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5 Definite Ways to Improve Your Work Ethic

I’m someone who has a hard time sticking to my plans. In my case, it’s difficult to motivate myself to fit that daily jog in or make time every week to read a book. Many of us are just exhausted by the time we finish our jobs. People sometimes have a tendency to become dull and complacent if left uninspired both at work and at home.
Just consider that Facebook and Angry Birds alone cost us $46 billion per year in valuable workplace productivity. Therefore, having a good work ethic means, above all else, not getting distracted in this day and age. It means making use of your time strategically and efficiently.
However, over the years I’ve learned some things.

1. Make Sure to Be On Time

Someone with a strong work ethic is meticulously punctual. This means arriving to work, meeting your life arrangements, and fulfilling deadlines on time. I began in small steps such as creating a plan for my schedule the previous day and then making sure to stick to schedule promptly.

2. Get In The Rhythm of “Now”

Sending out that e-mail now instead of later can make the difference between a poor impression and one that could elevate your career.
Having small urges to act now are controllable and a good way to improve work ethic immediately. Elaborating on the points discussed shortly after a meeting while it’s still fresh in the mind is good example of how one can fight complacency. Putting things for later, when you know full well you will put it off until last minute, is always a losing strategy. Just do it now.

3. Cut Down on Distractions

Cutting down on distractions does not mean that you should never enjoy leisure time or have fun. However, it does mean that when there are tasks to be done that you do them without multitasking. Instead, focus on one thing at once. Multitasking has been proven to lower productivity. So considering turning off your social media when you’re busy and limit yourself from checking it until after you’re done.

4. Have a To-Do List

This one might be obvious. Everyone likes to write lists, but it’s good to make a habit of it. It’s surprising how clear your thought process can be when having everything on paper.
I have never met anyone with great work ethic that was not organized in their tasks. People who are organized put aside that extra 5 minutes out of their day to make a list of what they need to do.

5. Make Room for Yourself

Feeling burnt out all the time is a definite sign of poor work ethic. A balance life needs to always involve some vice and leisure –so take time for yourself when you have to, pursue a hobby, or spend time with friends. Improving your work ethic should never be a self-defeating activity.
I’ve often heard that it takes three or four weeks for a new habit to form when introduced. Perhaps consider making your new hobby improving your work ethic, and make sure to make it a habit.