind and need a boost on likes and follows. Learn more from Adobe
  4. Ink cards – I personally don’t use this one much but when I do, it’s super valuable. If you have a client list with their addresses, you can send cards with any promotion to them from Ink. Personalize it, print it and send it. It’s a thoughtful marketing idea that is appreciated by the receiver even if they don’t buy anything. They will read it because it’s an actual thank you card or happy birthday card (thanks LinkedIn, Facebook). Ink Cards by Sincerely
  5. WordPress – Did you know you can post an article from your iPhone if you have your website under WordPress? You might have to be on Wi-Fi but getting to write from your iPhone or iPad is a huge advantage. Hook up an external keyboard and you can wip up an article like this in about 20 minutes. When downloading WordPress app and setting up your sites, make sure you know your hosting parameters, login and passwords (duh!). Download WordPress app here

There you have it guys, my five most used mobile apps to market my business while on the go. If you have any of your favorites, please share and comment below.